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Why would anybody ---ever--- knowingly "want" to believe in jesus?

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Started: 3/10/2019 Category: Philosophy
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You MUST give all of your possessions away and hate all of your closest family members in order to be a disciple of jesus. Plus the fact he was a liar who lied about his supposed god.

https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=x-slAgzJmdU - Why Does Every Intelligent christian disobey jesus?
Why would anyone "want" to believe in jesus? You must give up your families, Possessions and love your enemies. All three of those are absolutely insane. No person in their right mind would ever be stupid enough to do such absurd things. Would you give up your family, your mother, Your father, Your sister, Your brother for an untested, An undemonstrated jesus character in which you cannot even prove exists? Who in their right mind would do such horrific, Illogical, Completely bonkers ideals? Are you that empty inside that seeking something else to give you meaning and purpose that you cannot grasp from within your own self worth that you have to seek it from elsewhere? And then ask yourself why would you dump your family, Your possessions and love your enemies (in which case no one should ---ever--- do without having your guard up to reach astronomically high levels) to worship a character from 2, 000 years ago of a printed book in which there’s no proof he ever existed?

jesus was a liar AND he worked on the sabbath. . .
John 5: 16-18 "16 And therefore did the Jews persecute Jesus, And sought to slay him, because he had done these things on the sabbath day. 17 But Jesus answered them, My Father worketh hitherto, And I work. 18 Therefore the Jews sought the more to kill him, Because he not only had broken the sabbath, but said also that God was his Father, Making himself equal with God. "
Many problems with those verses. 1. 17 So according to jesus, His father, Namely god works on the sabbath. 2. There’s a 0% chance that god is going to work on the sabbath, NOT ever. So either 3. jesus flat out lied thus proving that he is false, The entire NT is false and christianity is false or 4. These verses are misprints in which is the most likely of probabilities in which is supposed to be a perfect book. 5. The entire OT is false which there’s a 0% chance of that if you believe in god as once again there’s no chance god would ---ever--- work on the sabbath. 6. 18 Notice how jesus himself appoints himself to be equal with god. 7. Where did jesus get permission from god to do this? 8. Wow. What an egotist. 9. No need to worry. The entire bible screams of god’s superior ego god complex. That’s what the bible is entirely about and nothing else. 10. There’s no proof whatsoever that god and jesus have---ever--- existed.

Giving up your family…
Matthew 10: 35-37 “For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, And the daughter against her mother, And the daughter in law against her mother in law. 36 And a man's foes shall be they of his own household. 37 He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. ”

Luke 12: 51-53 “Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division: 52 For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, And two against three. 53 The father shall be divided against the son, And the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, And the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, And the daughter in law against her mother in law. ”Luke 14:26 “If any man come to me, and hate not his father, And mother, And wife, And children, And brethren, And sisters, Yea, And his own life also, He cannot be my disciple. ”

Matthew 19: 28-29 “28 And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That ye which have followed me, In the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, Ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, Judging the twelve tribes of Israel. 29 And every one that hath forsaken houses, Or brethren, Or sisters, Or father, Or mother, Or wife, Or children, Or lands, For my name's sake, Shall receive an hundredfold, And shall inherit everlasting life. ” (now who would ever want to receive “everlasting life”, Whatever that means, In a lifewith jesus if it means giving up EVERYTHING? )

Luke 9: 23-25 “And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, Let him deny himself, And take up his cross daily, And follow me. 24 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, The same shall save it. 25 For what is a man advantaged, If he gain the whole world, And lose himself, Or be cast away? ” (Yeah we should all deny who we are, Which means that we give up purpose and self worth and pride in life for this piece of garbage in print only as there’s 0% proof this jesus character even exists)
What a true schmuck and imbecile this in print character jesus fellow was and a true egotist to honestly expect that anyone would be shortsighted enough to give up their families and who we are as individuals for him. Nobody for any reason should ---ever--- give up their families for something that is unproved, Untested and NOT demonstrated.

Giving up your possessions. . .
Matthew 6:19 “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, Where moth and rust doth corrupt, And where thieves break through and steal:”

Luke 14:33 “So likewise, Whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, He cannot be my disciple. ”

Matthew 6:24 “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, And love the other; or else he will hold to the one, And despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. ” (Well yeah I can serve two masters or even three or more, Or who says I have to serve ANY MASTERS at all? )

Matthew 19: 21-24 “21 Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, Go and sell that thou hast, And give to the poor, And thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me. 22 But when the young man heard that saying, He went away sorrowful: for he had great possessions. 23 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, Verily I say unto you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven. 24 And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, Than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. ”
Well I’m not going to give up the internet, And neither are you, otherwise you would not be reading this, So you are not a true christian by any means to give up all of your possessions for this wannabe nothing no good bratty self righteous egotist jesus that truly nobody wants in their lives. If they did, Then why oh why wouldn’t you follow YOUR fricken bible and DO WHAT IT SAYS AND give up all of your possessions including your cars, Your house, Your jewelry, Your phone’s, Your food, Your computer's, ev-er-yt-hi-ng! Nah. You are completely and totally addicted to you possessions AND you have absolutely no intention whatsoever in giving them up to follow this jesus in print character into the desert.

