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Which one is better, Cats (yes) or dogs (no)?

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Started: 8/7/2018 Category: Funny
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The final decision. . . Do cats rule and dogs drool? Or do cats scratch and dogs catch?


Dogs reward training better. They fight better.

I'm actually a huge cat-person IRL and am playing devil's advocate here.

Dogs are better at memorising processes you teach them, From fetching a stick to (yes I know ewwww) learning sexual acts with a human being.

Dogs are malleable, Your playdough. You can breed them selectivley and make the best of anything a pet could be best at. Want the best fighting animal short of a human that can be taught well? Dogs. Want the best animal to care for the vulnerable in society that isn't a human? Dogs.

Dogs are the real G's of the animal Kingdom. It isn't to say that they work well in teams, This is in fact a huge way cats dominate dogs in the wild and why lions can end up supreme to wolves in teams but when it comes to small units, Dogs are unparalleled by any non-primate in their ability to empathise, Unite and take down the enemy as a team.

Dogs are loyal sure but a huge misconception about cats is that they are NOT loyal so this isn't the forte for the dogs vs cat debate in favor of canines. Dogs excel in their ability to hold relationships however. There is no other animal group in existence than the canine tree which breeds 'to the death' relationships like dogs, Wolves, Coyotes etc. Yes, Coyotes and dingos tend to be solitary but they aren't dogs and they are solitary out of necessity not choice.

Dogs are better because of long-term payoff for the time and effort you invest into them. Cats don't come near to dogs in any way other than IQ and loyalty to their owner but unlike dogs cats are not actively loyal, Dogs actually have consciously chosen and blatantly displayed loyalty.

https://www. Inverse. Com/article/34377-dogs-friendly-loyal-good-boy-genetics
https://globalnews. Ca/news/3089253/dogs-have-a-better-memory-than-you-think-new-study-says/
https://pethelpful. Com/dogs/Social-Structures-Canines-Are-Dogs-Monogamous
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by MichaelAntonio1 3 years ago
In my opinion dogs are better than cats because first they are loyal, Second they are funny, Third they can be actually be useful unlike the cats, And many more.
Posted by RMTheSupreme 3 years ago
IT is forcing my formatting ot be bad, The capitalising after a comma etc is forced by the site.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro didn't even make any effort to elaborate his point of view. It certainly wasn't funny. Con demonstrated conviction, choice, and uses analogies to define his point of view.

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