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When Automation Goes into Full Swing Poor People will be Killed Off

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Started: 4/19/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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For clarification, "automation goes into full swing" means people in the future will no longer need to do menial tasks which take almost zero cognition to perform since robots will perform the tasks for humans. "Poor people will be killed off" means execution by a government authority. This is a hypothetical and the arguments is based human nature. There is no scientific basis in my claims.

In the future, automation will take over because that seems to be the natural progression towards the evolution of society. In order to anticipate poor people being out of work a universal basic income (UBI) will be implemented. With UBI, poor people will have free time in order to pick up a marketable skill that can contribute to society. However, it is my belief that a majority of poor people will not take up the opportunity to obtain or contribute knowledge to society with the freed up time. I base this analysis off of the fact that humans are inherently lazy since it's in our best interest instinct-wise to conserve energy whenever possible; it's an unconscious reaction in most people.

Initially, all social classes will reap the benefits off of automation. People will gorge themselves on a constant flux of dopamine by watching TV/movies, video games, drugs, socializing, and other activities that people find fun. There is nothing inherently wrong with any of these activities (except some drugs) since having fun is important to moral and well-being. However, without the need to work in order to live there will be no drive to constantly self-improve. The bare minimum will be comfortable enough for the standard of living. With that in mind, you might ask why I think poor people are most susceptible to this behavior? I think all humans are susceptible, but the first to be targeted in this society as leeches will be the poor or people getting by solely on UBI. Even the wealthy could eventually fall if generations of kids do nothing. The main focus of this argument will be on the easiest target to remove which is the poor. I think a cleansing and eugenics in society is inevitable as time goes on. I do not condone murder, cleansing, or eugenics in any type of society as it is my belief that all humans have a right to live and reproduce.

When a cleansing actually happens, then people will start to do more than the bare minimum which leads to a fear-based self-driven society. Unless it becomes incredibly easy to colonize other planets, the natural resources on Earth will dwindle as automation become more efficient on top of a growing population. The dwindling of resources with a growing population will lead to another cleansing which will start off with removing the "least productive" humans from society. A cleansing will be based off how much money the person has taking age into consideration.

This is all conjecture. If you have a solution towards this problem then please elaborate. If you don't see a problem in this hypothetical future then please explain the error in my logic.


tbh cars a cool as crap my man. If yall think Obamas trying to take away our car rights yall as wonky as a stinky dinky burning barnyard. My gold ferrari yaint killin nobody, my dude. And like tbh us rightful citizens are paying for the U.S governemnt by buying cars, so our money goes to taxes which is given to poor guys. Ya so plz stop abusing peoples car rights thank
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could i get a ya-yeet?
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Posted by canis 3 years ago
2 ways to go ?. 1. Equality in every sence. 2. fights/wars for resources/ equality.. (3)... ?
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