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Who could and how they would beat scp 682

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Started: 8/3/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I want to talk people about monsters,people and any other item that could destroy scp 682


I am posting the following argument because,

A. This is my opponents first debate on this site.

B. Seeing as my opponent joined less than a day ago, I doubts he will finish the debate

C. He made no restrictions on what fictitious realms we could draw from to defeat this monster.

After seeing some research, I have concluded that the best way to kill it would be to use magic.

Now, magic is difficult to obtain in this realm as I have learned. So here is what you must do.

Essentially, I, Lord Grae, as a being not originating from this world, am a gateway to another world where there is magic. You must use powers that break the laws of physics to expand this non-physical link to the other world, and expand it into a physical doorway. Once you have entered my homeland, you have several options.

The first option is to make friends with a powerful summoner. This can be difficult, because summoners are usually really annoying. If you decide to do this, you must take him back to our world, and summon a champion level being from either the First World (Heaven), the Fourth World (Serith Apocolyptia, Beast world) or the Fifth World (Hell). These beings can obliterate matter (though they cannot create or destroy it.)

Pro: Easy
Con: Summoners are really annoying. I mean to the point where being around them and NOT stabbing them in their sleep is a struggle. Can you really blame me for trying that myself?
Other Con: Guard imp will kill you if you stab summoner in their sleep.

The second option is to find an high level elemental wizard and use their magic to defeat it. Although it has quick adapt, it certainly cannot adapt in less than a second. Extreme exposure would kill it long before it would be able to adapt. Plus, especially a fire wizard being able to burn every piece of it, it couldn't regenerate.

Pro: It would work
Con: High level elementals are often wrapped up in their own problems and most likely won't help you.
Other Con: Will probably kill you for asking.

Your third option is to use a teleportation spell or artifact to move it to an inconvenient location. Such as a vacuum, dark hole, quasar, or sun. In the extremely unlikely and seemingly impossible event that it adapts, it can't very well travel the millions of light years and return anytime in your lifespan. Plus the odds of it finding its way home are small.

Pro: There are some artifacts that double as $ex toys.
Con: Artifacts are expensive.
Other Con: If used improperly, artifact can easily kill you.

A fourth option is to use mind control, or use me. I am a master at Lesser Magic (the magic of manipulation). I could simply pacify it, or cause it to kill itself.

Pro: I'm awesome
Con: I'll probably kill whoever asked me to do it instead of helping them.
Other Pro: I'm honest.

A fifth option is to kill it along with yourself by studying a small amount of sorcery, then uttering the words 'be not' while unleashing energy. Essentially, your magic will try to break the rules of magical creation, the power will turn inward.

Pro: It is easy and it will work.
Con: You and the SCP 682 would be obliterated. Not destroyed. The matter and particles that made you up would cease to exist.

So as you can see, there are many ways to kill it. My favorite choice is the one that kills you. Which is all of them.
Debate Round No. 1


Ok good points but it could survive the sun or could survive the fire point is it swims in acid it has been burnt to a unimaginable tempature. point has been torn down to the molecular level but survived.and it cannot be mind controlled a super being able to control any things mind had tried he nearly went insane.he breaks any others rules by which they abide such as the bookends that any book placed between them come true exactly as said no matter what but even that didnt work becuase they had the book that was written about the monster that could and will destroy scp 682.but it failed and the book changed to the monster that tried to destroy scp 682 but failed.another point being even omnipotent beings such as god himself could not permanently harm or let alone destroy it.he couldn't and never would kill itself even if it tried it most likely stop its own body from doing it.and something he has survied he is from that point immune to it he could be sent to alternate dimensions but he would be sent back by the dimension in question he has near immunity to all diseases and he could adapt to any before it could kill him.he is immune to any and all forms of instant kills or gurantees such as let's say a spell to eliminate anything no matter what it is so continue.


"Ok good points but it could survive the sun or quasars."

My point still stands. Where is it going to go? It would take hundreds of millions of light years before it could make it back here.. Moving it far away would be enough to remove it as a problem.

"point has been torn down to the molecular level but survived"

You aren't tearing it down to molecules. You are removing the atoms that make up the scp 682 from existence.

"it cannot be mind controlled a super being able to control any things mind had tried he nearly went insane"

You fundamentally misunderstand lesser Magic. Lesser Magic isn't control. Rather, you use it to manipulate something into believing the actions you want it to do are what it wanted to do all along. I have no abilities to control minds. What makes me powerful is that my Lesser Magic is aided by Greater Magic, and it can reach an unlimited number of people so long as they can all hear my voice.

"another point being even omnipotent beings such as god himself could not permanently harm or let alone destroy i"

You blaspheme the name of Diometrix, the god of magic. May the Infant, the Reaper, the Reveler and the Keeper and the Mother punish you in the afterlife.

".he is immune to any and all forms of instant kills or gurantees such as let's say a spell to eliminate anything no matter what it is so continue."

You could use any manner of Seals. You could separate its soul from it and have it fight a spirit. Since it isn't in its body it won't have its abilities, so a moderately powerful spirit should be enough. You could banish it to another dimension. You could use the power of the great Enchantmente.

Debate Round No. 2


Masterfrogger forfeited this round.


Lordgrae forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Lordgrae 7 years ago
I have no idea what the scp is. I did a small amount of research (read a wiki page), but that's about it.
Posted by Masterfrogger 7 years ago
No they tried putting 682 in 914 the damage would have been to great it would have broke the machine
Posted by Lordgrae 7 years ago
Elf power.

An exclamation point was not possible on this post.
Posted by Lordgrae 7 years ago
Magic Beatch!
Posted by Hullox 7 years ago
I would preferably put it in SCP-914 and set it to "Rough", maybe it would turn it into a mutilated corps.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con successfully sniped this debate. He gave ways that someone could beat scp 682. Incidentally, I have no idea--because neither side told me--WTH scp 682 is. (I did actually wind up looking it up a little, so I have a rough notion...but in the future, you really need to tell us WTF you're talking about). Arguments to Con. S&G should be pretty obvious. As always, happy to clarify this RFD.

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