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Why you should wear uniforms to school

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Started: 5/1/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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You should wear uniforms to school because-
- You can't differentiate between the rich and poor
- You have discipline
- You won't be late for school because you too busy deciding on what clothes you should wear


Not wear uniforms:

1. Detrimental to Adult Development: The path to adulthood is mostly honed through the duration in schoolings. Therefore, your path towards adulthood can be hindered with the use of uniforms. Since it is mandatory, you cannot decide for yourself affecting your developmental of adulthood. Being restricted to wear uniforms, you are cheated out from making decisions.

2. Affect ones Self-Image: Uniforms aim to give a homogeneous look. Uniforms don't improve a student's self-image because everyone looks the same. All students have different body types, weights, and heights. When looking in the mirror, he/she depreciates his own self-image due to the fact they think they don't look their best. If uniforms were't mandatory, students will have the free will to choose clothes that they feel comfortable in.

3. Uniforms are Boring: Homogeneity is boring. Thus, seeing the same thing everyday can be a ghastly sight.

4. Uniforms are costly: Those who approve of uniforms think they provide a cheaper alternative. Although the cost may seem appropriate by middle-class, the cost of uniforms can be a burden for people in poverty or in the lower-class.
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Posted by cloverphoenix 3 years ago
I agree that people should wear uniforms because it offers low income families a chance to let their kid have cloths

kids get bullied less often

people feel more united when they go to school

kids focus more on their work.

these are all reasons why people should wear uniforms.
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