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Who would win Superman(pro) or Molecule man (Con)

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Started: 10/3/2016 Category: Entertainment
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For the first round it is just acceptance to the debate. I will be debating for molecule man.
I would also like to lay down some rules.
1) We would be on earth so both superman and molecule man can use their powers to their full extent.
2) we will be fighting in an arena roughly the size of New York City (304.6 square miles) in a flat land (no buildings, hills, mountains, etc.)
3) No external help (i.e. batman beating superman with help from green arrow, blue beetle and a full city's power grid)
4) Both brawlers are capable of using all their powers so please list them.
Thank you for accepting and good luck.


Hello readers, I will be taking the pro side for this debate. I will be in favor of Superman over Molecule man.
I myself as many others don't prefer Superman as their favorite hero, especially when you think of other cooler ones such as Batman, Spiderman, and I am saying this because I want to make it a point, I am not biased, and I am hoping the readers will not be biased as well.

My opponents rules are as follows

1) We would be on earth so both superman and molecule man can use their powers to their full extent.
2) we will be fighting in an arena roughly the size of New York City (304.6 square miles) in a flat land (no buildings, hills, mountains, etc.)
3) No external help (i.e. batman beating superman with help from green arrow, blue beetle and a full city's power grid)
4) Both brawlers are capable of using all their powers so please list them.
Thank you for accepting and good luck.

It's worth noting in rule 3, con mentioned "no external help". This means help from the outside. This is debatable, but this also means Kryponite CANNOT be used in this debate.

With all that said, I will be accepting this debate, and will make my arguments, rebuttals, and everything else in round 2. Good luck to Con, and may this be an enjoyable read/debate.
Debate Round No. 1


First off I would like to thank AngryBlogger for accepting my debate.

Starting off this debate I believe that if you don't already know molecule man I should explain him a little. Molecule man was originally a scientist until one of his experiments went awry and he opened a rift from this world to another releasing energy no other person or thing had obtained. He then absorbed a substantial amount of this energy granting him the ability to control all molecules in the universe. As explained by doctor doom he is on the same level as the Living Tribunals (omnipotent creatures that used a fraction of their full abilities to create the marvel universe).

Now you know some of his backstory now it's time for his powers:
1) he literally has "power over the very building blocks of existence."

More on

2) he can create shields around him instantaneously.
3) all his power comes from his own thoughts.
4) he made a shield around his mind to protect him from mental control
side note: he can take control over anybody that touches his "wand"
5) he can turn into a wand and re-animate himself
6) while in wand state he takes control over whomever is touching it
7) his powers work at the speed of his mind which is almost as fast as a planck second ("10-43 seconds."
8) create projectiles
9) create anything out of anything
10) change any material into something else

in essence MM could turn Supes into a toaster, use him to make his breakfast, then turn him into a plate so that he could eat breakfast, than could literally turn him into a mop and mop the floor with him just as easy as you or I could eat breakfast. he could also turn the very ground into kypronite but if we're excluding kryptonite Superman is also weak to magic and MM's power is cosmic magic granted to him by the Living Tribunal which made him a "multiverse composite entity" as stated by Doctor Doom, Reed Richards and himself almost destroying the multiverse. being a multi universal threat he is in a totally different league than superman and would easily crush him in seconds.


I know Molecule Man quite well, but a thank you for my opponent listing off some of Molecule Man's powers. I will go a step further on listing both, Molecule Man's powers and Superman's powers.

Owen Reece originally had the ability to mentally manipulate molecules, allowing for a variety of effects, such as the creation of force fields, energy beams, and hyperspace portals.[citation needed]. However, in recent years his powers were "retconned" to give him the power to alter reality.

Originally, he subconsciously imposed mental blocks on himself which prevented him from affecting organic molecules, which has since been overcome.[23] He was also dependent on using a steel rod, which he called a wand, to focus his powers,[citation needed] but subsequently learned how to direct his powers without it.[24]

Solar energy absorption
Superhuman Strength
Superhuman speed
Super-stamina, endurance, durability, agility and reflexes
Super-breath and Arctic breath
Solar-Flare (New 52)
Energy signals and transmissions awareness (New 52)

Clearly Superman whether you like him or not is clearly far more powerful than Molecule man. If you didn't notice, Superman for the most part is invulnerable to attacks, therefore Molecule man could NEVER turn Superman into a toaster, or even touch Superman. Superman has learned pretty much everything there is to learn, in fact, that's why most of us don't like him cause he's so overpowered, and 99.9% of the time, you need Kryptonite to beat him, or at the very least make him vulnerable.

It's worth noting I said when I accepted the debate, Kryptonite cannot be used as it can be included as an external power from one of my opponents rules he laid out, which I believe was rule 3. It's also worth noting, my opponent wanted the battle on Earth, which means, Molecule Man as cool as he may be, cannot really warp reality, or alter it, because that would change the playing field, thus going against the rules my opponent laid out, which means my opponent cheated himself on debating this subject.

Lets be fair here, Superman is a clear winner unless Kryponite is involved. Molecule Man basically could not use his powers for the longest time, and lets not forget how long Molecule Man has been fighting his the Fantastic which has been through many different series. Those heroes are nothing compared to the villains Superman has faced, and he has faced a lot of villains far more stronger than the Fantastic Four throughout his time while again Molecule Man has mainly been fighting the same people throughout the entire series.

