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Where does Supernatural powers come from if there is no God?

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Started: 12/19/2016 Category: Science
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Only an Atheist may accept this debate challenge. Do not accept if you're Christian, or believe in supernatural powers. Also, there is no acceptance round.

Supernatural -> Of or relating to existence outside the natural world.

Let's assume for a second that God is a myth, and all of the prophets and pastors in the world today are " fake ". From where do they get supernatural powers to predict the future, make the blind see, make the deaf hear, and make the lame walk?

I've provided videos by an African Prophet called Shepherd Bushiri. The prophecies were given on Live services, and they all have come to pass. My Atheist opponent must explain how this Prophet was able to accurately make prophecies such as these?

First video - Nigeria mosque bombing prophecy
Second Video - Tanzania earthquake prophecy
Third video - Zambia's presidential election prophecy
Fourth Video -Airplane catches fire in America prophecy-

Man in wheelchair gets healing

More miracles (Mosque bombing ) ( Tanzania Earthquake ) ( Plane) ( Zambia election )


Supernatural powers originate from the mind. Within my mental realm, my characters have the abities to fly, teleport, and create wind.

And I've been hearing the prophecy argument for God numerous times.

There are 4 possible explanations for a phrophet's predictions coming true: 1) Lucky Guess, 2) Logical Deduction, 3) Association with Outcome, 4) God told him.

Here's an in-depth analysis of my 4 "Prophet Scenarios", as I'll call them for now.

Lucky Guess: The prophet guessed X would happen, and X did happen. While this is a possibility, it's not a solid explanation.

Logical Deduction: The prophet researched about the topic, then predicted X will happen. This is one of the more solid of the Prophet Scenarios, and is very plausible.

Association with Outcome: There are 2 variations. Either the prophet made X happen, or knew about it from a human. This is another likely scenario. I think a few prophets around the world actually make their prophecies come true.

God told him: Plain and simple, this suggests that the prophet is 100% legit, and God told him about the future. This is only slightly more likely than Lucky Guess. There is little evidence outside of scripture that confirms God.

Cross Examination:

Shepherd Sushiri's Nigeria Bombing Prediction: He says "6 people hiding, wanting to explode Yala". He could be a friend of the bombers. I claim he knew beforehand, either finding out their plans, or being associated with the bombing. (I claim Association with Outcome.) I can't prove these assertions, but then again, can you prove it was God?

Tanzania earthquake: "I was praying at 7 in the morning. I saw the sun, half of it was black. God said it means a day of blood is coming. I saw people doing their things, then I saw blood on the ground". A few months later, it happened. Earthquakes happen when tectonic plates, sections of the Earth, slide past one another such to cause enough stress on the lithosphere, causing an earthquake.

This prophecy was researched, I think. He said he would stop the Earthquake, yet it happened anyways. That's a bit suspicious to me. Anyways, he could've predicted it would happen within a few, or many, months. Note he never stated when the earthquake would happen, just that it would. I claim Logical Deduction. Evidence for his research? I don't have any. But there's no evidence God actually told him, either.

Election: I predicted Donald Trump would win. I was right. Am I a prophet? No. It was a Lucky Guess. The residents of Zambia could've voted for the guy, making the prophecy true. I doubt God told him about the election.

Plane catching Fire: "Pray for the safety!" Didn't do anything. He either knew about it beforehand, or someone did it because Sushiri said it would happen. It's a possibility.


You can't claim it was God who told him X would happen. Maybe the prophet knew X would happen via some other means, like research. I await your next argument.
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Posted by PowerPikachu21 2 years ago
Chances are there's not superpowers in real life.
Posted by Sonofcharl 2 years ago
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