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What came first the chicken or the egg

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Started: 4/1/2015 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is a three part debate I will be con, the egg came first, while my opponent will be pro, the chicken. Please cite all evidence with a link to the web address. Thank you.


came: "Past tense of cum because cummed doesn't sound right." [1]
cum: "To orgasm" [2]

The resolution "What came first the chicken or the egg" refers to whether the chicken or the egg was the first to orgasm. I will be arguing that the chicken first had an orgasm before the egg, while my opponent will argue that the egg first had an orgasm. I will wait for my opponent to make the first arguments.


Debate Round No. 1


Alastor_Chang forfeited this round.


Eggs are incapable of having orgasms because they lack the reproductive organs required for the sex that results in an orgasm. Chicken on the other hand, can and do have sex. And we know chickens must experience pleasure during sex, which can be referred to as an orgasm, because they must be motivated by this pleasure in order for them to choose to have sex. Since chickens orgasm and eggs don't orgasm, then it can be concluded that the chicken came first.
Debate Round No. 2


Umm... well to be honest I was going for an evolution vs creationism debate, but I failed to specify. I also failed to reply in time so the following will be my one and only argument. Also since my opponent wants to take words out of contexts I will do the same.
In the debate of a chicken producing semen (cumming) versus the existence of an egg in the world (came) the earliest egg was came to existence when the evolving creatures first used sexual reproduction involving sperm and an egg long before the existence of chickens. I should remind my opponent I did not specify chicken egg.


My opponent gave no source to support that the word 'came' can mean existence. Even if my opponent wants to claim it could have meant "came into existence", because came could also refer to other things such as "came home" or "came to a conclusion". But the orgasm definition doesn't require additional context; "The chicken came." is unambiguous when using the orgasm definition, unlike my opponent's definition which requires the qualifier "into existence" to prove his point.

Even if we use the most popular definition of come (the present tense of came) according to "to move toward something", the chicken still came first, since eggs are immobile and lack the ability to move towards something, while chickens do move towards things, it can still be concluded that the chicken came first. My opponent failed to give a source to support his definition of came, and did not give any reason why his definition is more fitting given the context provided in the debate topic.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by bluesteel 3 years ago
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7 points to Pro. Reasons for voting decision:

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Posted by NevilleLongbutton 3 years ago
Well, Con never did specify, but assuming s/he didn't mean to debate upon various chickens orgasming, the chicken would have had to come first. Regardless of whether Con meant a species of prehistoric or currently average chickens, the actual chick would have to physically evolve from more than a few cells for the shell of the egg to then encase it. In a way, it's more of a question of evolution and creationism of course. If evolution truly happened, then we know for a fact the chicken came first. And even if creationism was true, God (or whichever title you prefer) could have made the decision by the flip of a coin, otherwise, fifty/fifty. So that sets the evidence of the chicken coming (let's not take it that way) two thirds to the egg coming first, or, that's how I see it. Not exactly scientifically elaborated, but hopefully true.
Posted by StalinIncarnate 3 years ago
Pro, ur Nasty.
Posted by AlternativeDavid 3 years ago
I mean it's been scientifically proven that the egg came first... This shouldn't really be up for debate any more.
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