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Where is Know-where man. Please come forward out of nowhere so we can see you.

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Started: 4/20/2018 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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He's a real know-where man living in his know-where land living all his nowhere plans for nobody.

He's as blind as he can be, see 's but what he want's to see. Isn't there any humility as to be humane.

Now-where man please listen you don't know what you're missing nowhere man the world is know-where without your command.

He doesn't have a point of view knows not where he's going too. Know-where man can you see any of us at all.

Apathy is not the road to happiness.

Come on people's who want's or needs to go on this funny ride with me?

The tongue is as a double-edged sword it cuts both ways. Practising; Empathy, Humility, Sympathy and Cooperation throughout life, create's an understanding of the surroundings that we are subjected to, doing this teaches us to talk to each other, so we can speak with each other and not at each other.

Healthy Criticisms;

"Mark Twain" the best weapon people have is laughter.

"2far4u2" Wisdom is to have the ability to have a structured conversation with the village idiot and accepting that tomorrow it's my turn to be the village idiot. Explaining complexities in the simplest manner is just like nuts and bolts. The hardest part is knowing how to put it all back together.

It's all been said before but some take "unintentionally or intentionally" with them to there grave. Bitter is but a sour taste or a foul smell or a little noise that becomes loud or a picture that is not pleasing to the eye of the beholder. You can't touch bitter as you can't feel bitter so to be bitter is nothing and it's nothing to be bitter.

It's all disappointing. Does the young grow old and the old grow young or does the old grow young and the young grow old. What a merry go round.

Peace be with you. All praise and glory belong to Nature our own existence creator of the intelligent design of the known universe.


Debate Round No. 1


Three have come forward into the limelight a 111-year old idealist, a 31-year old undecided religious fence sitter and a 56-year-old undecided atheist fence sitter.

Against 2far4u2 the 52-year old, Christian that is one of many apprentices of Jesus Christ ever since I was but four years old. Jesus Christ is not the know-where man or the nowhere man. Existence creator is not the nowhere man or the know-where man and I am not the know-where man or the nowhere man.

So who could have the Bettles been speaking of within the song over 40 years ago? How about the psychopaths and the sociopaths that hide behind a matured structured monotone tune and call it, to be apathetic. Maybe a new belief called apathetic for all of those odds and sods to be as one and worship there own image as the boy that fell in love with his own reflection.

If you cannot gather that, what I have put forward is past, present and future tense then most likely have a disposition within your own cognitive thought processes of your own frontal lob that is what drives rational reasoning, forward projection, mirror imaging and many more tasks.

Was that healthy criticism or an ad-hominine as it wasn't the lowest form of wit, sarcasm. Or could there be some truth for our three lost souls of many?

Don't forget don't say I as it's we find the offender guilty. Not I find the offender guilty.
Debate Round No. 2


Well, it's the idealist 111year old. where did you go for the last 2 days or so? To nowhere land or was it know-where land?
I wasn't expecting you back at all. But here you are. Good for you.

with your reply of

1/ Wha
when one is especially confused, frazzled, or surprised. can be used online or in person.

2/ wha
1. To actually care
2. A shorter way of saying what
3. The opposite of meh.
Guy: That drawing's cool
Guy 2: Meh
Guy: Your dog got ran over
Guy 2: Meh
Guy: You have AIDS
Guy 2: Wha???

3/ Wha
A shorter way of using What.

4/ Wha
Expresses confusion, disbelief. Often accompanied by rubbing and clearing of eyes with both hands.
We're sending oil INTO Iraq!? Whaaa?!?

5/ Wha
short for "what"... used when your more confused than usual
Person 1: hey i just know i that heard?
Person 2: Wha??

6/ Wha
short for what
wha' 'appen? man, i 'unno.

7/ Wha..
means: What? a guestion
can be used as a form of expression of a greeting
-You know wha...?

-I won a million dollars! reply:...Wha?!?

-Hey dude, this is my new girlfriend April say Hi...reply: Whaaa!

-you spill fruit punch all over my new car seats!.....Wha..!

8/ ?WhA? I suppose you might just have to add your expression meme to the list as your's doesn't

To say nothing is it golden, a harsh reply or just you can't find the word and the word is the bird?
A know-where nowhere man or is it the nowhere know-where man?