Love your enemies. . .
Luke 6: 27 - 28 “But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, Do good to them which hate you, 28 Bless them that curse you, And pray for them which despitefully use you. ”

Luke 6: 35 “But love ye your enemies, And do good, And lend, Hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, And ye shall be the children of the Highest: for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil. ”

Matthew 5:43-44 “Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, And hate thine enemy. 44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, Bless them that curse you, Do good to them that hate you, And pray for them which despitefully use you, And persecute you;”
Indeed should we love our enemies? If so then why does this country have enough firepower to blow up the world probably a good 4 or 5 times over? And the Trump administration (the worst president of all time who claims he is a christian along with his sidekick Mike Pence a true piece of outhouse manure dung pile of brown stuff who also claims himself to be a christian and also wants to strengthen the military) would easily blow up anybody that crosses their lines. So who REALLY loves their enemies? Do we let our guard down for anyone in our lives who has deeply hurt us/ become our enemies/ to set ourselves up to be subjugated again by the same person to dig in deeper and ruin our lives further? Does kindness and loving an enemy really help? Well who knows. Every situation is different. Two things. 1. Keep your guard up when this happens. 2. It is most certainly not a christian ideal and happens to everybody.

Prove that this printed jesus character according to the bible is somehow worthy of being considered as the messiah.

Dsjpk5 will not be able to vote in the voting process as he pretends to play god.


Hi there @Backwardseden! Got some thoughts for you, Although I wish you would not have done 5 rounds. . . Which take forever. I may not use all 5 rounds, Just to let you know, Because in previous debates, People just go over the same things over and over.

Okay, Your first talking point: giving up your family. So, The context of what is being talked about here is if your family remains the way they are, Yet you follow Jesus. Back in that day, Jesus was seen as a nut by the pharisees, (who were nuts themselves), So the followers of Jesus were persecuted by the pharisees and their own families. Obviously, People would have to leave their families to be followers of Jesus. Did you not notice that all of the disciples had to leave their families to follow Jesus. That is the context.

Next: working on the sabbath. Back in Jesus day, There was actually physical labor, Of which we today have no idea. If you take the "not working on the sabbath" to the extreme, That could mean the very action of walking around! Jesus was not doing physical labor by walking around healing people. Many MANY people walked around on the Sabbath, I mean, How could you not. . . Gotta eat, Go the the bathroom, Etc.

Next: giving up your possessions. Okay, This goes back to the fact. . . In that day there was not Uhaul trucks. People could not bring all their "stuff" with them as they followed Jesus. Plus, People had to walk on foot, They did not bring animals or anything of that nature to haul them and their stuff. Now, We do not need to give up our possessions or where we live to follow Jesus. Just go down to your local church, Or even where you sit now. Interestingly, Now, Jesus is in people's hearts, Then he was walking around, So people actually had to GO where HE WENT to find him.

Next: masters. What is meant here is that you cannot serve evil things, And righteous things at the same time. You can't be good and bad, You are either good or bad. There are no other options.

Next: love your enemies. The reason this is even a topic is because hate is such a problem. Jesus is saying, Love your enemies instead of hating them. Why? Because hate only hurts YOU. It does not hurt the other person. Loving your enemies does not mean letting them walk all over you, Your family, And country. Also, Back in Jesus day, There was no such thing as bombs or anything of that nature. What you have to realize here is, There is a form of loving that has nothing to do with physical. It has to do with yourself, How you think about them. Don't you wish the other countries of the world would be nice, Friendly, And compliant? However, Even if the other countries are not, Christians still love them. Does that mean that Christians will not defend their families and countries? No, Because there are physical things and spiritual things. There is a difference in context with what is being said here.

I would at least consider what I am saying here. I mean, I do not think you have to accept any of this, Just because I say it, But I just wanted to put some points out there for you to consider.
Debate Round No. 1


You know something you are by far the most difficult debate that I've ever come across to argue against. Its not even a close call. I had a huge sprawling argument ready to go. And you know what? I chucked it completely. The reason is because you are so babyish with your answers, Your truly invented excuses, Your utterly flat out denial of any kind of truth, Your utterly tossing to the curb anything that your bible says, And your utterly not knowing any better, So really what's the point? Had you paid ---any--- attention to the video, There wouldn't even be a discussion. This would be all over instantly, Well let's take back the word of "instantly" and use "hopefully". I cannot lecture you and or tell you this is this or that is that. The bible has done that for you. But alas not to you, Someone who is ---supposed--- to be a christian. Don't worry, There's absolutely nothing such as a christian and you are rock solid proof of that. You take no heeds or crossings whatsoever as to what your bible says. But what you do is your turn up the temperature in any room to a billion degrees and you invent your own excuses to suit your own wants needs and desires. Granted, This is what every so-called christian MUST do in order for their bibles to make sense to them to suit their wants needs and desires. But you've beaten them to the punch by a milestone into a kidney stone. Of course you are a megawatt worth of sensitivity. I get that. Normally with the beached whale trapped in an igloo, I would surround you with a hammerhead of insults, So I hope that this is an understanding of comprehension that you cannot simply take your so-called holy book and trash it, Come up with your own excuses for what you think would help your out of situations and do it time and time and time and yet time again. People would hang you for it. Maybe not here, But you can count on it in Arab lands.
Here's a statement to give you a boost of confidence. I do not remember who came up with the darn thing? "Acceptance is the greatest grievance for those who are smarter than the rest. "
Now pay attention to the video and as per the rules of this debate "Prove that this printed jesus character according to the bible is somehow worthy of being considered as the messiah. " if you would like this debate to continue.
http://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=x-slAgzJmdU - Why Does Every Intelligent christian disobey jesus?


