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What is the Meaning of Living Seeing as in a Universal Scale, We All Will Change Nothing?

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Started: 2/2/2018 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe that there is very little meaning to live, seeing as the earth is so small in such a vast and infinite universe. Disprove me. Or don't because it doesn't matter anyway.


I dispute my opponents opinion - however this is groundless unless my opponent cares one way or the other.

In the hopes that my opponent isn't in the thralls of despair and cannot be consoled - I will explain my position.

I agree that within our whole understanding of the grandness of the universe, our relative size seems..... inconsequential - if a hunk of rock can take me out at any moment - why even brush my teeth?

My argument is twofold :
1. You are presuming your value
2. You are presuming priority

If everything in the universe mattered due to how big it was in comparison to other things - the Universe wins hands down, simply by virtue of being here first and spreading longer. Size means nothing when Size is 'X'. Atoms, the literal building blocks of our universe are tiny - but because they are not having existential crisis' every 10 minutes, they get sh*t done!
My determination of value (I am not saying my determination is right, however this is a great forum to crowd source ideas) is based off potential. If a person can become potentially great and they work at it - then their true value will soon be unfolding, literally the impossible is attainable.

Priority - it seems to be that because you view yourself as you - the universe must view you as you as well. (Read that twice - I swear it makes sense!)
The universe I feel (Again, I may be wrong - here is where you can dispute) - would instead view 'you' by your collective - the same we do for ants.
And buster - Humans are VEEEEERY dangerous - very influential and have the potential for transcendence.
(have you ever met another entity that could possibly kill you for making the wrong sounds in its' presence?)

Your turn, my fair and oh so wonderful opponent. :)
Debate Round No. 1


Hello, Zarium. I hope we can carry on a thoughtful, non slandering debate. I'm glad you decided to be my opponent in this debate.

Regarding your first opinion: I do not exactly mean this size based. I mean that what we do will not change anything on a universal scale (sorry to repeat that) and that our choices will not mean that anything, such as, galaxies colliding or not, mankind eventually fizzling out, etc. I can confidently say that according to my beliefs, your meaning of value, though you seem to be open to change, is wrong. I don't think you can "value" something by potential. Potential can be withered and lost. As value can. I think value equates to already acquired "greatness" per se. If (my definition of) value is lost, if you have enough "value" you can easily regain it. Anyways, earth and its beings that live on it have a very low "value."

Regarding your second opinion: If the universe COULD value something, it would value us more useless and futile (as a race) that it would not care what happens to mankind. Yes humans can be dangerous. But on a scale that can only can be considered "dangerous" on earth. Earth is so unimportant that a scale of how dangerous something is could only be seen at a universal scale as something to laugh at. If you looked at an ant, would you think it could kill you? I thought not.

Back to you, Zarium.
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Posted by Zarium 3 years ago
oh gawd oh gawd oh gawd

Sorry I went on an unexpected hiatus - Apologies I was enjoying this extremely.
Posted by Masterful 3 years ago
If the only way you find value is by changing things, in this case the universe, then that's kind of sad. It's also sad that you don't see the future that man kind will have.
Look how far we have come since cave man times. We've even moved on from manipulating our landscape for agriculture to manipulating our entire planet due to global warming and deforestation.

We're not insignificant, we have potential and we've proved that. Who's to say one day we won't be able to manipulate bigger and better things?

I also don't understand why changing the universe is so important. It's almost like you're saying we suck because we don't have God like powers.
The fact that we don't have God like power and are still able to create the things we have, is why we're so impressive and significant.
Posted by canis 3 years ago
All the things that matters have no meaning.
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