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Who is the best one direction member?

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Started: 12/14/2013 Category: Funny
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we are basing this on 2013. this is also an opinion piece so keep your argument opinion with little stats and facts. also you must choose from zayn, harry, niall, or liam. I have louis. no exceptions.

I am firmly on Team Louis. louis is the Funniest member, has the best hair s of 2013, and his beard is super hot. his fashion sense is a perfect balance, and he is total boyfriend material

1) louis is the funny one. he is un arguably the funniest, he lead the movie with his charm, and he is always the one who is cute funny and charming in interviews.

2) as of 2013 he has the best hair. harry has over gelled his, liam's is too short and boring, niall has dyed blonde hair, and zayn's hair looks like miley cyrus' cause it has ugly shaved sides.

3)he pulls of the beard because while he is cute he has those rugged, manly features that make it work. zayn's beard is too big and is kinda ugly and takes away from his cuteness. louis is a perfect balance of cute and manly

4) throughout the band history louis style has alway been impeccable. he knows when to dress formal, and when to dress sexy, but no matter what he always makes it work. harry is too formal, niall dresses like a hoodlum, same with zayn who trys fashions that never work i.e. his only button the top button on a flannel. liam keeps changing his fashion because i think he is insecure (don't know what for. lol). liam dresses like an swag f ag, then like a dad, he dresses like he wants people to like him.

5) louis is the perfect boyfriend material. he will keep you laughing, he will keep you on your toes. but he is part of one direction so he must be loving and kind. louis must be kinda kinky in bed ;) he isn't super famous heartbreaker like harry who will leave for a hotter person. liam would be boring. niall seems too immature and he would leave just like harry. zayn would keep secrets and like liam would be boring.

harry is too popular, zayn is an jerk in the movie he said he likes to spray paint his house for fun, niall is like a annoying kid, and liam is boring. when they receive awards he is the one who does all the thanks.


Niall is the best one direction member because he is a great role model for his fans. He always thanks his fans from the heart, has no tattoos, is a great singe, wears normal clothes and never does anything stupid or embarrassing to ruin his great reputation. He always has been voted the best member of the band by many people and is very popular. Niall is very good-looking and charmingly goofy and always has a smile on his face. He always makes me smile! The rest of the band take everything seriously, for example when they were competing on the X Factor. When Simon Cowell told the band "to enjoy it" Niall had a big smile on his face and actually looked like he was enjoying himself. When they had to learn a dance routine, were sent free clothes or were given tickets to a concert Niall always said who brilliant it was whereas the rest of the band tried to be cool and instead looked utterly stupid. Niall can also speak fluent Spanish.

He is not like the other members Niall is a unique individual who is a real fun-loving guy. Niall also thinks a girls intelligence and personality is more important than how she looks; how sweet. Niall is not afraid of showing his emotions he sobbed his heart out in Finding Nemo and The Notebook. You can also be yourself with Niall he is a really sweet guy. Niall is patient, for example he is waiting for the right girl for him to meet him, he does not date girls for the sake of it. Ed Sheeran reportedly said "there quite violent lads, except for Niall he just sits there and smiles." He said to girls "if a man whistles at you, don't turn around your a lady; not a dog!" What a lovely, considerate guy.

Louis is not the best member because his hair is so obviously gelled, he is a real show off and has tattoos. He is NOT a good role model for young fans. Louis also had a fight on twitter with Tom Parker, that was not good for his reputation and was on the internet, anyone can see it. He is never as positive as Niall or has such a great personality as him. Louis is overall not a good role model and not the best member of the member of the band.
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks so much for joining the debate! and i want it to be clear that i love all 5 members, and I'm sure that goes for my opponent as well. science you specified niall the other 3 will be put aside for the remainder of the debate. also i love that i met a fellow male directioner :) and for the voters. remember that in this debate you have to vote un bias. so come in with an open mind and let the two of us convince you. thanks again and lets start round 2.

my opponent while bringing up some good points had more of a rant than a organized debate, so iim going to have to be a bit messy as well. i want to refute my opponent's case then strengthen my own.

1) the over arching thing that i notice from niall fans is that they fall for his "innocence" he has no tattoos and he is the young pure one. niall is gimmicky. he doesn't seem real to me. when he is being "charmingly goofy" it feels like he is trying to win your approval. he doesn't ever feel real. louis on the other hand is always chumming around and wants to have a good time. he has a more "I'm just gonna be me" attitude and thats why i think he is better than niall. when niall cried during finding memo and the notebook, i just can't help but feel that this is more of his gimmick. while I'm sure he is sweet I'm not sure that his "sweetness" will beat louis' hilarity and his interesting pranks and stories. when my opponent said "he thanks his fans from the bottom of his heart" i thought: "don't they all do that"? as for the tattoos. yes tattoos are a bit mature but as it has been expressed on this website several times. we shouldn't judge people on their tattoos. but louis and the rest of the band and all their tattoos encourage the be yourself. niall just feels like he's trying to make us like him, he feels fake

2) Niall can speak spanish. well thats all fine and dandy, but so can a lot of other englishmen and irishmen. what i think far out ranks that is louis being a footballer (soccer) for the doncaster rovers. louis plays one of the hardest sports. so louis must be in shape without a lot of dieting.

