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Why Eminem Is Better Than Nicki Minaj

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Started: 2/24/2014 Category: Society
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Eminem is better than Nicki Minaj because he is hotter and he has gone thro a lot more. Eminem has a purpose for rapping and Nicki Minaj just wants the money. Even tho Nicki's dad set her house on fire and killed her mom, Eminem is still much better. Please support my argument! Please comment and vote on who is better. Agree or Disagree? On your comment, Please tell me why you like Eminem. Eminem actually has meaningful lyrics. Nicki Sings about partying and getting drunk. Eminem sings truthful.


I have listened to Eminem a lot, and also Nicki Minaj.
I have to say that its true that Eminem has way better rap talent than Nicki, but when you come down to the hard truth, He does talk about a lot of the same things, and worse.
lets first look at Eminem:
1most of His songs are about His life, career and... well... his mother. ( most of these songs about His mother are extremely nasty and disrespectful )
2 He sings songs like " Kill You " which are of course about killing people and doing nasty things to them. now, weather or not He is saying that He is the one doing it, should we care?
it is still way out of line to abuse talent. of which He has a huge portion.
3 He has pictures all over the net of Him and his daughter flipping the camera off, this is not really a good shot for his favor.
4 He sings about either shooting at, killing or beating up gay people now, I am against Homosexuality. but does this make it right to talk about doing these things to them? no.
5 He sings about being reckless, and doing illegal things for fun.
6 he comes from Detroit Michigan, has had a hard life, watched his mother go through Drug abuse, never knew his father, and did most of His concerts high as a kite. i feel sorry for him. but not enough to condone all of the things he says.
7 he has extreme vocal talent, loves his family, has a way with words that few artists have, and lastly, has given up his drug abuse problem.

Now for miss Niki:
1 she sings about a lot of bad things and makes them sound lighthearted and good for you.
she had plastic surgery for the purpose of making her backside larger.
2 she is annoying, and says things that are demeaning of black people. like in the song " love More " she says " ... and now I'm about to ride him like a pony..." a pony is what southern people called a black comfort girl " or in more understandable terms, a personal sex machine. what kind of person says things like that about their own race? its wrong and embarrassing
3 she doesn't exactly wear a lot of clothes....
4 her songs are all about sex, and herself.
5 she grew up in a harsh environment, where her father tried to kill her mother by setting the house on fire, after drug addictions and alcoholism problems. all this before the age of five. she plays the clarinet, and specializes in video performance and musical performance, her mother was a gospel singer and also an international teller. she deeply wanted to become an actress, but when that failed she turned to rap. and although she states that she wants young girls to know that life is not all about sex appeal, she contradicts herself in her music and public image, even through all of this she is the most followed artist online and has sold hundreds of millions of albums world wide. as a side note, she has a beautiful voice and has sung with many different artist world wide, she plays an instrument, has had professional training for what she does ( something that Eminem does not have )

looking at both of these i have to say that there is no better person here as far as wrong and right go.
but as for talent, use of words, and background for singing, and last of all and most important, how long in the industry.
Niki Minaj takes the cake.
Debate Round No. 1


Yea i agree Nicki is annoying


now as for all i have said about Nicki Minaj I still have some more interesting facts about her.
1 she served as a judge in American Idol
2 her hit song star ships hit the top ten in the Nation.
3 she was the first female artist to be included in M TV's annual hottest MC list
4 in 2013 she became the most charted female artist on Billboard Hot 100.
5 she has earned 7 BET awards, 4 American music awards, 2 M TV music awards, an M TV Europe music award and five billboard music awards, she played in ice age Continental Drift as a voice actor.

these are only some of her accomplishments, and even though i don't particularly care for her music, i have to respect the time and effort she has put into her career.
as far as weather or not Eminem is hotter? I don't think that makes him a better person, artist, or anything else.
and for the comment on Miss Minaj being in it only for the money....
lets face it, Eminem is not in it for peanuts, he has well over 140 million in stocks, bonds, cash and record deals.
making him one of the richest artist on the market. and yet he still wants more money, so maybe he is in it for the money?
I would say so.
Debate Round No. 2


amichele26 forfeited this round.


bradenatoomey forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by esme9990 6 years ago
1. I would hardly say Eminem has meaningful lyrics. Some of them are just downright disturbing and he is extremely disrespectful towards women and just everyone in general. He also makes homophobic comments and while he has been through a lot I personally find a lot of his songs disgustingly written. I'm not denying his talent, though - he is a highly talented lyricist and rapper.

2. You're trying to slam Nicki for having plastic surgery? Her body is her business and if she wants plastic surgery then she can bloody well get it and she shouldn't have to suffer criticism from strangers for that. If it makes her happy, which I'm sure it does, then go her!

3. Again, the comment "she doesn't exactly wear a lot of clothes...." does it matter? She's in touch with her sexuality and as an adult she can do what she wants (within reason).

4. Have any of you actually listened to all Nicki's songs? Or watched any documentaries or interviews involving her? Because if you were to actually do some background research rather than just making assumptions you would discover she is an incredibly powerful businesswoman and feminist, not weak at all. Unfortunately the media sexualises her and only her songs about partying and sex become popular because that's what sells, but lesser known tracks on her album are actually about much more meaningful and important subjects.

I may be biased but I think Nicki is a much better artist and person overall than Eminem - she is an inspiration to many people and always advises her fans to stay in school, focus on their studies, etc. On top of that she's hilarious. It really frustrates me that people are so quick to judge her without really doing their research.
Either way, I think this discussion is invalid because Nicki and Eminem have collaborated and produced awesome songs where they are allies, so putting them against each other is pointless. I enjoyed defending one of my idols, however, and hope you will take my points into acco
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