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Which gender is more complicated - Male(Pro) or Female(Con)?

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Started: 9/29/2016 Category: People
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I agree that women are more complicated because they tend to take longer to decide. Take shopping for example. When they're shopping, they would find many things they wanted to buy such as clothes, earrings, perfumes, etc.. So, they tend to take longer time to decide which one they want. Imagine that you're a girl (or you're already a girl) who was choosing which clothes fit her. Which of these two clothes really fits you? You tend to spend more time to decide which one. That is why female are more complicated.


I wish you all the success in the world, but I disagree with your points. Men are the most complicated gender. Men are penalized for rating women based on their appearance, whereas women are able to talk about men freely, and are encouraged to do so. This is an unbalanced thing, as in the case of a man doing the same about a woman he does not know, he could be called a creep, or a pervert. In the case of clothing, women and men are the same, in the thought that men want to look good for women. When we look at parental relationships, if a man enjoys spending time with his mother or father in his younger years, he may be called names by his peers, whereas in comparison women are encouraged and it is found normal for them to spend time with their parents. In the event of a man giving a simple high five, or a hug to a grieving friend, he could be called a homosexual, which is insulting to a straight masculine male. In conclusion, men are at a disadvantage in many situations.
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Thanks, but disagree with your points. To me, I think that your points are more on the disadvantages of being a man. Actually it depends on the perceptions from different people. For instant, I perceive that women are more complicated. Women are more emotional than men. Women are unpredictable. For example, when a woman is talking to you, and the next minute you're being scold for no reason at all. So you get confused what she's thinking and you won't know what is the next step she'll do to you.

The other reason why I'm saying women is more complicated is because women have a complicated mind. If they want to know something, they won't tell you the question directly. They will avoid asking direct questions. And when they're not satisfied of your answer, they will get very angry. This situation is just like a police is interrogating a suspect.
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Posted by RJ_GT350 2 years ago
My creds.: I am pushing 50 years. I have been dating (100s of women) since I was in High School. I have travelled the world. My job has been people and their behaviors. I have been to the mountain top... several times.

I meet, date, work with and interact with about 50 to 100 women a month. Women are known for being insecure, emotional, having a small window of emotion, and changing their mind(s). They go after the bad boy, the good looking, the rich, the lap dog, etc, etc, etc. The pull the red flag excuse ad infinitum. They end up in bad relationships and complain about how men are pigs and no good ones. Women require men to approach them and "PLAY THE GD GAME". Women like to make other women jealous and are attention whores. If they get your attention, they are offended. If they don't, they hate you. Women are complicated!

Dudes are pretty simple on what they want. They want to be admired, respected, and have loyalty. They don't want drama. Do you see desperate husbands of such and such city? No.
Posted by Zaephou 2 years ago
RJ_GT350: elaborate please
Posted by RJ_GT350 2 years ago
Men know what they want. Women do not. Argument over. Next question.
Posted by EsyFace 2 years ago
In response to these comments, I was unsure of what the con side meant by complicated, I went by what he had been stating (clothing, relationships, etc.) rather than hormonal or chemical things.
Posted by Iacov 2 years ago
But there are biological chemicals that have psychological effects on the male body and more of less than a female body.
Posted by Caise 2 years ago
There are no real, psychological differences between the genders other than those conditioned by society.
Posted by Khons 2 years ago
Depends on what your def of complicated means
Posted by Iacov 2 years ago
Depends on how you define complicated.
Posted by Jenae.ross 2 years ago
I agree too. It's also more difficult to be a woman because our minds work differently and we are more hormonal. But also, I think us women are more logical....I say it with love haha!
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