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White people have a culture

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Started: 10/2/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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White people have a culture, I would like a SJW to accept this, Or a black lives matter nig. Thx.
Djksp cannot vote.


how dare you have the audASSity to say this? White people are stupid and they don't know nothin'
Debate Round No. 1


It would be nice if you could conTROLL your anti-white sentiments. "Don't know nothin" is a double negative which is the same as you saying whites know something. I thank you for that.

My argument is simple. The very clothes you wear are of white culture, Take away white culture and blacks are running around naked again.

White culture is the most thoroughly deep and expansive culture known to man kind and has been for 1000s of years, So much so, That most low IQ people don't believe white people even have a culture hahaha. . . Likely because they're so utterly immersed in it.
That bed you sleep in? Yeah that's apart of white culture, Other cultures sleep inside dead animals if they're lucky.
Oh you have a cellular mobile device which you use to order pizza with? That's a product of white culture.
What's that, You drink purified water? In other cultures they drink out of ponds and puddles. You're lucky we enslaved your azz or you'd be eating wildebeest carcass tonight son.

I should specify that white people are of Caucasian decent, But you already knew that.


denmarks and caucasians and mexican is the best culture.
(demark) ski (cauc)starbuck s(meks) fiesta

where does white people come into anything colture related. nowhere. NO CULTURE. Im wearing a green shirt. Not white. People of people of almost all culutres sleep in a bad? Unless they can't afford it or whatever but beds are, , Not white culture.
the process of purifying water was discovered by a guy named hippocratse or something and he was greesh, Not white.

also you meant descent, Not decent. As a "troll" or whatever, i am purposely using incorrect grammar, Spelling and punctuation, But if you're trying to be serious you gotta check yourdelf before you post your arguments :)

also caucasians are better than white people. Check out my debate proving that. Itll prove that white people have no colchur
Debate Round No. 2


I believe we've debated before, But due to your lack of substance, I don't think we've properly met, So I ask, Who the f*ck are you again?

You're a troll that purposefully uses incorrect grammar and tells everyone about it? Sounds like an excuse to maintain a double standard. That's lame af.
I didn't call you a troll because of your poor spelling, I called you a troll because you're not meant to be obvious about it. The specific term for you would be fail troll.
If you're going to troll be entertaining and not petty. Thanks.

A firm rebuttal of my opponents short comings.

Hippo was not responsible for the distribution of purified water, He didn't make that sh*t main stream, He just purified water and drank it. He wasn't cultured and probably shat into a bucket on a daily basis.

I don't think you know what Caucasian means, It generally refers to white European populations and those of European descent in general. The only people who want to disassociate the term Caucasian and white people are f*cking n*ggers who have disassociated the term Negroid from their own scientific classification, Are they ashamed to be nigs? They should be.

Regarding beds, You're probably using a spring mattress and a proper European invented bed frame, Unless you're sleeping on the floor, Then you had better thank white people for inventing a real damn bed for your diabetic mother to sleep on, But you're not going to thank white people for anything are you? Because you're a racist and an ungrateful piece of crap. We ought to shackle your azz and make you work, Like we did to your poor grand daddy YEEE HAW!

Why my opponent deserves to lose this debate, But not his virginity.

My opponent has failed to provide an example of what a society with no culture looks like. He's also admitted to being a troll, Admitted to purposefully using bad spelling, Suggested that a hippo invented purified water, Worn a green shirt (who the f*ck wears a green shirt? ) he's assumed all cultures sleep on beds, But in saying this, He's neglected all those poor African kids who sleep in burrows like rats, How utterly ignorant of him.
He's also failed to debunk my firm argument regarding cell phones.

I have shown great restraint in the face of overwhelming and unreasonable retardation. However, There is a time in every man's life when he must stop showing restraint and instead, Beat up a nig, Be it verbally or physically DO YOUR PART!

Thanks. I hope you've enjoyed reading my debate and may my opponents rebuttal remain as productive as mine.