Proof that Jesus is the Messiah

He would be born of a Virgin (Isaiah 7:14 and Matthew 1:18).
He would be of the tribe of Judah (Genesis 49:10 and Luke 3:23, 33).
He would be of King David's seed (Jeremiah 23:5 and Luke 3:23, 31).
He would be born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2 and Matthew 2:1).
He would be a prophet (Deuteronomy 18:18-19 and Matthew 21:11).
He would teach with parables (Psalms 78:2 and Matthew 13:34).
He would be preceded by a messenger (Isaiah 40:3, Malachi 3:1, And Matthew 3:1-2).
He would enter Jerusalem on a colt (Zechariah 9:9 and Luke 19:35-37).
He would be betrayed by a friend (Psalms 41:9 and Matthew 26:47-50).
He would be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver (Zechariah 11:12 and Matthew 26:15).
He would be forsaken by His disciples (Zechariah 13:7 and Mark 14:50).
The money would be thrown in the temple and used to buy the potter's field (Zechariah 11:13 and Matthew 27:5-7).
He would be accused by false witnesses (Psalms 35:11 and Matthew 26:59-60).
He would be silent before His accusers (Isaiah 53:7 and Matthew 27:12-14).
He would be beaten by his enemies (Isaiah 50:6, 53:5, And Matthew 27:26).
He would be spit upon and beaten (Isaiah 50:6 and Matthew 27:30).
He would be struck in the head with a rod (Micah 5:1 and Matthew 27:30).
He would be mocked (Psalms 22:7-8 and Matthew 27:29, 31).
His hands and feet would be pierced (Psalms 22:16, Luke 23:33, And John 20:25).
Note that this was predicted hundreds of years before crucifixion was invented.
Men would gamble for His clothing (Psalms 22:18 and John 19:23-24).
He would intercede in prayer for His transgressors (Isaiah 53:12 and Luke 23:34).
He would suffer thirst (Psalms 22:15 and John 19:28).
He would be offered gall and water (Psalms 69:21 and Matthew 27:34).
He would cry, "My God, My God, Why hast thou forsaken me! " (Psalms 22:1 and Matthew 27:46).
He would be cut down in His prime (Psalms 89:45 and 102:23-24).
None of His bones would be broken (Exodus 12:46, Psalms 34:20, And John 19:32-33).
They would look upon Him whom they had pierced (Zechariah 12:10 and John 19:34).
He would be executed with thieves (Isaiah 53:12 and Matthew 27:38).
He would be buried in a rich man's tomb (Isaiah 53:9 and Matthew 27:57-60).
Debate Round No. 2


DDO did not take my argument for some unknown reason. It was thus posted in the comments section.


Believe it or not @backwardseden, I am not trying to convince you that I am right. Frankly, I do not care what you believe, Or what you don't believe. I am presenting facts. I have to say though, If you knew what I was going to say long before I said it, You must be the God that you do not believe in. . .

Actually, The debate I posted is a long work that I have been doing for a while. There are sources for what I have, So, Don't worry. However, As everyone knows, Debate. Com does not like copy/paste or URLs so, That is why. . .

Balaam said, " I shall see him, But not now; I shall behold him, But not nigh; there shall come a Star out of Jacob, And a Sceptre shall rise out of Israel. "
Moses said, "The Lord, Thy God, Will raise up unto thee a Prophet, From the Midst of thee, Of thy Brethren, Like unto me, Unto him shall ye hear. "
Zachariah said regarding the Messiah, "Rejoice greatly, O Daughter of Zion; Shout, O Daughter of Jerusalem. "
Haggai said, "behold thy King cometh unto thee; He is just, And having Salvation, Lowly, And riding upon a donkey, And upon a Colt, The Foal of an donkey. "
Isaiah said, "Behold, A Virgin shall conceive, And bear a Son, And shall call his Name Emmanuel. "
Malachi said, "The Lord whom ye seek shall suddenly come to his Temple. "
Isaiah said, "Behold your God will come, "he will come and save you; then the Eyes of the Blind shall be o|pened, And the Ears of the Deaf shall be unstopped; then shall the lame Man leap as an Hart, And the Tongue of the Dumb shall sing. "
etc. Etc. Etc.

