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Who is the best author of all time?

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Started: 5/26/2014 Category: Entertainment
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No opponents for this, just state opinions. First round, give a list of your top 5 authors, Round 2 give your reasons you chose those authors, and 3rd state your favorite books by authors. We can "argue" about why the pro/con's choices aren't good but be sure to give reasons if you disagree with something.
My list:

1. C. S. Lewis
2. J.R. Tolkien
3. Lois Lowry
4. Trenton Lee Stewart
5. Steven King


This argument has background music:
Pro = Rihanna
Con = Eminem

Author: A writer of a book, article, or document.

Best: Of the most excellent or desirable type or quality.

The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.

The only one of the authors that Pro provided that has written a book about time is C.S. Lewis, thus I shall negate the other four as viable candidates.

The resolution clearly states that we are seeking a singular best author of all time, thus choosing 5 is invalid as this would require the resolution to read 'Who are the five best authors of all time' rather than 'who is the best author of all time?'.

In fact, Pro is (pro)posing a question that I, the (con)tender have to oppose altogether. Thus, if Pro seeks to answer the question, they are not presenting a case for it. If the resolution is a question, Pro must fight for the very question itself.

And so now I ask my opponent to defend the question.

My attack on the question shall be that there can be no best author as no author has written all time, apart form God perhaps.

Thus, if the answer is supposed to be God then it is clear that God didn't 'write' time but merely conjured it, hence rendering him a non-author.

Therefore, to ask who is the best author of all time is a futile and unreasonable question as there is no author of time.

There are authors who have written books regarding time, such as C.S. Lewis, Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein and Audrey Niffenegger but there is undoubtedly no author who has written all of time itself.

To make this crystal clear I shall define the term 'all'.

All: Used to refer to the whole quantity or extent of a particular group or thing.

now, it is unclear as to whether time is finite or infinite so I will not dwell into which of the two are true.

If, however, time is indeed infinite, then it would be impossible to judge who the best author of all time is as all time would never end being written and one can only accurately judge someone's ability at a task once they have completed it.

If time is finite, then you must prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that more than one author of time exists so that your question is both possible to answer and worth asking (since if there's only one it would be possible to answer but not worth answering as that the best author would also be the worst).

On top of this, even if I were play along with the original setup of the debate, anything I put would be the correct answer because Pro cannot answer the question if they are the one proposing it.

So I will put this list:

1. My mother
2. My sister
3. My father
4. My brother
5. Myself

Evidence of number 5 is that I am the author of this beautifully eloquent argument, evidence of 1 and 3 is base don the probability that it's in my genes and that if one parent's a great author the other is probably just as linguistically capable in order to keep up with conversation with the other. The evidence of 2 and 4 lies in the genetic gene-pool and in the philosophy of Darwinism as well as the nature vs. nurture concept of what forms talents.

I conclude that this debate is flawed upon Pro's side of it and that the question has been completely and utterly negated and destroyed.
Debate Round No. 1


CONGRATULATIONS! I set that title up for someone, so I could discover what type of human he shall be, and I shall conclude that you are a smart one with a bright mind.

Sorry, but I don't like that particular kind of music you posted...I don't MIND it, but...! Since I'm not sure how to post YouTube here's a video to look up on Google: Earth Wind and Fire - September! I call it 'pump-you-up music. Not quite inspiring (but neither is Kei$ha).

How about the next two rounds we will argue: 'who' or 'what' the Author of Time is. My original topic can be saved for a different place, perhaps the opinions or forums section of DDO (the original topic supposed to be 'Who is the Best Author who ever Lived') pretty much.

I have no defense against what you were saying about definitions and 'time' and so, to change the subject of this odd debate, we will now argue What/Who Created Time/Matter. Do you believe God or the Big Bang created time? I am going to make a wild assumption, from the evidence you gave me in previous writings, that you don't know or believe in God, and you can guess what/who I believe by reading this: you said God didn't write time and he is not an author. But in which case I believe in Him, I also believe the Bible was written, not literally, but BY Him because "all scripture is inspired by God." If you believe in God also than we can just go on with the debate by ways of a NEW title put in different words but meaning the same thing.

"Who is the Best Author who Ever Lived" is what we can debate IF you believe in God. We will simply give our favorite book authors ever and be done with the debate
"Who is the Best Author of (all) Time" is what we will do if you believe God did NOT create Time (therefore He is not real).

If we conclude with the 1st option I gave, then this is what I say. My favorite book-author is, drum roll please, Lois Lowry. Although it is a VERY close decision, I pick her because my favorite book is...what I will reveal in the third round.

If we conclude with the 2nd option, this is what we will argue: basically Evolution vs. Creationism but in a much less vague and variable style. Here's my argument: that Creationism is true and God created the universe. In Round 3 I'll answer any questions and state evidence of why I believe God is the "author of time."

Even though one of the previous paragraphs was an utter waste of time (you will be the one to decide WHICH one), I feel it will be fun no matter what. Please choose truthfully. In Round 3, please argue (for option 1) what your favorite book author is, why, and if/what your favorite book is by that author. For option 2 (if you don't believe God created Time and Matter), argue why. Simple.


I was supposed to post "I love the Way You Lie" by Rihanna ft. Eminem... I must have post the link of a video I was watching before... Oh well...

This one can have a better theme tune.

My opponent conceded this entire debate already, I should win no matter what.

Nevertheless, for being a good sport, I'll engage with him the debate over the God. I think the best book author is Robert Greene simply because that guy is a genius and if you ever read any of his books your mind will be blown into several pieces.

Aside from that, let's have a party.

If God is the author of all time then at what point in time did he get the tools required to create time? When did God begin to create time? When did the concept of 'when' begin and when did god think that creating time would be a sensible idea?

Exactly, it makes no sense. Good chat.
Debate Round No. 2


At this time the "point" of this debate isn't to win but alas, the voting will go for a month or so. This will be interesting. Ah, so you ARE an atheist. I guessed correctly. It's no wonder you don't believe in God, you don't know about Him!

God IS Time. It doesn't make sense in our little pea-brains because God is infinitely and powerfully almighty, more than WE can imagine. It makes less sense believing there never WAS a beginning. And you didn't give any defense as to why you believe what you do. But thanks for your time.

This is my song for life and you should listen to it. Please just Google it and watch (and if you'd be so kind, how do you post a YouTube video?). "Lecrae - Fanatic" Sorry but I love EWF (Earth Wind and Fire) and I also enjoy Lecrae rap music!


You post the YouTube link but make sure if it's https that you change it to http. That's how you embed on this site.

Also make sure there's nothing between the =? and the v.

If God is time than God can't be the author so...

I win!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by JasperFrancisShickadance 7 years ago
I wish I hadn't allowed voting :)
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