sir my name is mary davis and i am here to show you the love of the lord our god.
Now, i don't purposefully spell things wrong, School in the south isnt very taught good. I don't consider myself a troll, But i have been called one by past debaters. There is a huge stigma agains us "trolls" and these sterotypes are harmful.
caucasian and white is different hippocrates is a man he isnt a hippo. Libtards like you say such stupid stuff i can't believe. THERE ARE SO MANY GREEN SHIRTS EVRYWHERE YOURE SO STUPID IM NOT EVEN KIDDIN RIGHT NOW OH MY GOODNESS SKSKSKKS. If im not mistaken i did mention the kids in africa who beds aren't available to? LAME. You can't read. I don't know who did invent the cell phone but not just white bros use them, Many many people of many cultures use cell phones!
now to finish this off, don't have virginity. Im not into that. The lord our god says that you should not have copulative relations until marriage. Im here hoping god can reach that sad soul of yours and show you the true joy that HE can provide you with. Have a great day in christ alone, And just know that under that hard shell of yours that you are beautiful, You are amazing and jesus loves you.
Debate Round No. 3
16 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by tellytiger 3 years ago
oh dam i got one point and mastefull got none
Posted by mosc 3 years ago
In the last argument i spoke off the cuff. Spoke and expressed my personal opinion. Do not claim any titles of authority.
Posted by Masterful 3 years ago
Who were you quoting? I'm trying to find who said that, But no one has.
Posted by mosc 3 years ago
Ewwwwwwwwwwww. . . " Us white people are far inferior to other cultures. "

What a disgusting Nazi like statement. Excuse me as i puke! Man does not have superior/inferior to Man. Morality does have superior: inferior to Man. Confusing the blatantly obvious compares to the cursed confusion of calling day night and night day. A society wherein the people who forge that society which lacks basic trust among and between its "partner" people. . . That society suffers from anarchy and chaos.

Trust requires agreed upon defined terms by which peoples can forge an alliance. Not doing acts of theft, Oppression, And sexual perversion, And establishing a medium ie Courts of Law wherein the trust partnership alliance held among allies, When damages occur that the partnership allies have a truth worthy outlet by which they can conduct diplomacy among themselves to resolve dispute in the manner of righteous justice.

What dead people accomplished in the past - that dog had its day under the sun and has now died. For example: the Israel/Arab dispute; idiots pretend that this dispute dates back thousands of years! Bunk. Israel did not win its National Independence until 1948. Palestine its a term coined by European empires, Arabs can not even pronounce the letter P in that foreign import!

Yo folks: be here now!
Posted by Masterful 3 years ago
You'll do well to find that the Middle East was the slave capital of the world for thousands of years.
Posted by Masterful 3 years ago

[1] Most of your claims are wrong. The first toothbrush was invented in China.

[2] People have been mixing elements since 100, 000 BC so how can you claim the Arabs invented chemistry?
Robert Boyle a British man in 1661 was the first person to properly define chemistry. All sciences and most inventions have been built upon, It's really a question of who has contributed the most to the sciences? The answer is rather obvious.

[3] Africa has no historical monuments. Whatever they do have that still stands, Was built by the Arabs and their navigation was learned from the invading Arabs.

[4] " That isn't a culture anyone should be proud of"
-African history is that of warring tribes, Killing and stealing from one another.
-Native American history is that of warring tribes, Killing and stealing from one another.
-Human nature has been of warring tribes.

So let's not be bigoted and suggest that only white people killed, In truth, White people came in peace, Formed alliances with tribes and with those tribes, Warred with other tribes.
Posted by mosc 3 years ago
White people have a culture. . . Like fish have scales. Why attempt to debate the obvious. Like duh!
Posted by carefettes 3 years ago
I mean, As far as products are concerned, Us white people are far inferior to other cultures. Without Middle Eastern cultures we wouldn't have coffee, Toothbrushes, Algebra, Our number system, Universities, Optics, Modern surgery, Hospitals, Modern chemistry, Engineering, The fundamentals of geometry, Irrational numbers, Or even the concept of zero. The cultures of Mesoamerica had mastered sewage and irrigation systems while Europeans were still shoveling their waste onto the streets, And subsequently dying of plague from infected rats. Without the Aztecs, Astronomy would still be crude at best. Without Africa, We wouldn't have figured out metallurgy or medicine, And architecture would be vastly different. African cultures were instrumental in early navigation.

Europeans had diseases and guns, That was how they conquered and enslaved so many people. And that's a historical tragedy. European treatment of the rest of the world was atrocious and unacceptable.

White people do have a culture. But as long as our culture is piggybacking off of the achievements of other cultures and not recognizing their claims to fame, That isn't a culture anyone should be proud of. Being white does not equal being superior, Nor does that apply for any demographic at all. To say white people don't have a culture is inaccurate, But to say we have a good culture? That's worth revisiting.
Posted by mosc 3 years ago
White people have a culture. . . So pigs like to wallow in the mud. Big deal.
Posted by Block19 3 years ago
What parts of Europe? Are you considering the Spanish and Turks as white, What about Jewish people?
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro called Con a piece of "crap" in round three. This is poor conduct.

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