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Why US should convert to the metric system

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Started: 2/24/2018 Category: People
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Let's start with the basics: What is the metric system? According to Oxford, the metric system is an internationally agreed decimal system of measurement. The examples of the metric system would be our ever familiar metres, centimetres, kilogrammes and litres. Scientists and students all over the world use this language of mathematics to communicate with each other.

There had been cases of miscommunication an example would be: In 1999, The root cause of the loss of NASA's US$125 million Mars Climate Orbiter was a mismatch of units " the spacecraft engineers calculated the thrust forces required for velocity changes using US customary units of pounds whereas the team who built the thrusters were expecting a value in metric units of newton as per the agreed specification. On that day, the mismatch of units caused the orbiter to go off course and ignite before crashing.

A common language is what the scientists and engineers need in order to prevent further accidents, so the US should changed to the metric system ad stop trying to be unique.


The US should not convert to the metric system because we aren"t the rest of the world. We are America. The Lang of Opportunity The Land of Freedom The Land of Change The Land where someone can come over and start a new life as a new man a new person this country is a leader not a follower this country isn"t the same as others we are special we are"nt about to switch over to the metric system just because everyone else has it or just because there are some miscommunications. No that"s why we have conversion systems, ways to convert between the two systems to avoid confusion. We are"nt followers we aren"t about to be like everyone elsez Nah we are special we are royalty royal material We are our own country with our own customs besides everyone who went to school here is more familiar with the standard system sure we could start over and have the young generations start to use the metric system but it will be years and generations before it actually makes an impact so let"s stick to our own system and be ourselves and show our country is different our country gonna do its own thing
Debate Round No. 1


As trade and the influence of technology increases by each day, the importance of converting to the metric system is also increasing. I have mentioned before, not only is the metric system the common language for science, it also prevent economical losses, for example NASA.

The internet is a common place that American youngsters normally spend their time on, and I do believe that they communicate with people from all across the world. The rest of the world (excluding America) all use the metric system, so through the web, the American youngsters would be able to know (maybe more familiar) with the metric system.

Yes, America is a unique country with unique systems and customs. But, it would be nice and easier for the rest of the world if America agrees to change just one unique trait of them. Well, don't the Americans have other unique traits that distinguish them from the rest of the world?

(P.S. Not meant to be insulting in any way, America is a wonderful place, just that I feel that everything would be so much easier if they converted to the metric system.)
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