The closest being who could possibly go toe to toe with Superman without using Kryptonite would be Goku from the dragonball series, but even then, Goku would surely fall cause Superman is invulnerable.

It's also worth noting for this debate that when you talk about "who would win" you literally can talk about this all day. My opponent said Molecule Man could turn Superman into a toaster, well, that's my opponent making up his stories about how the fight would go. I in turn, make up my own stories of how the fight would go, so the debate never truly can end given the fact we can just keep adding variables.

Judging by the abilities and raw power, Superman is a favorite to win. Lets not forget Superman knows more than what was listed down and sourced from the wikipedia. Superman by this time is like a god, so much in fact, the creators had to nerf him down, while the creators of Molecule Man had to buff him up cause he wasn't up to par.

Superman has the force on his side with Telekinesis, and he can heal. If somehow he was magically turned into a "toaster" or an object, superman would burst out from being that object cause of the sheer power he has. His intelligence is nearly unmatched, Superman would would know everything going into this fight and would be prepared to use the force against Molecule Man's, and we are comparing two forces here. Molecule Man's force compared to SUPERMAN'S. Let that sink into your head a little. Superman's force, compared to Molecule Man's? This is nothing for Superman.

Let's not forget if they ever fought during the day with a blazing sun up above what Superman of course would do. Do you guys see this here? My opponent could say, "well, it can be night time without the sun" and that would be fair, but the thing is, the debate never has a ending cause we just make up the fight scene as we go, and counter one another.

Getting back on track here, Superman's power potential is unlimited. Molecule Man's power potential WAS limited for the longest time, and even then, he still hasn't learned everything Superman has. We could make up the fight scene where Kryptonite was involved, and he weakened Superman, sure, that would help him defeat Superman, but here's the thing people, when it comes to Villains VS Heroes, the good always prevails in the outcome more often than not and for good reasons, for children to learn good morals, and so much more. What I'm saying is, even if Molecule Man had an advantage over Superman, and weakened him with Kryptonite, Superman being the good guy, would find the will and way to win the uphill battle cause he's the good guy. Yeah, it's dumb the good person always has to win, and Villains don't win much besides maybe the first battle before the hero comes back like Rocky and knocks out the Villain in the end, but if this was a created series between the two, Superman would win in the outcome.

I'm hoping there is no biased here, and people take what I said into consideration, the reason I stress this so much is because I know most of us don't like Superman much. As I said in my acceptance for this debate, we all love Batman, Spiderman more so. A big reason as I said most don't like Superman is because he was created unfairly and made to be unstoppable, unkillable, and invulnerable to everything. (Yes, he has died, and came back) but his powers are too great, so people much prefer a normal hero, especially a mortal who can die like Batman for example. So when go to boards and debate, or youtube video's, Superman has the voters against him for those reasons. (Well, he did win the Super Power Beatdown between him and Thor) somehow.

Going back to the fight itself, since my opponent has limited himself by not seeing the contradictions he listed in his ground rules, such as "it has to take place on earth", "no external help can be used", it's clearly an advantage for Superman because the battle has to be on earth, Molecule man cannot just alter reality and change the fight scene cause then it wouldn't be "earth" and would go against the ground rules for this debate. Lets propose He could alter the reality between him and Superman. For example, before Superman kills him, he could go back to a point more favorable for himself, well, I would say there has been stories already created where someone could alter time, and go back, but STILL DIE in the end cause the good finds a way to beat the bad. Superman is relentless and would never give up until he found a way to kill Molecule Man, and it's not like it would be hard. All Superman has to do is use a little force, and even sneeze and this would destroy Molecule Man, and we are going by their direct powers and abilities.

Going back to altering reality, a League Of Legends champion Ekko can alter reality and go back 4 seconds to where he was, yet, Ekko can still die, even after altering reality. Molecule Man can be killed, Superman technically as listed is invulnerable unless you break the rules you listed for the debate and are able to use Kryptonite against him.

A fair match would be Goku VS Superman, but even Goku's spirit bomb wouldn't scratch Superman cause he's INVULNERABLE to attacks. This is why he was nerfed by the creators, so he can take more of a beating, the opponent of this debate clearly didn't limit which Superman, Molecule Man would be fighting, so of course naturally, I'm going to pick Superman at his most powerful form, and don't forget, Superman is ever learning new abilities, new powers all the time, Molecule man is restricted as far as I know, and can only progress using his force, and the way he can change Molecules, but Superman again, is invulnerable to that, and too strong.

Lets make a fight scene, Superman uses his laser beams, Molecule Man tries to redirect those laser beams, but superman has the stronger force, and would clearly shove the laser beam more over to Molecule Man, and keep in mind, superman isn't a human, and he's relentless. He is a machine. Molecule Man is not, and would eventually lose the endurance to keep going.

Lets pretend Molecule Man cause somehow change Superman's body, or make him feel tingly on the inside? Well, it can't happen, Superman already knows Molecule Man, his intelligence is far to great, and even if Molecule Man could break into Superman's body, what's it going to do? Superman's healing is far too strong, his mind power is far too strong to let himself be changed. That's the power of Superman.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Overhead 2 years ago
I wonder if Pro knows who Molecule Man is. I think the only argument that wins this for Supes is the living 4th dimensional hyper-story one.
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