See, The point is, Jesus fulfilled all prophesies that He was supposed to fulfill. Please, Name me ONE prophesy that Jesus did not fulfill in one way or another. However, You cannot. Actually, That no one has ever been able to provide an example of a prophesy that Jesus did not fulfill is exactly the reason why Christians believe in Him, Exactly the reason He is the Messiah. That you do not believe in these things is fine, But again, You are calling hundreds of people in the Bible liars, As well as people who believe in Him in their hearts, As well as elevating yourself as God. You and anyone else who does this goes way out on a limb. I know you think you can prove that you are right, Just like I do, But I do think I am closer to the truth that you. The fact that you have absolutely nothing to back up your stance, While I have an entire book written on it, Speaks wonders. I have a book written by people who were, Even supposedly, There. You on the other hand, Have nothing but non-scholarly, Immature, You-tube videos. I *yawn* at your you-tube videos, Because I am not going to spend hours listening to modern opinion on things that happened 2, 000 years ago.

See, You are basing all of what you say on what "you" personally believe. You can simply choose to disregard everything I say, Pretty simple right? But, That does not mean that you are correct. I mean, I could say that I do not believe that dinosaurs existed, That dinosaurs were really not that dinosaurs at all, And that history and archaeologists are liars. Pretty simple, But that does not mean that I am right. You could argue any point in history and call it lies, You could say that a banana is really a grape, A cat is really a dog, A human is really a plant. . . Whatever you want to say. Just remember, You are not above reproach. One day, You are going to die, Probably sooner rather than later, And where do you think you are going to go? Heaven, Purgatory, Sleep, Dust to dust, Get 40 virgins, Have a Ferrari, Swim in gold, . . . Whatever you want to believe. However, You are one of those people that not only wants to believe whatever you want to, You also want to drag everyone down to your level to believe exactly what you do, So you feel like you are in good company. However, Anyone who is right in their mind, Will take one listen to what you have to say, And RUN. I don't want people to believe what I believe, Or even believe in anything. You however, Just want to attack, Not debate.
Debate Round No. 3


"Believe it or not @backwardseden, I am not trying to convince you that I am right. Frankly, I do not care what you believe, Or what you don't believe. I am presenting facts. " Then you do care. Duh. But see, Not one thing you"ve stated is a fact. Nothing. That"s what you don"t get. And what"s worse is you don"t "want" to get it.
Here"s how things are with you" If someone were to agree with exactly to the letter what you were to say, Dream and think, You would still manage to find fault with that person.
Well see I did know what you were going to say with the prophecies crap. And I was long prepared for it. Take one lucky guess at how many sentences I had to type for that previous RD?

"Actually, The debate I posted is a long work that I have been doing for a while. " That"s right, It is. Not for me though and as stated I"ve been doing this for 43+ years, Almost 44. "There are sources for what I have, " Well if you don"t show them and you use them, Then what you are doing is you are plagiarizing from them. Oh believe me, I don"t worry about it when it comes to you or anyone else, Because its entirely your problem. I took a 2-semester course on copyright law.
"Debate. Com does not like copy/paste or URLs" Bad reasoning. Again your problem.

Oh OK now we are going to use verses without the chapters and verse numbers? OK well you want to play children's games? Well let"s skip all of what you posted from your supposed bible and you can perhaps try again. I mean ARE YOU SERIOUS?

"See, The point is, Jesus fulfilled all prophesies that He was supposed to fulfill. " Actually, He fulfilled none of them because you cannot even prove that this christ ever existed. That"s step 1. Step 2 is you would need to specify an exact time and date that these events were supposed to have occurred in which your bible never did. Step 3 is who is "he" in referring to? Could be anyone. Step 4 you would have to prove every single jew on the planet as being false, Incorrect and wrong. You are guessing as always. Yeah NO PROPHECY was ever fulfilled in your bible. Not one. Oh the videos ab-so-lu-te-ly prove that as well as the possibility that your christ didn"t even exist and if he did most certainly didn"t have these magical powers and why your christ was a fake and fraudulent in which is also, As previously proved, Was not the messiah.

"Please, Name me ONE prophesy that Jesus did not fulfill in one way or another. " That's an impossible scenario when your christ WAS NOT the messiah. How many times does that have to be hot burned waxed onto your you know where areas and fizzled into your happy hairy hard off noggin battery powered easy bake oven so you can learn to bake and fry water? Well first you would have to list a prophecy, An actual prophesy to begin with that gives an actual ---exact--- time and date, The actual ---exact--- thing/ prophecy that is supposed to be taking place, Where ---exactly--- it is supposed to be taking place, Who ---exactly--- is the prophecy geared towards and no "he" is NOT an answer. Yeah you are NOT THIS STUPID so drop the fricken act!

Oh and btw, Its not even the subject of the debate. So now that you"ve been 100% proven wrong as always we"re going to stick to the subject of the debate if you want this debate to continue. And no, I"m not going to repeat it again. You go ahead and search for what the subject of this debate is. Sheesh.


Hmm, Well, I see that I am dealing with God, Or (actually) (a) god, So I won't even try to come up to your level, But I will explain it to every other "human" out there listening. @Backwardseden, (you may now clean your fingernails). . .

You say you have been doing this for 40+ years. So, I take it that you have been trying to prove that Jesus is not real for that long, Yet you still have not succeeded? Believe me, I look forward to the day I hear someone on the news who proved that Jesus was not real. . . Let's see, How old are you. . . Okay, Well I will give you the benefit of the doubt and let you live until you are 110. . . I will wait 53 years for you to be on the news telling the world that Jesus is not real, . . . (probably CNN news, By the way).

