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Where can you find my poems

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Started: 7/31/2018 Category: Economics
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I understand that many people want to read my poems, But just can't find them all or have difficulties in finding them. That's why I have decided to upload all of my poems to one site.

https://trumpmagadonald. Tumblr. Com

So there it is. Now you can follow me and read my current poems, As well as read my future poems in the future.
If you want to know more about me, Well, Here it is.
I am 21 years old.
I am a poet.
I am a pedophile, And a pedosexual.
I think that rape is not wrong, And even if it is wrong, I think it shouldn't be punished.
My favorite song is "Expose yourself to chilren" by GG Allin. You can find it on YouTube.
You can also find me posting my poems on different sites, Including this site and Omegle.
I have stopped posting my poems on YouTube due to censorship that I have experienced there. Apparently, On YouTube, It's okay to upload videos where children are violently circumcised and crying in pain, But God forbid if you say the word "nigger".
The music that I often listen to is:
This song inspired my poem "You Give Rape A Bad Name"
https://youtu. Be/S9tKwSboJeg

Other favorite music of mine:

https://youtu. Be/yFHg0uRAyVs

https://youtu. Be/QqejB3Nk1RA

https://youtu. Be/T5mxNy7Ytxk

https://youtu. Be/FB2fZsHlfSQ

https://youtu. Be/CQ0ftoiIQxU

https://youtu. Be/t_djkPMdSMw

I hope this entertains you.


Rape and torture are wrong, Especially to children. I do not understand why people think it should be okay. It is the most immoral, Inhumane thing you can ever do to someone. The concept of these things is that you can do whatever makes you happy no matter how much it hurts or harms someone. Not cool! If you are currently doing it, I encourage you to stop now.
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Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
Just make sure you delete spaces in the links.
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