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Why I believe that Feminism is not about equality

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Started: 9/16/2020 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 week ago Status: Debating Period
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The core of Feminism is a belief in Patriarchy hypothesis - that all societies currently and historically exist in a state of class warfare between men and women, With men winning. This supposes that men have either engaged in or passively supported a social tradition that violently suppresses women, Keeping both men and women in restrictive gender roles, Such as women-as-caregivers. If this is true, This means that for thousands of years, Women have failed to raise men that see women as human beings deserving of rights. This means that at least one of the following must be true:

A) Women are singularly inept at raising children. Considering that this is a gendered role that "Patriarchy" keeps them restricted to, It implies a level of ineptitude on the part of men too, Since they are restricting important work to people who lack the skills.


B) Men are incapable of breaking the sociopathy required to see their own mothers, Daughters, Partners, Any woman they claim to "love" as human beings. This is where the likes of Sally Miller Gearhart and her male genocide narrative are at least consistent in their beliefs - nobody can change these monsters, And they're not going to change themselves, So genocide is the only option. If someone claims to be a feminist, And/or believes in Patriarchy, They are supporting a narrative that requires a worldview of women as incompetent, Men as monstrous, Or both. That is not "supportive" of men - misandry is a necessary component of Feminism's core belief.


Concession. Vote me guys
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Posted by Fazel 1 week ago
If you see the flaws with us, Why not help us, Support us? Instead of keeping us down on a low bar, Help us level with you.

The feminism that is seen all over the news isn't feminism but sexist women that take things too far.
Normal feminists just support equality while the sexist women ruin the name feminist by doing stupid things.
Posted by IsaiahxWood 1 week ago
I wouldnt say that women aren't struggling with things as well, I just think a life style of only helping women is wrong. . Plus Helping Men HElps Women
Posted by DeletedUser 1 week ago
for me feminism is only about equal rights to women not men. . . . . . .

Posted by Justsomeguylol 1 week ago
Feminists want equality. . . Yada, Yada shut up you got equal rights now stop complaining.
Posted by Akhenaten 1 week ago
Feminism is a communist concept to destroy western society. If you put women in charge they will destroy everything they touch due to bitchiness and man hate. I know, I have worked for women bosses and it's not a pleasant experience. They tend to spend most of their time looking for ways to undermine males while looking civilised, Politically correct and pleasant at the same time. Very deceptive.
Posted by TaylorGuer 1 week ago
To me full genocide is a very severe option.
We have to make little everyday changes to lessen that misogynist construct, That follows us from birth.
In fact it affects men as it affects women. We are also taught, That we are not allowed to have emotion or weaknesses.
Posted by IsaiahxWood 1 week ago
Men are more likely to commit suicide
Men are more likely to die in war
Men are more likely to take drugs and alcohol
Men are more likely to be victims of a violent crime
Men as a whole take more responsibility and a burden on there shoulders
Men Work more as a whole
Men (in marriages) spend more money on women then themselves as a whole in USA

What you are doing is taking one point the Women struggle with and see the inequality in that, While not looking at the fact that Men Struggle with other things as well.
The simple opposite of a Femenist. View^Why its wrong right here.
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