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Why can't someone just steal DDO?

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Started: 8/11/2019 Category: Religion
Updated: 1 month ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Steal DDO and boot the current administration.
Pretty please, With sugar on top.

I'm just gonna keep starting these debates until something happens.


Because DDO is a cultured and owned website that isn't meant to be stolen. If it were, We'll see something that either looks like DART or Pornhub. DDO in a good man will be dedicated as DART and one bad hell of man will make this irrelevant as Pornhub. These are just examples.

And, How, DDO is not regulated now, Meaning you can't just contact the owners.
Debate Round No. 1


Which is why it's imperative to restore DDO to it's former glory, Meaning a site free from monetary interests, I. E spam, But instead a site governed by people who believe in freedom of speech, Who believes that opinions, Etc, Shouldn't be governed by political agendas controlled by any given nation or whatever political or religious idologies there may be, A site where serious trolls, Etc, Are being kept at bay, For the sake of maintaining a healthy, Meaningful, Fun, Unbiased, Interesting debate site, Which, To the best of my knowlege anyway, Was the original intentions of the original creators of this site from the very beginning.

So seeing that there's no way to contact the current site owners I really see no other way than for skilled hackers to take on the task of seizing control of the site, Move it to some secure server somewhere and do away with all kinds of, First and foremost, Spam, And then hand the keys to the site over to someone who's willing to uphold and maintain what I believe to be the core values of this site, Something which I believe I've already adressed in the aforementioned.


Great, N Korea is sort of corrupted, And you take over it? It will be fine? Trust me, It would only be good for at most 1. 5 years.

While there are no need for refutes, I will still say:

-Whose hands do you want to put the website on?

-What type of website do you want to make it?

-If you decide to take it over yourself, What are the benefits?

-Do you know any programming? How would you fix those glitches?

-Do you have any other strategies of enhancing it? If so, How?

-Can you even answer these questions? Because if no, Then I won't give the duty to you.

Argument done, Your turn.
Debate Round No. 2


Max, Same, I wouldn't, Nope, Others in the know would fix them, No need to, Yes.


-Who is max?
-I see, You are going to make it a debate website again.
-Why would I put command of a task for a person that cannot do ANY part of the job he's commanding?
-So, You mean, You are going to leave the DDO as bad as it were, And not enhancing it? Doesn't that defeat its own purpose?
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Zifsha.M 1 month ago
You know. . . . I See no point in stealing this site.
And doing worthless debates is telling about yourself is a person who isn't willing to Give in anything. Even a little thing. . . It doesn't matter who runs the site. It matter who you show to others and respecting the site's owners decision and art is important as long as you are a member and a staff.
I am not judging anyone. . It's just a piece of advice ^_^
Posted by anc2006 1 month ago
Additional info:

-I am just a fellow debater, Not a staff. I have 0 idea how would you do that, Or why would you even want to do that.
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