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Whites and Asians are inherently more intelligent than other races

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Started: 12/21/2016 Category: Science
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There is little argument from most on the question of whether there is any difference between the races. Obviously there are aesthetic differences such as facial structure, skin color, hair & eyes, etc, but how deep do the differences go? Most would claim that other than small differences on the surface, we are exactly the same. Science, however, would disagree.

1) Intelligence:

Looking at an IQ map of earth, there is a very clear correlation between between Whites/Asians and high IQ scores (some claim that Asians cheat on the tests but I have seen no solid evidence of this). IQ, despite what many believe, is primarily genetic. Simply put, low IQ nations don't have low IQ scores because they are not developed, they are not developed because they have low IQ scores. IQ, while not a perfect intelligence test, is a good predictor of success.
It is also worth noting that white children, when faced with a mirror, will recognize their own reflection within 15-18 months. In a study done on Kenyan children, it took them 6 years (!!!) before they recognized themselves.

2) Crime:
Pretty simple. Blacks commit an incredibly high amount of crime. In America, despite being ~15% of the population, they committed about half of all violent crimes. That speaks for itself.

3) Sports:
Biological differences can being further demonstrated by looking at the Olympics.

Sprinters and distance runners for years have been overwhelmingly African, due to the fact that Africans are simply biologically better suited to running than any other race.
Weightlifting, however, is completely dominated by Whites and Asians.

Blacks are showing dominance in many areas of sport due to their natural inclination to be better at running (a skill which happens to be important in pretty much every sport)

The bottom line is this:

The races are not the same, it's time to stop pretending that they are.


First off, I will like to wish a good debate and hope that what we bring may bring light to others the opposing sides of this question.

Main Sources

IQ and Global Inequality (

IQ and the Wealth of Nations (

Lynn and Vanhanen have made major contributions to this field of IQ and its relations to other factors, usually socio-economic, so I will be referencing a lot of their studies.

Breakdown for each round:
Round 1: A general discussion and defining the premise of the argument. I will define a few key terms and give a lot of historical/background info on the topic. I will also state my argument basis or thesis. I will also give evidence to my first factor in the below thesis, low fertility.

Round 2: The historical implications of the regions and how natural resources and geography helped those implications. I will breakdown the history of the regions and how prevalent they were, while explaining natural attributes of those regions.

Round 3: Closing statements and tying back to the modern era and what we have now by taking a look into socio-economics and intelligence.

Thesis of Argument

Higher intelligence in countries that are predominately White or Asian is due to many different factors, such as: historical prevalence, natural environmental attributes of the region, low fertility, and socio-economics.


First let's define the center piece of this, which is IQ.
IQ - an intelligence test score that is obtained by dividing mental age, which reflects the age-graded level of performance as derived from population norms, by chronological age and multiplying by 100: a score of 100 thus indicates a performance at exactly the normal level for that age group. (

Fertility and Intelligence

IQ is defined based on the population norms and what would be the average of an age group in that population. One research duo, Vanhanen and Lynn, believed it was inversed of the fertility to intelligence known as dysgenic fertility (

Why am I bringing that up? Well, based on an IQ map (Which I had to google, since you never linked any sources that I may go off) and a fertility map, we would see a correlation of the IQ being higher in those areas with low fertility. Now, we need to look at one other map to explain the small discrepancies, health and wellness. See, low fertility in the more undeveloped regions can be explained as a core fault of the healthcare infrastructure of that area, which can also lead to a lower IQ (see map) such as South America, specifically northern region.

Now, why the lower fertility in more developed nations?

Above are two maps. The left one is IQ of the world, and the right one was the fertility projection of the world. As you can see, on most cases, IQ correlated with a lower fertility in most cases. The breakdown being: with median IQ maintaining around a fertility of 2.5-3, high IQ maintaining around 1.4-2, and low IQ going from 4+.

Well, contraceptives seem to play a part. In nations, higher on the developed index, contraceptives were used by a larger percentage of the female population compared to more under-developed nations (i.e. many in Africa and South America). (

This is also the case for permanent contraceptives. Reasoning for this would be, better healthcare would mean safer procedures and therefore more women or men taking the chance at ridding their fertility.

This ties in well into the whole premise of healthcare and its relation to the developed status of a nation. A nation with better healthcare would not need to increase fertility and have more children due to the fact the offspring will have a higher chance of living. Infant mortality has always been a good basis on the number of children an area would have. The higher the mortality, the higher the number of children in a family. It is the quality vs quantity idea. If you have better quality of life, you do not need 10 children to carry on lineage because the two you just had will be much more likely to survive.

