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Why is this a thing

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Started: 12/13/2016 Category: Arts
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This 3 debates to vote thing is stupid


No is what stupid is that you have to give up your phone number. Of course their policy says they don't sell and give your information to any 3rd parties. But for anyone who believes that nonsense I have some beach front property on the moon I'll sell you for a good price. Websites cost money and take time to create and maintain, you really think someone out there just wants to do a bunch of skilled work for free. I don't see any advertisements on this site. So one wonders how they make any money? Perhaps selling your data. Either that or this is setup by the CIA to monitor opinions of political dissenters? :) Really no third option, one of those two has to be it undoubtedly :). But I will accept your debate cuz I'm in the same boat and this will make for my third debate so I too can be granted voted privileges by the great and powerful Wizard of Oz.
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by PowerPikachu21 1 year ago
You don't HAVE to give them a phone number. You can contact airmax and he'll give you the voting privileges. But you need to know that your votes must examine the arguments made by both Pro and Con, and explain your points thoroughly, and not just say "He made better arguments".
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Vote Placed by David_Debates 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Making a blank debate just for voting privileges is a breach of conduct. The most that I can do is give the Instigator a loss on his (or her) record. I personally would rather no one win this debate and give them both a loss, but I cannot.