3) niall is a "unique fun loving guy" well its just common 1D knowlage to know that louis is the funny prankster. niall might be fun but he will never be the funny one in the band.

4) "niall just sits there and smiles" and his "ladies your not a dog thing". is just more gimmick. basically niall is like every other celebrity trying to gain the favor of viewers. niall basically is boring

now onto my case, i will keep it short

1) louis is real and fun. he is known for being the funny one and in the movie he made people laugh the most. he is alway fun and interesting. during interviews he always has funny stories and his charm really leads the group in interviews.

2) louis has the best hair. yes it is obviously gelled, but it is equally gelled as niall's. also niall dyes his hair.

3) louis can pull of beard or no beard. niall can't even grow a beard so one of those isn't even an option for him.

4) louis has a great sense of style, much better than niall. louis has a good balance of formal and modern. niall dresses to casual during formal events. like when they were musical guest on SNL he wore a t-shirt and jacket. louis wore a nice suit jacket, a nice blend of casual and formal. niall dress like a kid who doesn't want to dress nice. he dresses like a hoodlum.

to conclude louis is funny and interesting, he is cute and manly. louis tattoos make him edge and fun. niall is gimmicky and fake his hair is not up to par and is overall boring

Thanks again for debating with me. and again i love all the members but i love debate more ;p. remember to vote unbias. vote based on our arguments.


Thank you for welcoming me to the debate as it is my first and I was nervous about it as I only joined this website yesterday and I am only 13.

One issue I wanted to discuss was what is Louis's usefulness in One Direction? One Direction are all good singers with quite nice looks and pleasant personalities. Harry has the most powerful voice and that hair that I hate but many fangirls seem to love, Niall is the gorgeous, goofy blonde guy, Zayn has a great voice too and really nice looks when he shaves his chin, and Liam is a great singer as well with good looks. And then there's Louis Tomlinson... When they broadcasted the X-Factor he basically did nothing but messed around the WHOLE time. He hardly ever gets a solo part because he is the worst singer in the band and he has a VERY creepy face. he is definitely nowhere near as god as the rest of the band especially Niall. When you said about Niall being able to speak Spanish 'well thats all just fine and dandy', you are SOOO wrong because I am learning three languages and I know how hard you have to work at learning a different language so you can speak it fluently! It takes months! Well Louis can play football, Wow I'm amazed I'm a girl and I can play a decent game of football. So what if he plays for Doncaster Rovers because for all we know they could be a rubbish little league football team. Football is NOT one of the hardest sports, you guys may find it enthralling but alll they do is kick a ball around. The hardest sports are probably hockey (it is a hard game), gymnastics (takes a lot of concentration and is total precision) and cross country (I do it and personally you need sheer determination to do those 3k,runs). Yeah Louis is in shape, well suprisingly the rest of the band are to, he probably has to diet.
Louis embarrasses the band so often, like when they did that charity football match he drink so much before he threw up on the pitch. Apparently he is a total idiot and is always breaking things like in live while we're young. When Louis stated a fight with tom Parker it was finished by saying

'I"m not sure what"s happened since we saw you at the XFactor, but you"ve done a sterling job of becoming one of the most overrated, arrogant and not to mention insincere people around,' he continued.
'Your shocking lack of talent will only be forgiven by lots of humility and no-strings-attached friendship among your band. Louis, don"t measure your worth in followers or money, because they"re fickle, and when they go you might just feel worthless.'
Wanting the last word Louis responded: '@JayTheWanted this would be a lovely insight for your next book. You must have been a splendid student. Never forget you boys started this.'
However Tom wanted to share one more message to his followers before going to bed: 'Calling it a night. Ignoring negative comments from now on and concentrating on the important people... all you lot :-) peace x'.

Louis is so fakily funny it is definitely not geniune, he is such a fake, stuck-up spoiled brat who gets everything he wanted. He should not be in One Direction as he is the worst member by a mile. Louis's hair is the worst it is dripping with gel and very horrible.