You say you took a 2-semester course on copyright law. Hmm, Interesting. Did you know that the King James Version Bible is copyrighted? Food for thought.

You seem to be calling a lot of people liars every single time you open your mouth. Are you a historian? An archaeologist? God? I doubt it. However, William Ramsey is, And he is considered one of the greatest archaeologists who ever lived. Although he has not studied this subject, . . . Quite as long as you, I am sure he is more knowledgeable about the subject than you. . . DUH. Anyway, He said, "Luke is a historian of the first rank; not merely are his statements of fact trustworthy"this author should be placed along with the greatest of historians. " Luke talked about Jesus, Disciples, Miracles, As well as, Named 32 countries, 54 cities, And nine islands, (that he had never been to) without error. I bet you could not give me 32 countries, 54 cities, And nine islands without a map or the internet. . . (or you-tube).

Also, If you do not believe the Bible, Which obviously you do not, And you do not believe Christians, Which you obviously do not, Then maybe you will believe another source. Before I proceed, I would like to say that if you deny the following, You are calling the Jewish people stupid, Which I dare you to do. I do not think you are an anti-Semite bigot, But if you neglect the following statement, Then frankly. . . You are. According to the Talmud, Which is a commentary on Jewish laws, Jesus was hanged on Passover Eve. Forty days previously the herald had cried, "He is being led out for stoning, Because he has practiced sorcery and led Israel astray and enticed them into apostasy. Whosoever has anything to say in his defense, Let him come and declare it. " As nothing was brought forward in his defense, He was crucified on Passover Eve. Let me note here, The Jewish people would not lie about the existence of Jesus. I mean, They hated his existence. Therefore, This document was written by completely unbiased people. Now, I already proved that Jesus fulfilled all prophesies from original Jewish law, Therefore He was the messiah. Both the Bible and Jewish law line up directly, So it is not likely, To say the least, That there is any misinformation there. Ask any Jewish person and they will admit that Jesus was real, Because they know He existed. BTW, Have you ever used google per chance? I mean, I use google scholar, But, If all you use is you-tube, That would be why you are so misinformed to the bare minimum fact that even the Jews say Jesus existed. You seem to be wanting to get way off topic and say that Jesus did not exist, Your exact words, "you cannot even prove that this christ ever existed. " This is well beyond your original topic, Which was if Jesus was the "messiah. " Now you want to debate if he even existed, Which I have proven that he did from an unbiased Jewish perspective. And no, I am not going to tell YOU what your original debate was about. You go ahead and search for what the subject of this debate is. Get up on that!
Debate Round No. 4


Wow! Here we are at the 5th RD ---already--- and you"ve lost all 5 RD"s, Including the one that you may or may not post after I post my final argument. Let me assure you, Its been the utmost fun to absolutely bury a stud muffin like you to concrete parachuting golf classes to warm up his yodeling grunge country opera beer mugs so he can better hear "Ode to Joy" on seashells.

But you are right, You are dealing with a god because I can make you do anything I want at anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere. And don"t you worry your weeeeeeee little heart none, I shall never sink to your level. Yeah, You might want to get some actual genuine friends and loved ones, Genuine friends and loved ones that you don"t have to play a pretend con artist to and sell them fake evidence in order to gain an audience as you"ve attempted to with me, But failed miserably with.

"I look forward to the day I hear someone on the news who proved that Jesus was not real. " I don"t need to do anything. The videos did that for me. Even the stupidest person on the planet would realize just how stupid your christ was, That you would be required to prove his existence that he was not the genuine messiah. But nah. Not you being the Super Y with all of your He-Man powers, You know better because you"ve researched the subject through your bible in which no god would ever use text as a form of communication, The worst form of communication possible, Not ever, Not for any reason.

"You say you took a 2-semester course on copyright law. Hmm, Interesting. Did you know that the King James Version Bible is copyrighted? " Oh my gosh in your string cheese jammies that you still wear to beddie bye. You got something right. Give the imp a rolls royce in plaid.

"You seem to be calling a lot of people liars every single time you open your mouth. " You don"t have a mouth to present any actual evidence. So until that day arrives, You got an uphill climb buddy. And you want to be a country crock lawyer? "Are you a historian? An archaeologist? " Yeah actually I am. I"ve studied archeology and history, Music and film for my entire life once I got past the age of 8. What about you who play frisbee with himself? God? That"s what I am to you, Yes. We"ve been over that a few paragraphs ago. Can"t you read? Typical so-called christian. Now unto the rest of the world, You cannot prove that your god even exists.

Oh William Ramsey? You mean one of the so-called famous archaeologist NOT MENTIONED, That he was so famous, That he cannot even make a wikipedia list? Wow. I am so so so very impressed, Kid. Please try to do yourself some more continued herniated damage. And even if he was listed, He"s not anywhere near as knowledgeable as anyone in the vidies presented. Not---even---close. Nice try Spalt the Wonder Smog. Didn"t work. Oh and you really should try to go and check out a youtube channel for William Ramsey. Its quite a hoot. Its your own god damned fault for not providing a link and being completely ignorant and arrogant.

