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Why schools should stop erving chocolat milk

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Started: 11/9/2018 Category: Education
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Schools Should ban chocolate milk My reasons are
-To much sugar
-Not the most nutritious.
Kids are more likely to choose flavored milk rather that white milk. While White milk has a lot of nutrients that flavored milk does not. (This is my second time doing this)


No, I don't agree with you. Indeed, Chococlate milk contained more sugar and less nutriens. But, It doesn't mean school should banned this kind of milk. I give you simple anology: You have a son, And your son buy a chocalate milk in school. And then 5 days later he got obesity.

He can't be selective to consume, So he get the negative consequence as the result. Don't blame other for your mistake
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Posted by unicorngod 3 days ago
quite the hot topic if you ask me
Posted by Leaning 3 days ago
I can't say I disagree really.
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