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Why roblox IS better than Minecraft!

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Started: 7/24/2014 Category: Games
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Note: Yes it is a debate on roblox and, minecraft. i want to see if i can beat someone.

Please vote for who did better Please no favorites, i dont hate minecraft, i own it, just telling why roblox is better.

1. There's more physics in roblox like,falling back, falling apart when killed, mare walking animation.

2,. Their is way more items in roblox and can be created too. than minecraft even with mods.

3. You can create more monsters or mobs with scripting than Minecraft.

4. Minecraft has very huge amounts of lag.

5. People are so mean on minecraft they dont help you.

6. you can learn code in roblox. LEARN not just do, but learn.

7.Roblox can have more block, you can fully design any block you want. size to color to Graphic.

8. The graphics are better , because you can upload any graphic you want on roblox, minecraft is just pixels.

9. you can have hats, more hats than the hats mod. and more types.

10. the clothes look better than Large pixels.

11. Roblox is free who says you havt to get BC

12, You can make REAL money on roblox, using the trade currency, OBC required and can make about $10,000 a month (

13, the minecraft forums is just fighting. the roblox forums is for useful info about roblox and some goofing off.

14. More updates than minecraft.

15. Bet you cant sit in a flying couch attacking enemies
16. Roblox has millions of variety of games. Minecraft even with mods is just mining fighting and building. Dont like that, get mods to help you cheat.

17. Roblox has a point, creating a game on roblox, advertising and making money, its like all ready learning on how to get a job.

18. people on roblox don't waste their life on youtube making videos. some do buy like 3 about.

19. Minecraft servers are all the same minigames, factions and pvp. Boring. mine fight and build. as roblox is mainly servers with a variety.

20. roblox is offline too, roblox studio. does not take internet to script.

21 There is a feature where you can play games solo...

22. There is more animation in the new update dancing is the main one, also crawling falling falling, and emotions

23. roblox has 15 million users and counting. Minecraft has 11 million and counting. plus minecraft had a chart showing how many got the game. Bragging?

24. roblox all you have to pay for it BC... Minecraft you have to buy realms server upgrades, and a cape?? i found some on ebay and they were like $200 0_o

25.You can work at roblox ,careers.

26. Roblox has more shapes, circles, rectangles, and triangles. more to learn with.

27 is more social, you can have and make friends, unlike minecraft, all they do is ignore you kick you . cause there "too busy"

28. roblox came first and is more classic. so notch had ideas from roblox.

29. you can have profiles, be in groups. and find out what player are doing

30. roblox has moderators, then look for bad people "SAYING" things not doing saying...


I accept. Though I have never played Roblox so I will definitely be bad. Though I have watched my cousin play Roblox before.

1. You can create your own Minecraft skins that can look more realistic.

2. I have seen a mob where there is hundreds of monsters and when you kill them (like a flying Colossal Squid) you can become those animals. Another one: Clay Soldiers. You can create clay men. And give them resources to create buildings, or give them nuggets for crowns. Give them Pegasi to ride or make them fight eachother.

3. There is more versions of Minecraft other than on the computer.

4. Minecraft only has huge amounts of lag if you are wit many players, exploding a lot of TNT or flying around world. Et cetera. When I played Minecraft on the Xbox in the basement with my friend. It was fine other than quick jolts when we opened up chests.

5. Most people I play with on Minecraft (mostly a few) were fine. Though I'm guessing the reason why they don't want to help you is because they feel like you should work on your own. Like I remember a guy that was trailing my friend, asking for resources because he didn't want to get them himself.

6. Texture packs, texture mods in the millions for Minecraft.

7. I've never been to the forums for either, so I can't comment.

8. More updates doesn't mean quality updates.

9. You don't need to be flying and crouched to attack enemies when you are hovering

10. Just because you 'can get a job' on a mmo game doesn't mean you will get work experience and get enough to eanr a living. Most youcould probably make with crazy ads is like 10 bucks a year, maybe way more if you know a lot of people and can create a BIG quality product.

11. I wouldn't call wasting life on youtube when they have over a million fanbase and can create good things to add to that community.

12. I agree that the minigames suck since 1. It is a sandbox and it isn't for mingames, it's for the buildings (Have you seen the castles people have made?)

13. Castle Miner, Castle Miner Z

I would add more but I have to do something and we have five rounds so brb
Debate Round No. 1


Yodawgimepic forfeited this round.


Im not good enough???
Debate Round No. 2


Yodawgimepic forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Yodawgimepic forfeited this round.


Vote Minecraft!!!!!!!!!
Debate Round No. 4


Yodawgimepic forfeited this round.


Vote Minecraft.
Debate Round No. 5
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