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What do you think on cyber bullying?

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Started: 4/10/2014 Category: Technology
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I disagree of course with it. But I think there needs to be more petrol on it. I don't believe, the government or the police do much about cyber-bullying. What are suggestions do you think they could do better with? I believe listen to the people trace computers, and open up to people's feelings.


well i am not quite for cyber bulling i dont think any one realy should be if i say you fat on the internet you could be fat but how would i know that so that is the fist part people will say thing to hert someone feelings and that is life i guess you are christan well some could say anit christan things in the internet so some shoud not be ofineded by evey thing and the way to first deal with someone like thay but if you are hert every time someone said some thing on the internet would not be construvite sorry for my spelling

so what i am thinking is

1 someone would not know you so why stress it

2 learn to deal with bullies sometimes is hard but a part of life and the way to learn to to go through it

that is as much of a pro you can get
Debate Round No. 1


I believe though that yeah it shouldn't bug them but for the ones that do get hurt by it need help.. if you have seen the movie cyberbully....the girl was going to kill herself... because they were calling her bad names. Their should be something going on to help people not be able to cyberbully other people.


I have not seen cyberbully but I do understand and to cyberbully someone is bad almost no one will agree with any thing else but because of I am pro I would say

how would it feel if the girl bulled was to all out the bully most bully them self's have the issues they take out on others

We were wondering what kids thought about this tough topic so we asked 1,229 boys and girls to answer some questions about bullying. Nearly half of them said they had been bullied before. Some said it was happening every day. Others said it only happened once in a while. Here's how the group answered:

How often have you been bullied?

every day (8%)
every week, but not every day (7%)
once in a while, but not every week (33%)
never (52%)
The Kids poll also asked how many of these kids were bullies themselves. Most of them (58%) said they never bullied others, but the rest said that they did.

22% said they bullied others once in a while
5% said they bullied others every week
15% said they bullied others every day
As you have probably guessed, some kids said they were both bullies and the victims of bullies. Why is that? Well, some kids learn to bully because they have been subjected to mean, unfair treatment themselves

so 44% of kid are bully's a very hi number it is very likely that bulling is a normal thing it is how some responds to the bulling that is the issue

It can be hard for kids to know what to do if a bully bothers them. About half of the kids said they fight back.

so some one says you stuped in a debate

then you say i might be dumb but so are you then you say i ruber you glue becouse it is true

where are that bullied from mom dad family? how would it feel for someone to take it out on some else it would help distress someone

and so cyderbulling is ok kinda as long as you are not trying to kill people
Debate Round No. 2


I like how you put things.. cyberbullying might not be as big as other problems in the world, but it is one step closer to help other kids from having problems. :)


yes i mean nothing is perficat but at least we have ways to vent

still we sould have ways to help to eacher like cybercheer leading with good things with so much hate on the internet

to help with the isses there are mods with websites that could also help
Debate Round No. 3


Agreed. Cyberbully takes place everywhere in the world and no one takes care of anything until some person winds up dead


well yes and no there have been people that had killed them self because of bulling but most bully's are bulled also then take it out on others

Cyberbully does take place every wear on the Internet yes but what do you mean by bulling

are we to take any aggression as bulling like war,

you could say the Nazi were big bully's

or you could say there is different between bulling and killing

and bullying may be a normal thing and agian becouse i am pro
Debate Round No. 4


well all types of bullies are wrong, and just because you have been bullied doesn't mean you can bully others. Especially over -internet, where people can see it. No one deserves to go through any type of pain. That is why I say not to judge people without knowing their background. People shouldn't bully anybody even if they are dealing with same pain, because they could be going through other things that could make things worse.


yes but if someone felling sad and bullying would make some feel better it should be ok because if anyone is sad they could then go and make someone else feel bad and so on

and if it was really bad wound the government or Google do something about it think about it they monitor every thing we do on the Internet

and they don't do any thing about so it must be ok
Debate Round No. 5
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