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Why people with diabetes should not work hard

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Started: 5/2/2018 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Many people in the world that we live in eat a certain protein that we love to call meat. People eat meat raw, medium rare,and etc. Any food place around us contain multiple styles of certain meat. But does anyone understand that consuming too much of this product is unhealthy for the body? Well, it is. One reason as to why eating too much meat leads to an unhealthy body is that people will have an increased risk of death from heart disease if they consume the x amount of red meat. According to a research team led by Dr. FRank Hu of the Harvard's School of Public Health, out of approximately 37,000 men of a study from the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study in 1986 and the 83,000 women from Nurse's Health Study in 1980, " Almost 24,000 participants died during the study, including about 5,900 from cardiovascular disease and about 5,900 from cancer. Those who consumed the highest levels of both unprocessed and processed red meat had the highest risk of all-cause of mortality, cancer mortality and cardiovascular disease mortality. Due to this, the mortality increases by 13%". But, if you replace red meat with different types of protein, the risk oh heart diseases will decrease. According to Dr. Frank Hu of the Harvard's School of Public Health, "Substituting one serving per day of other foods-like fish, poultry, nuts, legumes, low-fat dairy and whole grains-for red meat could lower the risk of mortality by 7 to 19%.The deaths could have been prevented if the participants consumed fewer than half a serving per day of red meat".


The purpose of meat is for human consumption, as one's body is designated for eating meat - it is part of nature. Meat comes in different shapes and sizes, by which there are different cooking methods for meat and ways to consume it. As stated on January 15, 2018, by The Editors of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, in an article titled, "Meat: Food, " states that "Meat is valued as a complete protein food containing all amino acids necessary for the human body" (Britannica, T.E., 2018). Thus, people should not eat less meat because it has essential ingredients - proteins, such as amino acids - needed for the functioning of the human body system. Therefore, people should not eat less meat as the consumption of meat is beneficial for the body. One reason why consumption of meat is healthy for a person is that it helps for muscular growth. As stated by Kadya Araki, who is a coach and nutritionist - bodybuilder, on April 9, 2018, in an article titled,"Why Human Need To Eat More Meat For Health," says that " Meat also contains vitamins and minerals that aid in muscle growth like zinc, which assists in muscle repair, and iron, which boosts energy levels and combats fatigue. Meat also contains creatine, a nitrogen-containing compound that improves protein synthesis and provides muscles with energy, encouraging muscle gain" (Araki 2018). This evidence shows some of many benefits meat consists of, such as that of aiding with muscle growth and healthy proteins, which proves how people can only benefit from consumption of meat. Hence, there should be no reason for one to decrease the amounts of meat consumed. Overall, people should not eat less meat due to reason that the myth about eating meat, that it is harmful nutrition and should not belong in a healthy diet, is a fallacy. One should not decrease the amount of meat consumed because they are depriving themselves of the nutritious, helpful, and healthy proteins meat is composed of, which help in muscular growth.

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Araki, K. (2018, April 09). Why All Humans Need to Eat Meat for Health. Retrieved May 2, 2018, from
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