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Who could be the next girl verion of One Direction (Pro- Little Mix or Con- Fifth Harmony)?

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Started: 12/20/2013 Category: Music
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First round is acceptance. As Pro, I will state that Little Mix is the girl version of One Direction. Here are some rules:

  1. If you forfeit, that shows you have admitted defeat. Do Not Forfeit! ,

  2. When opinions are being made, there has be be some kind of proof.

  3. This is a GIRLS ONLY debate and you must be 14-16 years of age.

  4. You must only choose one of the choices only. Other topics will be effective to voters.

  5. Have fun! P.S. if you have no explanation, just say, my opponent can go on due to no explanation.

Ok, that is it. Just accept and we'll get started.



I accept this debate, noting that a female is without stamens, but does in fact have pistils. Since I have neither, I am near being a girl (Well, close enough). Get ready for the Walrus storm. I pass the metaphorical torch to my opponent. Luck be with you.
Debate Round No. 1


Little Mix is a British Invasion, just like One Direction. Usually, British invasions are more popular than American music artists.
Little Mix write more inspiring songs, like wings. The song is trying to tell you to believe in yourself and don't believe what people say about you. Fifth Harmony tends to write childish songs about boys and teenagers and what not, but Little Mix are more mature and complex, which I think is the key for a good girl group. Also, Directioners support Little Mix because of Zerrie. I personally think that Fifth Harmony want to get famous so bad and be better than One Direction and Little Mix, which I think will never happen. Little Mix are classy with their tweets, while Fifth Harmony seem too crazy and more 'fangirlish' with their tweets. I think Simon wanted to put a girl group together so bad, and wanted them to be super successful in America, and it just isn't working. The one thing I will say against Little Mix, but kind of for them in a way, is that I think it helps that Perrie is dating Zayn from One Direction. 1D have been supporters of LM since they were on the X-Factor, and I think when Zayn and Perrie started dating, a lot of 1D fans became LM fans because of Zayn. Which is completely fine, because now Little Mix does have a LARGE fan-base not only in the UK, but also here in the states and all over the world. I don't think Fifth Harmony has even had any success in the UK. Also, Little Mix is more experienced with the music industry than Fifth Harmony. Little Mix doesn't cause love scandals unlike Fifth Harmony (if you knew about the Camilla and Austion Mahone thing, you'll know what I am talking about). I just don't think that Fifth Harmony will be around as long as everyone thinks. Miss Movin on might be their only decent song. Also it seems as though Camilla and Lauren are the main singers of the group, with the occasional Dinah high note. I am really good at deciphering voices in songs, and I honestly cannot tell when Normani is singing. Little Mix evenly distributes their voices. Even though I think Perrie has the best voice of the group, I think of everyone she gets the least amount of solos which is really smart of them. Camilla and Lauren have the best voices, yes, but they aren't the only ones in the group. Little Mix know more about each other and one of the members has been in the x factor before, unlike Fifth Harmony. And yea, that is about it.


To begin, you agree with my previous statements, and allow me to rebut, if I am correct? I will be arguing that Fifth Harmony will be the next girl version of One Direction.

The British are coming! The British are coming!:

The coming of the British has not always been so forthcoming. If you recall Paul and his midnight ride, the British were not always so welcome here. In modern times, we try to keep the Brits at bay by acting like we enjoy the Musicians that they so forcefully hurl our way. These "British Bands" supposedly support our economy, but all of the funds received for performances go straight to the U.K through the mail and Swiss bank accounts. How is that helpful at all? Really, we should not support such things, as they progressively drain the economy.

Inspiring of Fear, and whatever whack you can think of.:

As said earlier, these British Bands are not helping, but hindering. The fear in the hearts of Americans is mistaken for joy, acceptance, and I dare say, Idolization. Fifth Harmony understands America, and without hurting the children, peacefully allows us to live without fear. Through their success in X-Factor, they won the hearts of many Americans. I do not have to name a song, since all of their songs inspired me. They helped me through many debates, such as 80 Chickens, Zonkey, and KingAwesome. Thus proves the inspiring powers of Fifth Harmony, bringing the children together.

