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Will Automation kill or create Jobs

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Started: 3/20/2018 Category: Technology
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Automation is increasingly proliferating in every aspect of our lives, whether it"s robots building the cars we drive or artificial intelligence systems driving the vehicles for us. With the rise of autonomous systems, the big concern for many people is how their jobs will be impacted.

There won't be Mass Unemployment. But those without some level of technical knowledge likely will be left behind. Even medical professionals and lawyers will have to learn how to use the latest tools to stay up to date in their industry and provide the best services possible.


I take it you haven't studied economics? One of the first principles of economics is, resources are limited, but desires are unlimited. No matter where robots/automation is, it will mean freed up labor resources to go somewhere else. Just because you can't imagine where unskilled labor will go once common entry-level jobs are replaced via automation. (Argument from personal incredulity fallacy)
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Posted by jtlove 3 years ago
I don't believe robotics should be used for increasing of company profits. Robotics should be utilized where precision can't be met by human hands or in extreme work environments where human lives would be at risk. Thus far robotics can't accomplish everything people do, and it will be quite some time or perhaps never that robot can completely replace the living being.

Robotics are a by-product of the demands to redistribute wealth. Walmart has more self-checkout stations open than they have cashiers checking out customers. McDonald's now had or kosick to order your food. They've been in development of a robotic burger flipper. I do believe this is because of agenda to raise the minimum wage to $15.

The auto industry has almost been gutted out of the country. Because of NAFTA, big industry taking advantage of cheap labor. Granted the unions share some blame, always wanting bigger contracts but having so many loopholes in the labor agreement that a company could not fire worthless people. So some of this is self-inflicted.

The closing of the southern border. Dem's don't want to close it because of a future voting base via identity politics. The lobbyist doesn't want the board shut by Republicans because of the exploiting of cheap labor. Many physical demanding jobs that Americans don't want to do for peanuts, take advantage of illegals to do their bidding at a greatly reduced rate.

Our country has been running a trade deficit for years, we can't keep spending more than what we are producing. That's why we have a $20+ Trillion deficit. If we continue on our path, yes there will be poorer and the elite will be richer. In 1964 the avg CEO made 64% more than the worker on the factory floor. Today they make 3000-5000+% more than the average working in the company. Something is not right, but we a lower / middle-income people keep taking it.

One day, we will wake up and China will be the world power, and America will be a 3rd world country.
Posted by asta 3 years ago
I honestly think that even if automation takes away every single job in existence, that it won't be bad because if everyone is poor, in order for businesses to get money, they would have to sell their products cheap. They probably would then sell their robots incredibly cheap, since almost no one can afford to pay a lot of money for them. As a result, if everyone buys the robots, then everyone, or most people would have access to the things only businesses historically had.
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
we should make room for automation, cuz eventually imagine if robots did all the work for us, even repaired themsleves, we would be totally free and money wouldnt exist.. and the opposite scenario will always be a problem, cuz why have humans do it if machines can do it for us..
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