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Why there is no problem with gucci bags and the cost

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Started: 3/26/2018 Category: Fashion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I simply think that the cost of gucci is normal and here are my reasons why. Quality, yes quality is a bery importsnt thing in real life you get what you pay for so there is no problem savinv some extra money to treat yourself and have a little fun with what you have got. If you think that its to much then you can go to other cheaper stores and you dont need to worry about the high ebd stuff because at the end of the day there are still people who wiuld want that high end things.


Its literally just a bag with a brand on it, you can make brands like those on websites nowadays for LESS money with the EXACT SAME QUALITY, your basically just wasting money if you buy that bag.
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