Childish, you say? Bring the box-top!:

To begin, if they are making songs about Teenagers, the word is not childish. Childish refers to the age before puberty, which is before being a Teenager. I feel like this point was more of an attack than a debate, and needs a certain maturity to refrain from insulting. One must not completely disrespect a group to make a point. Moving on, you say Little Mix is more complex? The people of America do not like complex, trust me. The simpler songs have always had a special place in the hearts of all American

A lust for Fame, but not overly so.:

To judge lust based on publicity or social media seems a little "Gun Jumpy". Think of it this way: How can someone be more tenacious than a group that traveled to a different country to perform? I think Fifth Harmony rather proved themselves by achieving 3rd place in X-Factor. Simply stating that they lust for fame without proof also seems a little "Gun Jumpy". I also feel that there may even be a little personal touch in your reading of Fifth Harmony, and it doesn't seem exactly fair. So please detach yourself from personalizing their images.

Even voices, or The Happy Snowman of Balance?:

Simon chose this group for a reason. They have discovered how to use the Snowman for their own advantage. Since your earlier analysis, I think you know what the Happy Snowman of Balance is. So, I will move on. What do you find more interesting, a bunch of people talking mono toned, or a group of different voiced individuals? I myself would like to state that I prefer a mix of voices. The same goes with singing. You want different octaves do get a more colorful sound.

A relationship, or an advantage?.:

Due to a relationship between to said people in One Direction and Little Mix, you think that gives Mix a better chance. It may seem that way now, but these are younger people. Relationships really don't last that long, especially under cameras. This relationship could be a unity, or the downfall of them both. So think about this before "Hooking up", professionals.

To close with a overwhelming reaction:

I commend you in your knowledge of the two groups. I still think that Fifth Harmony has a distinct advantage due to their more "Concert" balance. In the next round I would like to see further elaboration on the balance argument, and less about relationships, since they really don't affect skill levels. I wish you luck.
Debate Round No. 2


Little Mix are for one, ten times more talented, their Doo-Wop/Never Leave You cover on youtube clearly proves that. Also Little Mix's harmonies are so in tact and for a girl group, to have a great stage presence and perform covers of songs and make them work that's very rare. Fifth Harmony seem to have a tendency to make every song they sing quite childish and cheesy which isn't a quality a girl group should have, it makes them seem quite babyish; whether they are like that personality wise I don't know but I'm going off completely what I've saw on x factor videos. All in all Little Mix have better vocals, better stage presence and balance their voices at the right pace. Fifth Harmony however are just average in my opinion, anyone can go out there and sing a song but it takes a great artist to make a song sound amazing in your own right.

Personally I think that fifth harmony are trying too hard to be famous. I've supported Little Mix from the start, and they are still the same people they were then. Little Mix has a variety of different talents. Leigh-Anne can rap, Jesy can beat box, and they can all sing. I'm not going to lie, but fifth harmony are good, but if you put it down to talent and personality, Little Mix are funny, and they just all have amazing personalities.

Maybe being on tour with Demi will give them that boost they need, maybe not. Personally I am just not a fan. I think Simon is trying too hard to put together a group that can equal the success of One Direction and follow in their footsteps and it just isn't ever going to happen. It didn't happen with Emblem 3, and it isn't going to happen with Fifth Harmony. With that being said, I rest my case.


A lack of Rebutting:

I noticed that you didn't really attempt to rebut any of my points, so maybe you need a little "extra" information on how this process works. The pro of the debate usually states their arguments. Afterwards, the con will attempt to refute the arguments. The pro then refutes the con's arguments. So, due to your lack of rebuttal, my points stand valid.

In Tact? Not a fact:

Without the evidence to approve that Little Mix is "in tact" is not stated. I find it hard to base an entire argument entirely on opinions. Without any prior rebuttal, I find myself astray in what direction to go..

Another swing at new info:

I guess I am entitled to refute these points on top of the others. In the game of business, firstly skill is top priority, then publicity. If a band is so terribly bad, they have no chance. But, I have found a break in your arguments! Alas, you have admitted some credit to Fifth Harmony, giving me an edge. I will respond with a very detailed argument once you disprove my older arguments. Good day, and Happy Holidays!
Debate Round No. 3


Considering I watched little mix in the XFactor and have seen there personalities, vocals etc, I choose them. They don't want to be popular, they want to show their talents. You can see their auditions here:; (Fifth Harmony); (Little Mix)

That's all I have to say. The videos are my arguments.


Con still didn't rebut any armies, so essentially she accepts these as truths..Please rebut in the next round, there is not much I can do with videos.
Debate Round No. 4


Conclusion: Little mix could be the next 1D. Case closed.


Walrus101 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by PeriodicPatriot 5 years ago

sorry! You could have been a exception! :D
Posted by Deanovan 5 years ago
nice debate. i would have taken the challange, but im a male directioner :(
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