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Why should there be a law against gay marriage?

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Started: 2/10/2014 Category: Politics
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The pro side is the side that agrees that a law against gay marriage should exist. Con is against the notion.

I am open to any argument. Please use good grammar and manners.


The gay marriage is going up against the bible because the bible states that a marriage should be between a man and a woman and gay marriage is not that and anyone who is a naturalist and says that there is no such thing your wrong
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting my debate and may the best argument win.

I would like to begin with agreeing with the comment left in the comment section. The "Its not right in the bible" argument is overused. we need an argument that is other than religious. Also, doesn't the separation of church and state say that religion is separate from government and that it should not influence politics. So the this argument should not hold up.

So again I ask, why should there be a law against gays at all. and please respond with "because its wrong in the bible."


Ok I hear you and I won't use it
1. Do you think it's natural that 2 men are married or 2 women are having sex
2. Why do you think man and women were made
3. And why do you think that babies can only come from a man and a woman
Debate Round No. 2


First of all, your #1 argument is opinion based. Just because you think it is not natural doesn't mean there should be a law against it. Technically, all man made technology is not "natural" so why don't we make a law prohibiting those to.

Your second argument that asks why a man and woman were made. I believe that men and women exist as any species exist, to repopulate and survive. This doesn't mean that man, having been born homosexual, should have to be attracted to a woman. There have been studies suggesting that many species of animals, like us, have homosexuality in its ranks. So, I add, the human species also has the intention to pursue happiness. And to some men and women, to pursue happiness is to be with who they want to be with whether it be a heterosexual or homosexual relationship. other people outside the couple should have no say as to whether the relationship is natural or meant to be.

And to your third argument, babies can only come from a heterosexual relationship because our species, like all primate species have evolved like that. Yes, we do not reproduce asexually or homosexually, but that does not mean a homosexual couple can't participate in the raising of a child. They can adopt children and raise them to be the future leaders of America. this is not a bad thing though, some gay parents may raise there children better than strait parents. Just because birth can only be achieved by a man and a women does not mean a law should exist against gays.

To conclude, the only argument that can somewhat promote a law against homosexuality is religious which should not hold up in politics due to separation of church and state.


thesupporter forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Avie 5 years ago
Everybody says that gay marriage is wrong because the bible says it is, well, let me ask you, if the bible told you to jump into an active volcano, would you do it? How long have we been doing this for? Gay marriage is anything but wrong, the whole "marriage is the joining of a man and woman not two people of the same sex" argument is overused. Get a better argument, stop being so small minded, love is love, so accept it.
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