No, Noboby who has intelligence and an edumacation believes the bible because it cannot be proved. The bible, Is not evidence.
"You are calling the Jewish people stupid, " Actually you know what snookums, I was brought up as being jewish, Rich daddy bar mitzvah where he invited all of his millionaire friends over and I truly hated every minute of it. But duh in case you haven"t noticed you total ignorant f--k, You might want to retread back and see what I told YOU about the jews since you think prophecies of your christ are true you piece of s--t. Awe are we friends now? Could you use a great big hug now? Get one from your barbie doll.

Now you go too far, Even in your mentioning of it "I do not think you are an anti-Semite bigot, " YOUR god according to YOUR bible is a 100% pure racist bigot. He had his chosen people, The jews in which your god murdered babies, Children, And pregnant women (abortions) all for his horrific genocides that he knowingly committed simply because other cultures wished to worship other god(s) idols and your god of a superior ego god complex in which your bible is entirely about and nothing else threw his hissy fit temper tantrums of jealousy with his HUMAN baggage emotions that he freely admitted to having with evil, Anger, Wrath, Vengeance, Rage, Fury. And the thing about you so-called christians (as proved there"s no such a thing as a christian) is you like your god, You do not in any possible way believe in peace, Love, Harmony, Care, Kindness etc. If you did, It would have already been achieved. HE"S GOD FOR GOD"S SAKE! Your god Loves and thrives on eternal conflict. Not once has there been peace for any length of time, Not at any place, During any time for more than 30 years. Does---that---sum---things---up---for---yah?

You might want to have a look-see at ALL OF the videos before you bring up that idiot ideal of your christ supposed suffering or existing. Big deal. You have no idea, None, As to what true suffering is. I could tell you some true stories that would turn your soul black and then I would tell you about me. Your pathetic neanderthal christ had it super easy dying on the cross for a measly simpleton 17 hours tops according to your bible. There are millions of children created according to you, Knowingly created per year that suffer unimaginable terrors, Sometimes for decades under the horrific abuse of their parents/ parent as an example. And your god according to you gives the parent the free will, The power to rape the child repeatedly again and again and torture her horrifically while the child has no free will to escape and SCREAM at the top of her lungs.
Here"s a question for you since you think you are so god damned smart" what can a child possibly learn from suffering? If you"ve answered "nothing", You"ve answered correctly.


Right, So trash me because you thought I got off topic, But do not even mention the fact that you did. See, You dance all around, Spewing a bunch of bunk, Because you have nothing else to say. I am not even going to acknowledge most of what you said in your last post, Not to filibuster, But just to be the more mature person here. Just about everything you said in your last debate post was not only. . . Irrelevant, But also. . . Not logical.

You might think I have lost this debate, But. . . Son, At least they can understand my debate posts! All you talked about is your sacred you-tube videos, That no one but a pure troll would waste their time watching. You do no research of your own, And have no desire to. You are so stuck on your own so called "knowledge" that you make yourself look unlearned. I know you are learned, Because I see that you went to college, But you surely do not show it. Only unlearned people quote you-tube, Just so you know. The minute you quoted you-tube, You lost this debate on a intellectual, College level. Back to my original statement, I will await the day that I here of someone on the news saying that they disproved God, Jesus, The Bible, And every other Christian belief. I don't know about you, But lately, I have not heard any you-tube videos on the news proclaiming that they found hard evidence that God, Jesus, And the bible aren't real. . . I'm still waiting. . .

Let me also provide some insight here. In your last debate post alone, You had over 100+ words in your debate post that were irrelevant, And 1/2 butt English. What half of the crap means, Only GOD knows. (yes, The God you don't believe in).

ya'll also take notice how he takes very special care not to capitalize God, Jesus, Or the Bible. . . Except when he had to start a new sentence. . . "hat about you who play frisbee with himself? God? That's what. . . " Also, Notice that he admitted that he was "God" to me. . . Right, Right, Like mr. Internet hard-man is actually a God to me. . . Probably why he is on debate. Com. . . Got to prove his godliness to all the Joe-dirt-bags and trolls of the internet. Right, Right. . . Why don't you go worship yourself mr. God, Because I for one, Am not going to.

Let me put something in here, Mr. God, (and that is your new name). You say that I cannot prove that God is real. Fine. You say that I cannot prove that Jesus is real. Fine. You say that I cannot prove that Jesus is the messiah. Fine. You say that I wear string cheese jammies to "beddy bye. " fine. But what you will not get away with is saying that people who believe in the Bible are not intelligent and/or educate. Before your open the rotten hole in your face to call other people ignorant, Learn how to spell EDUCATION for yourself. . . !

OMG not only are we dealing with God here, We are dealing with a historian, Archaeologist, Prophet, And overall know-it-all. Wow, No wonder he doesn't believe in God, What the heck does he need God for, He is better than God. . . ! Although I get the feeling that he is mostly illiterate and that is why he "watches" you-tube instead of "reading" research articles and studies. . .

Interesting how @backwardseden says he buried me in this debate. . . Actually, I have not found ONE thing he said to be new, Interesting, Or shocking. I have provided answers to the original questions he presented in this debate, Yet, He torpedoes me on a personal level. . . Only because he has nothing else to say. I mean, Mighty God, This guy comments like a crazy man on the comments section of the debate, Who does that, Except someone who knows they are illogical?