Here is a good paper on fertility rates and some other points on why it is higher in undeveloped regions and why developed regions have a lower and even declining birth rate.

Conclusion and Questions

That concludes my first argument point, fertility and its correlation to IQ and regions. The next round will better tie the history and backing on why it just so happens these regions have a higher darker range of skin tones compared to the northern regions of our world which happen to be more developed, for the most part.

I wish to close with a few questions:
1) Are you looking at this at more psychological stand point, or a sociological? Do you see what we are and how we act as a by-product of our inheritance and genetics, or as outcomes of our environments and society?
2) How are you classing these races? Is complexion based, or is based on how society has called out to what is what race? I am getting mixes of psychology and sociology from you. Are you not classifying Russia, India, or island regions of Asia? India has an IQ on par to many areas of Africa?
3) How is athleticism tying into the intelligence argument? Athletics help with intelligence and the ability to absorb information. A good body is needed for a good mind, in most cases.

Links to the maps:
IQ -
Fertility -

Debate Round No. 1


1) Nature and Nurture both clearly play a role, but my position is that genetics are the greatest factor in determining how someone behaves.

2) "How are you classing these races? Is complexion based"
I'm classifying a race as a larger genetic group of humans. For example, the Spanish, the Germans, The Anglos, etc all fall under the umbrella of white, while sub Saharan Africans would be classified as black (the Australian Aborigines being their own separate group) .

"Are you not classifying Russia, India, or island regions of Asia? India has an IQ on par to many areas of Africa? "
When I said Asian, the people I was referring to are east Asians, the stereotypically slant eyed yellow Asians. I don't know all that much about India, but they are clearly very distinct from east Asians. There isn't even a uniform Indian race either, as some Indians are very dark (though interestingly have straight hair), and some are light skinned.
As for Russia, I don't know the degree to which Russians are mixed with Asians but I consider them white. As for them technically being referenced when I said "Asian", I was just using common terminology. Very few people think of Indians or Russians when somebody says "Asian".

3) It doesn't tie into the argument in the way of proving or disproving intelligence, I was just demonstrating other differences.

Also I feel I should link you to the mirror test study
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by JMatlock 2 years ago

I was locked out of my account since the 22nd and couldn't post my second argument.

@HiYep, I was going to make the tie in to the rest in my second argument. I was showing that Higher IQ shows a correlation to low fertility due to higher education in contraceptives and preventative medicines. Also, areas of higher fertility had higher mortality due to poor healthcare and the need to have more children to offset the dying ones. I was going to lead it to education and development of the region.
Posted by HiYep 2 years ago
Pro gets off topic from the title of the debate and doesn't put forth much evidence for IQ being largely genetic. For con its not obvious to me what he's casual argument is in round 1 between IQ and low fertility. He shows that there is a correlation but doesn't propose a mechanism in which low fertility leads to higher IQ; one might think higher IQ would lead to less risky sexual decisions and therefore lower fertility.
Posted by GrimlyF 2 years ago
Blacks and crime?. You are an 18yr old black kid. Your parents can't afford to send you to high school, you can't get a job because there aren't any near where you live, you've seen what life on welfare is like. You've also seen what you might get from crime. What are your options?.
I.Q.?. How do you measure it in an ethnicity where 90% of the young can't afford higher education?. Whose " emancipation " is only 60yrs old and has made little difference to them. Who are still subjected to the same old bigotries.
Sport?. Weightlifting.
Look up the following names on the 'net.
Louis Martin.
Precious McKenzie.
These are just a few champion 'lifters.
Of course you will have taken into account that almost any big,black,strong man will be poached by your American football clubs?. What would Mr. Bolt be if he'd been American?. A multi millionaire.
Intelligence?. While your unwashed,lice-ridden,rag wearing ancestors were an illiterate mob of peasants the Middle East was a beacon of scientific achievement and innovation. (See Omar Kayyam for example ).
Were you aware that the 6 U.S. 2016 Nobel Laureates were immigrants?. White or black is immaterial. They were not U.S. born.
White Americans,Russians,Chinese,Japanese and Arabs all, historically, despise Black peoples and regard them as being somehow sub-human. People like you pass down their bigotries to their kids and simply prolong the misconception.
Posted by GrimlyF 2 years ago
If you include forfeit=loss I will challenge.
Posted by squonk 2 years ago
Are you a troll?
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