Now to my case Niall is dripping with Charm and is SOOO hot. Hi shair is perfect the way it is and I love his personality. He does not do gimmicks and is so geniune. Apparently you could leave him with your wallet and when you came back nothing would be missing; he is very trustworthy and kind. He is very Compassionate and always puts a smile on people's faces. Niall doesn't try to make you like him when you meet him he is so down to earth and nice and normal it shocks you. He is truly lovely. He is goofy but it isn't a gimmick it is his personality and if you don't like it well tough. You can't change him. He is so popular because he is so geniune and lovely. His fans don't just care ABOUT HIS LOOKS AND CHARMING GOOFINESS. So what if Niall can't grow a beard he looks better without one and Louis's beard just looks plain stupid to be honest with you.
My conclusion is niall is a lovely geniune guy who is king, compassionate and really down to earth (not stuck up like Louis).
See if you can pick a fault with him as he is truly lovely!
Debate Round No. 2


you sure post your arguments fast :o. but I'm glad you are liking the website. i also saw you are actually a girl :p. but i can understand lying on the internet, but this website isn't sketchey so don't worry about it. unfortunately I've been robbed of my perfect chance to meet another male directioner arrrgghhh.

i want to take this last round to summarize the debate, maybe go over our cases a bit, and tell the voters why the pro/team louis has won the debate.

1) my opponnent's first contention is imidietely refuted by my last TWO arguments. louis is the funny, goofy one. he has, since the bands humble beginings, been the funny, goofy one. this is unarguable. and if he is the funny goffy one then what is niall? because if all niall can do is be pretty, what is HE good for? during the x-factor louis did not mess around. cause he had to work hard just to be part of one direction. he kept things light hearted and made them remember they ar still humans who are there to have fun. if niall is the: as my opponent said "Niall is the gorgeous, goofy blonde guy" and louis is actually the goofy one then niall is just blonde and pretty. thats all he has going for him: good looks and dyed blonde hair. louis is a better singer: watch/ listen to "story of my life", louis is the unarguably funnier and goofier one and louis can pull off beard or no beard. niall is a dopey trashy kid with a horrible sense of style and a tendancy to under dress.

2) language and sports. i get that language is hard, i have spoked english and japanese since childhood, and im learning spanish now. im in spanish 3. i get it. but spanish is a dying language while football is a sport played across the world. and the doncaster rovers? those are the doncaster rovers. 1st league footballers. they are no little league team. i dont want to get into what sport is hardest, cause thats always a bad argument. but you cannot deny that it is a sport played INTERNATIONALLY and the whole time you are playing you are running. so its quite the sport. but that dosnt matter because niall is no pro at anything but being blonde and dopey.

3) louis immaturity. first of: no such thing as bad publicity. louis is the one that made things fun. the band never said they were embarrased because of him, they think he is fun and make them laugh. louis twitter battles are over things that he feels strongly about. everyone gets in twitter wars. niall dosent cause he is BORING which you have yet to refute because he is boring.

4)louis is not fake funny. if he was fake funny, he wouldent be the "funny one." louis is actually one of the most greatful of all of them. every award they win he grabs the mic and lets the fans know how much he loves them and how much they mean to him. how they wouldnt be here without the fans. niall just sits and smiles, cause he has nothing to say, cause he is BORING. niall and louis' hair styles are basically the same, but louis just does it better. look at my profile pic. THATS LOUIS. his hair is great. niall has a dumb smile and dyed hair.

as for my opponents case

1) niall is dripping with nothing. he does nothing and is pure because he is boring. louis and the rest of the band go and drink and have fun while niall "just sits there and smiles." niall is the minority of the band because he dosent do anything.

2) when i said that niall was gimmicky, my opponent's rebuttal was he is not gimmicky. which is a logical fallacy of circular argument. meaning that my opponent's point is null and void

3) apperently niall is down to earth, and the king. which dosnt sound very down to earth to me. niall dresses poorly ar formal events which makes him look like he thinks he is above dressing up. its really trashy and really lame. louis is not the stuck up one because he goes and has fun with the lads. while niall is to boring and lame so he "sits there and smiles"

overall i feel that the pro/team louis has won this debate, because of my opponents lack of non fallacious rebuttals and has managed to portray niall as just a fake sweet guy who just sits around and does nothing.

i have made louis look like a fun guy who does things with the lads and plays pranks. sure he does dumb things with the other 3 members, but he is young and is supposed to have fun on tour. they are a group of funlads who like to do dumb things. if niall wants to sit and do nothing and just twiddle his thumbs then thats fine.


live_laugh_love forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by PeriodicPatriot 5 years ago
Niall cussed at his fans. What did the other 1D members do?
Posted by Deanovan 5 years ago
no need to be mean. we all have our tastes
Posted by jiacononhs 5 years ago
One Direction is a terrible band, their music is terrible and all of the band members are untalented and sound awful.
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