I am not going to acknowledge your unproven statement about William Ramsey. Just google his name, Guess what comes up? Foremost authority. . . But no, That cannot be true, Because the foremost authority is sitting here on this debate, Right?

So, He says that the Bible is not evidence, So I give him MORE evidence from another source. You would think, That being brought up Jewish, He would attack me on that level, Since he has insider knowledge, Yet, You do not see that in his last post do you? Of course not! He knows that would be the stupidest thing that could ever come out of a human mouth.

So, My God is a racist bigot huh? Okay, So that is why He told the disciples to go out and preach the gospel to the world? God did not have His own people. PEOPLE had their own God. The Jews were the only people who even attempted to serve God. The Romans and other gentiles had their own god, MAN.

Now I am really going to get on your case.

You mention God's Biblical genocide. . . Eternal conflict. . . God throwing hissy fits, Tantrums of Jealousy, Anger, Wrath, Vengeance, Rage, And fury.


. . . HOW COULD A GOD THAT IS NOT REAL, DOES NOT EXIST, IS A HOAX, AND EVERYTHING IN THE BIBLE IS LIES, . . . DO "ANY" OF THOSE THINGS? @backwarseden said, "Your God had his chosen people. " But wait a minute, You just said that my God does not exist. SO WHICH ONE IS IT @backwardseden? Either my God exists and you HATE Him, And think He is a conflict causer, Or He does not exist and did none of the things you mentioned. However, You made quite clear that my God is so awful. . . But earlier in your debate post you said that He does not exist. . . Seems like the conflict that you say my God thrives on, Is much bigger in YOU!

I also see another truth behind this atheist called @backwarseden. He mentions children suffering, And how horrible that is. I am in the field of criminal justice, So I see this every single day, So I don't need you to tell me stories. I see that @backwardseden blames God for this, And I really can't really blame @backwardseden. God could step in and put and end to all the suffering, Yet He doesn't. There is a reason for this, And it is in the words you mentioned, "free will. " The reason these things go on is because God is not the God of this world, And has never been. MAN chooses to be his own God. From the earliest times in history, Men wanted to be their OWN rulers, They did not want God to rule them. Man WANTED to have free will and control, So what do you expect God to do? Man has minds of their own. . . They do what they want. Look at mankind, They walk around, Arrogant as can be, Like their own little gods, So what do you expect God to do, Strike them down? Actually, That happened in Biblical times, God struck them down, Yet, Mankind just kept being "independent of God" over and over. Actually, A child can learn something from suffering done by adults, That PEOPLE are evil. Unfortunately, You are right, OTHER PEOPLE ALWAYS HAVE TO PAY THE PRICE FOR HUMAN'S "independence" and "free will. " In this case, It is children, But this is only because people do what they want. Let me ask you this, If God does not exist, Then who would you blame for this happening to children? Humans. Even with the existence of God, Humans are still to blame because in THEIR lives, God DOESN'T exist.

Take care.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by TheMediator700 2 years ago
Posted by TheMediator700 2 years ago
Posted by Country-of-dummies 3 years ago
okay well, My life is not ruined in case you are wondering. . . So, BURP. . . ! Go push out your garbage with someone else. Your a waste of my time.
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
Actually duh duh dummy, See that's why I hate debating underedumacated teeny boppers who pretend that they know something about nothing, "BTW You don't even mention Rd5 because you got torpedoed. " Actually dimwitted dullard snot meat sow, I did and your cabbage batbrain got holy tolleedoed as you, A typical so-called christian CAN'T READ. Its not that hard. But to so-called christians, It is.

You don't like who? Omar or that piece of s--t dsjpk5?

Guess what? I've eliminated your posts from my profile. No I don't want to be your friend. Remember it was you who decided to be my harness on my barbiturate numbed throat. You think you know all the answers to unlocking the secrets of the universe. Now if you dislike "dummies" then you must dislike yourself and your god because there's no possible way that your unproven god would be as stupid and as ignorant as your bible portrays him to be. This is a duh situation. Maybe you should pick up your bible and actually read the damn thing. Nah. That's too much for you I know.
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
They are just worded differently because DDO was not taking them as they DDO has a nasty habit of not taking your bible verses.
According to your god you should be put to death if you blaspheme. Do you think that's a proper belief? Y____? N____? Leviticus 24:16, According to your god you should be put to death if you work on the sabbath. Do you think that's a proper belief? Y____? N____? Exodus 31:14, And Numbers 15: 32-36, According to your god you should be put to death if you curse at your parents. Do you think that's a proper belief? Y____? N____? Exodus 21:17, Leviticus 20:9, Mark 7:10, Matthew 15:4, According to your god you should be put to death if you commit adultery. Do you think that's a proper belief? Y____? N____? Leviticus 20:10. That's directly from your 10 commandments. Here are some other things that YOUR god thinks you should be put to death for. . . According to your god you should be put to death if you are a homosexual? Do you think that's a proper belief? Y___? N____? Leviticus 20:13, According to your god you should be put to death if you do not worship him. Do you think that's a proper belief? Y____? N____? Deuteronomy 13: 9-10 and Deuteronomy 17: 2-5.

