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Why Prefer NodeJS Outsourcing Over Java To Create On-Premise Desktop Apps?

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Started: 5/4/2021 Category: Technology
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Many big companies today are embracing the javascript-based framework NodeJS over Java to power back-end applications, It hasn"t really been used to build on-premise applications. However, There are good reasons why one should consider NodeJS outsourcing for the same. Its lightweight nature, Excellent I/O abilities, And development velocity are some of the factors to consider when contemplating the use of a relatively new technology such as NodeJS over a more established one, Java.

Choosing NodeJS over Java

Developer Velocity: To build a new NodeJS server-side application, One only needs to write about 10 lines of code. One can also develop a REST-based server app by making use of freely available modules like Express. Additionally, The front-end of the application is also in javascript. Having everything in the same language enhances the velocity.

Runtime Environment: NodeJS outsourcing allows javascript programming for the server. This implies that most of the bootstrapping work you require to do to build a server application needs little overhead.

System Resource Utilization: NodeJS framework is lightweight which uses about 20 MB of memory and very little processing power. Since javascript is asynchronous, It can easily hand off the low-level work to the underlying operating system, While the app itself can handle more requests. This makes many processes to happily run in parallel on the same machine without utilizing too many resources.

What do you say about Node js over java? Please share your thoughts.



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