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Whole Body Transplants for Life Extension: Too Yucky?

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Started: 4/23/2017 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I love the idea of extending life through a whole body transplant/brain transplant, but some people simply think it is too yucky. If we are going to die any way, then why not? (We'll pretend for the debate that science has achieved the ability to grow a whole body in a lab (minus a brain) so you wouldn't use the body of someone who has died.)


Hello alderon67.

1. Whole body transplant.

What you are actually referring to is a brain transplant. Taking a brain out of body A and transplanting it into body B.

2. Life extension.

Which/what life is being extended.

Obviously not body A, as you are removing it's brain.

I would suggest not body B either, as body B would be brand new and previously brainless and incapable.

3. Yucky.

Not sure what you mean. Isn't "yucky" a somewhat juvenile expression?

If you're alluding to invasive surgery. Well hasn't invasive surgery been commonplace for many years now?

4. "If we are going to die any way, then why not?"

I wouldn't argue with this point.

I am the contender when all is said and done. So isn't this my point to argue?
Debate Round No. 1


You are so smart that you forgot to answer the question. Let me make it simple - "If you were very old and dying, then would you go through a procedure that would require that your brain be removed from your body and placed in a lab grown body, which might extend your life?"


Hello again.

You don't seem that keen to debate. You just seem to want my opinion.

The purpose of my first round was:

A. To try and elicit some clarification.

B. To highlight some of the ambiguity in your opening statement.

Now. With regard to your second round question.

1. If I was very old and dying.

Wouldn't my brain be very old and dying also?

A brand new body, with an old brain with greatly reduced cognitive function, does seem a bit pointless.

2. The extension of life.

You seem to imply that life is solely the prerogative of the brain and that the rest of the body is somehow, irrelevant.

What are we doing here? Are we extending my life or are we giving life to a new person?

3. I would suggest that what you are actually alluding to is the transfer of information stored within my brain and not the brain itself.

But wouldn't the quality of that information, always deteriorate commensurate to the rate of body tissue degeneration?

To be honest. A new body with a brain worn out both physiologically and cognitively is not an exciting proposition.
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by JParkinson 3 years ago
I think i'll debate you, as long as you give me a definition of what "yucky" means. Am i supposed to argue only towards it being too disgusting or it bringing discomfort to the person who receives the new body?
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