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Who is Better; Sonic or Mario?

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Started: 4/21/2017 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I think Sonic because he teaches lesson while Mario doesn't teach anything. Also, More people know Sonic and Sonic is based on Mickey, Santa, Micheal Jackson and Felix!


Interesting face off. By default, I will argue that Mario is superior to Sonic.
I think that you are false, more people know Mario than Sonic. Though it is true that the character is based off TRAITS from those people (well I don't know about Santa), at the end of the day, all he is really based off of to the video game players is a hedgehog. Where as Mario is the most iconic Italian video game character. When you hear the term "plumber" you either think of a butt crack or Mario. Not to mention, Mario (as one meme put it) is the most diversified character there is. The joke goes "Don't be Racist. Be like Mario. He is an Italian plumber created by Japanese people, who speaks English, and looks Mexican." Personally, I find this to be hilarious. Think of it as you will, but either or Mario appeals to all different kinds of ethnic stereotypes appropriated in other cultures and is loved by all around the world because of this. Not to mention, he pretty much represents the Nintendo franchise.
It's okay to be different. Being different allows for different perspectives to occur. Which is why some view him in that same sense the meme does.
As for Mario not teaching anything, that is false. He imposes the idea that no matter what your shape, size, or profession, you can achieve the greatest goals and overcome any obstacle in your way. He also teaches that loved ones are worth rescuing. Sonic has no morals. He just runs around loops. I don't get the lesson from that. Sonic pretty much does what Mario does but at a faster speed, which to me signifies that you have to be faster to be better which is not always the case. Mario slows down (because you can't rush perfection) and enjoys the little things in life, like spending time with his brother Luigi.

Yes, I understand that he is a plumber and that may not at first seem exciting, but I have to hand it to the company for taking such a "weird" concept and adding depth to him making it okay to be different. Mario is the last person you would expect in real life to save the day, but nevertheless, he is still a hero (as proving that anyone can be).

PLUS, let's not forget that Mario is ALSO a doctor. Which sure is a heck of a lot more than Sonic has achieved in his history.

I can't wait to get into the next round with you and look forward to this debate. :)
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Posted by ChrisArthur 3 years ago
I kind of like the vagueness of this debate topic MeekoSoup, but what I don't like is when the person who started the debate does not continue it.
Posted by MeekoSoup 3 years ago
The difficulty in debates such as these is the term "better." General superiority is very difficult to achieve in any medium these days. I prefer seeing debates narrow their focus a bit more, such as asking "who would win in a fight," (a bit overdone, and also quite difficult, but still more focused), or who provides more educational opportunities.
Posted by the_best_there_is 3 years ago
sonic should win because is better
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