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Why Laravel is better than other frameworks

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Started: 4/28/2021 Category: Technology
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Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks among software developers for its robust features, Simple and secure authentication mechanism, Well-thought homestead, Elegant syntax pattern, And affordable price.

Developed and maintained by Taylor Otwell, Laravel is an open-source PHP web framework. Initially released in June 2011, It has expressive and elegant syntax. It follows the MVC design pattern and is based on Symfony. Features like Command Line Interface called Artisan, Support for the Database system and migrations makes Laravel more popular. It also introduced a packaging system called bundles.

Some of the interesting features that make Laravel better than other frameworks are:

Secure authentication and authorization:
The authentication and authorization system is very simple with Laravel because almost everything is configured out-of-the-box. That simply means that in just a few artisan commands your application will be implemented with secure Authentication and Authorization. Therefore, A web application owner can be sure that access to secured resources won"t be allowed to unauthorized users.

MVC architecture for exceptional performance and support:
Since Laravel is based on MVC architecture, Developers get ample built-in features enabling them to build applications of all sizes and complexity. Also, MVC simplifies the coding structure and makes it easier for you to work with. Another best advantage of Laravel is that it has an expressive beautiful syntax that makes it object-oriented.

Template engine:
Laravel comes with the powerful, Lightweight, And inbuilt Blade Template Engine. Blade templating engine helps web developers make the process of development seamless and easy with its excellent layouts. It is a combination of one or more templates with a data model to produce resulting views, Doing that by transpiling the templates into cached PHP code for better performance. Also, It gives a set of control structures such as conditional statements and loops, Which are mapped to their PHP equivalents.

Eloquent ORM:
The Eloquent ORM is Laravel's built-in ORM implementation for building and customizing Laravel Models. Laravel is best known for having Object-relational Mapper (ORM) as compared to the other frameworks out there. It allows you to interact with your app database objects using expressive syntax. Along with that, It allows web developers to perform database queries with simple PHP syntax. Thus, There is no requirement of writing complex code in SQL which will reduce your time.

Adequate app testing features:
In terms of app testing, Laravel comes with a certain set of features for performing unit tests on your web and mobile applications. It comprises tests that detect and block regressions in the framework. To make sure that all your new changes are tested accurately, The Laravel framework runs multiple unit tests at the same time. Therefore, Unit tests are better for testing your application as they make it easy for developers to perform app testing.

Give your comments what is the best framework according to laravel?

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