"You have no right to say anything bad about anyone until you fix yourself. " Really? According to what imbecile? You? How would you know? What grade of runny babbit suit infraction grade of ripped skull dogmeat chow did you graduate from to say that open leg casserole silliness? Oh but wait, You've hypocritically contradicted yourself. Duh. So check back on what you've stated. Nah you are too good for yourself. But then again, This was already explained = twice. If you don't like it, Tough. Oh but wait. . . You believe in a superior ego god complex in which your bible is entirely about an nothing else in which you have not read.
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
"college students are not even supposed to use their videos anymore because they are not legit. " And what idiot told you this? See, If you don't provide who or what tells you this and you dig it up from your meat wagon like the imbecile that you are and thus cannot provide ANY VALID EVIDENCE, Then you will be perceived as a complete moron, Imbecile, Idiot etc. If it continues, You will have not genuine friends or loved ones and they will dump you in nanoseconds and your teachers/ professors with instantly give you an F on everything you do. Valid evidence that you can back up what you say in other words is an absolute must. This IS taught in college. When you stated you were becoming a lawyer and you came up with the crap that you did in RD1, Wow I mean I was truly shocked. Then in RD2? Even worse! What idiot is going to follow, With respect, And thus believe it? Sure, Don't believe me? Try it.

"You spew hate, Ugliness, And pure bitterness. " Wow. Only a truly self righteous prick like you, Like I said who has no idea, None, As to what true suffering is, Would state something like that. But then again you also believe in YOUR unproven god who truly pretty much hates all of the human race. Oh but wait, You haven't read past page one of your corrupted, Immoral bankrupt bible and wow does it show in which your unproven god would never use text as a form of communication, The worst form of communication possible. Yeah you punk kid, That's scientific. There's a good 50 reasons why this is the case. Now surely if you are somewhat smart, You can think of at least a couple of them.
Here's a morality test for you. Let's see how you do. All of these 6 questions require a "no" answer. If you state "yes" to any of them, Then you are as bankrupt, Corrupt and as immoral as your god. If you say "no", Then you disobey your god. Btw, The NT is far far far worse. Oh and btw, 4 of the 6 questions are directly from your 10 commandments. Darn. These are not mine.
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
@ Country-of-dummies - "What "scientific" evidence did you give besides unverified You-tubes? " Oh but they are verified by golly gosh darned gee whiz bang coffee grinds in your "brain salad surgery" (great album by ELP) butt plugs. Your "prophecies" that took up 2RD's and shouldn't have, Has never been submitted to ---any--- scientific community of merit from around the world because they all would be scoffed out instantly. The bible cannot be nor has it been submitted to any scientific community of merit from around the world because they understand its not proof of jesus or god and it would be instantly scrapped. In fact your god has only been on trial once. Just one to prove his existence here in this country. Why not a second time since you think you are so smort, Oh sorry smart? Its because your lovey dovey creationists ARE smart and edumacated unlike you. They will NOT pout your god on trial again. Why? Because they know that all they have to prove YOUR god's existence is faith based oriented in which is the most preached thing in YOUR pathetic arrogant babbling baby brained big black hole bible. And faith cannot be proved. Since this is true, Your creationists friends WILL NOT put YOUR god on trial again. So since your creationist friends cannot stand behind their product, Namely YOUR god and thus put YOUR god on trial again to prove his existence, It not only means that they are irresponsible but since this is true, Not one of them, Not one creationist can be trusted. PE-IR-OD.
Yeah I have looked at A LOT of videos from youtube. Certainly A LOT more than you have BY FAR. That's not even a contest. I look at a lot of different subjects that are under the youtube umbrella. Music that you cannot find anywhere else, Classic films that you cannot watch anywhere else and that will probably change at around April 8th. Religious subjects that you have no idea, None as to what is truthful and what isn't. Etc etc etc.
Posted by Country-of-dummies 3 years ago
"has no ugliness in it" besides the comment about my family, Which is not true. On top of that, How would you know that, We do not even know each other?
Posted by Country-of-dummies 3 years ago
I will say though backwardseden, That last comment you made had no ugliness in it, At least towards me. I understood every word of it to. . . I think you are improving!

Please don't take insult to that statement, I actually mean it.
Posted by Country-of-dummies 3 years ago
Oh, It is not about debates or voting, , We got in a scuffle a while back and it still isn't over. . . Don't worry, I just don't like his existence, Has nothing to do with voting. . .
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Vote Placed by dsjpk5 3 years ago
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Who had better conduct:-Vote Checkmark-1 point
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Total points awarded:02 
Reasons for voting decision: Con called Pro's arguments "babyish". That's poor conduct. Also countering Omar's poor vote.
Vote Placed by omar2345 3 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:--Vote Checkmark3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:10 
Reasons for voting decision: dsjpk5 has little to no morals. Lives off voting against backwardseden and I am only here to make sure dsjpk5 does not get the satisfaction of making backwardseden lose. How does it feel not having your way dsjpk5? Sorry to everyone else for not voting appropriately but there is very little I can do to stop dsjpk5 from being satisfied using his unethical tactics.

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