The know-where nowhere man or is it the nowhere know-where man? Or is it A know-where nowhere man or is it a nowhere know-where man.
Just because the way it is written doesn't mean what it says. This is the importance of, to be humane instead of, to be apathetic.
Monotone abuse of the mind should be kept to one's self-don't you think?


?WhA? ?WhA? ?WhA?
Debate Round No. 3


Life is but a pubic hair definitely standing upon the toilet bowl, justly waiting to be pissed off into the accolades of a notice that wasn't worth noticing, to begin with. Until the toilet roll asked, have you got the message yet?
Do you sit down or stand up pubic hair?

So the 111-year-old idealist that is a known all knows nothing know-where man has nowhere to go then; ?WhA? ?WhA? ?WhA?

Are no more than sh#t on a stick or a sponge on a stick? Let us see if you have the ability to comprehend the message written on the toilet paper every time you wipe your a#s-chin.


First, you can not help children. But the problems of the world without any effort. Every student is ready. Here you will find an important teacher, companies and corporations. Good people. It's important that the issue is relevant. Look here. Give the whole country. Do not be afraid and afraid There is no connection, no competition, but I do not want it.

So Garfield is the strongest freaking western evening. that's right
Debate Round No. 4


Well wasn't that a load of gobblygook. Anima, loony toons to the guardians of the world cartoons are poetry in motion that is more explanatory, because of humour or as a game has room to move within laughter/humility that for to not being able to find a better way of putting it go where angels fear to tread that lead the way for a more controversial understanding of how ignorant we all choose to be is no more then our own arrogance raising it's ugly head.

Pride before the fall hides behind the monotone abuse of the mind. Apathy or let's just call it disponsable and what comes up with spell check disposable responsible. Just as a lack of gravity is within the realms of despondency.
Nowhere, Know-where man.

I like your name carnew in accordance within your Juche belief. Or have I got the wrong idea with your avatars name? newcar as to be lexicdys as to be a dyslexic new car.

Peace be with you carnew.


好吧A292;%027;不是一大堆書z90;動漫A292;對世界漫畫守#703;者的瘋狂插圖是$939;動中的#433;歌A292;因為幽(664;或$938;戲在笑聲/#609;卑之中有更大的#299;%323;性A292;因為無法找到一種更好的方式來放置它%027;些天使們害怕$393;!879;$889;條$335;$208;出一條更具爭#696;性的理#299;A292;我們%117;$984;擇成為多(636;無知的人A292;不$942;是我們!258;己的傲慢提升了$889;個%276;&475;的&957;!126;z90; 在秋天之前的傲慢&577;"255;在單#519;濫用心&728;之後z90;冷漠或#731;我們只是稱它和什(636;來拼寫檢查一次性$000;$012;z90;正如缺乏引力是在沮喪的&936;域z90; 無"389;A292;知$947;在哪#041;的人z90; 我喜歡你的名字符合你的主'636;信念z90;或者我有你的&957;像名稱%679;#492;的想法A311;新$554;作為是一個#494;#712;困&627;的新$554;z90; 和平!287;你同在z90;

Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by 2far4u2CharlesDarwin 3 years ago
Do you do cryptic crosswords? I don't maybe I should start too. Oops, WE, not I should start too.

For we the people find it fit to be as I. Past tense future tense and past tenses in language is a dying art.

Zombies act outside of literature with monotone abuse. Brains in a salty brine for breakfast. Well, I'de prefer bran thanks. And my brain just said I'd like to die. What a funny guy, I'll kill you last.
Posted by Masterful 3 years ago
Is this a metaphor for God? "nowhere man"
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
It would be remarkable if any idiot or worse would accept your debate with all the spelling mistakes in it. Its not anyone's job to fumble through your crap and make any attempt to try to figure out what you are trying to say. Oh and don't worry, you are totally incapable of developing and inventing your own separate language that I am in which I am yes, I'm very conceited in saying so, but yeah I'm proud of it. But you, wow, its---not---that---hard----for---you---to---use---a---simple---spell---check. And you blunder why I won't debate you? Duh that's one MAJOR reason.
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