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Why doesn't the United States do health care like Canada?

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Started: 2/13/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I think we should do health care like Canada, I think it would really help the nation a lot.
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We should not do health care like Canada because health care is not a right, it is a commodity. How do you think wasting more money on lazy Americans will help our nation?
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We spent 600 billon$ on our military, Here's what other countries spent compared to us. We also spent 620 billon$ on our education system, and that has been a complete failure. The Pentagon lost a total of 6.5 Trillion$, with a T, just in 2016. I truly think the reason the government is so careless with our money is because they are not held accountable. Would it hurt the U.S to spend 1 or 2 billon on health care?

The reason I'm for it is, it would put more responsibility on our government to watch the health of our(I'm assuming you're an American as well) country , because it would cost more to pay for surgerys and medicine. I feel like lobbest lobby agenst it for their drug commpiny, costing the company revenue ultimately causing the lobbyist to lose money. I hate the ideal of privet insurance, that's why Obamacare was a complete failure. It only help those who had absolutely no income, and the private insurance companies.

I think its time that we put more responsibility and holding the people in charge accountable. And they way I think we can get people to care is when they actually benefit from something.
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Posted by Gregg_Hyde 2 years ago
Canadians would die. Many, many Canadians migrate, temporarily, to the US to get vital surgery, usually heart related. This is because their social healthcare system is not effective, there are long waiting times for patients. It's a real mess.
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