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Will Donald Trump be a good president?

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Started: 1/9/2017 Category: Politics
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Yes, I think he will be a good president for many reasons like he knows how to run things! Donald Trump is a successful business man and he will make us successful as well. He isn't in office and he has done so much already like saving jobs from going to Mexico and creating jobs in United States. He has talked to many foreign country which will make our alliances stronger so countries have our backs. He has a great plan to lower taxes which will decrease the price of everything and also raise minimum wage. Think about it there are so many lazy people in the world who need to get off there butts and work. He wants to build a wall which is an amazing thing because we have to many bad people coming into the United States. Donald wants to get rid of abortion which is fair because as long as you weren't raped you shouldn't have spread your legs. He will also try an fix Chicago which is highly needed with how many deaths they have.Also he wants to replace Obama Care. Thank goodness because it really sucks. He has also never been in politics and we needed a change in office. Donald wants to raise military spending, I have family there and want them safe so if we have better things we can make our military stronger. He has picked great cabinet members and they all know what they are doing so he will have a strong team to bounce ideas off of. I am 14 years old and I am worried about our world today, it worries me that I am growing up in a messed up world like this. We need stronger laws and people need to grow up. We should have death penalty's so people will think twice before doing something to others. Donald Trump will try to make us a stronger country! Lets make America Great Again.


Ohboythisshould be fun!

Pro states Trump as a "successful business man". While it is true that Trump is rich, he has filed for bankruptcy numerous times. In fact, Trump's casino empire has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy more than any other company in the United States. Trump Taj Mahal, Trump Castle Associates, Trump hotel and casino resorts, and Trump Entertainment records are just some of his failed companies [1]. I wouldn't call filing for bankruptcy numerous times and having the most frequently bankrupt company in the nation "successful".
Then Pro says "he talks to many foreign country". Not only is this bad grammar... I wouldn't call it a good thing. Where do I even start with this? Trump has said he would support Pakistan... However, Pakistan is at war with India whom we are allied to [2]. Not to mention he voiced admiration for the president of KAZAKHSTAN [3]. He has held power for about 25 years by "winning' electrons by about 97%... it quite clear that these elections are rigged [4] he then was appointed as "leader of the nation" enabling him to hold power until he dies. It is essentially a dictatorship and that country has failed to meet simply democratic principles. He also said that the Philippines are handling their drug problem correctly (in that country, they shoot drug dealers on the spot, and people are even rewarded... the president himself said he killed a couple of dealers) [5]. Hopefully, you realize why that is inhumane. This is without mentioning the abundance of diplomatic protocols Trump has broken.Here are just a few more
*informal invitation to British Prime Minister
*Showing praise to leaders of Kazakhstan, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Russia
*Inviting Russian hackers to hack E-mails
*Receiving the Japanese Prime Minister with his daughter being the only other American in the room (violation of the protocols)
"great plan to lower taxes". Last I checked, his "great plan" would add about 6 trillion dollars to the national debt. Or $6,000,000,000,000 [6]. Also, I don't think you know how the economy works at all or else you wouldn't have said "he will decrease the price of everything and also raise minimum wage". Your next statement is what made me accept this debate because of how snotty it sounds "here are so many lazy people in the world who need to get off there butts and work". Ya... you're one of them. It's "their" by the way. Next thing... the wall. It will cost about 15-20 billion dollars [7] and I'm telling you right now... Mexico is not the one paying for it, American taxpayers are. So much for your lowered taxes. Also, building a wall is highly unnecessary, for there is already fencing at the border which sufficiently keeps "people out". Further, America is the land of opportunity, why would we stress that while building a "huge wall"? it goes against American standards. Then you talk about Abortion... what if the fetus will be born with a long-term disease, or what if the mother can not make enough money to support it? It's a maternal right. How will Trump fix Chicago? In case you haven't noticed, he doesn't have any plans. Further, how is Obamacare is terrible? You seem to be putting out statements without showing how/why. Millions of people are insured under it, ever think about how it might affect them when it's repealed? "Donald wants to raise military spending", right, cause we need even more debt!

s://; alt="" width="696" height="635" />

As you can see by the chart above, military spending already takes up 54%, while education takes up a mere 6%. Don't you think we should focus on something other than the military since education clearly isn't getting enough funding with the ignorance going around.

This last one really gave me a laugh. "He picked great cabinet members and they all know what they are doing". He picked Rick Perry for the Department Energy... the same Rick Perry who said in a Presidential Debate in 2011 that he wanted to abolish the Department of Energy [8]. Ben Carson for urban development, who himself said he didn't have enough political experience to serve in the government. He picked Jeff Sessions as Attorney general who is a Debt Hawk, climate change skeptic, who has been accused of racism for supporting the KKK until he learned they "smoked weed" [9]. In fact, he was not allowed to be a federal judge roughly 30 years for being too racist. I could honestly go on forever with all the controversies, but I'll end with one last one... Mike Pence. He's even scarier than Trump in my opinion. Let's see, he passed a law when he was Indiana Governor that allowed businesses to discriminate against same-sex couples. He describes himself as a Christian, Conservative, and Republican in that order [10]... That is not a good thing, for that means he will take the word of the bible before the government. Leading to him believing that the Earth is 6000 years old, that climate change is a lie, and in creationism. He also has some of the strictest abortion laws.

In conclusion, Pro simply provides lies with nothing backing them up as I have shown. I have taken nearly every single word he/she has said and disproven it with sources to back me up. Pro is an example of the ignorance present in our society, I am the same age, 14, as him/her, yet the reader can clearly see the difference in our claims for I actually listen to the news and then FACT CHECK IT> Donald Trump is sexist, racist, inexperienced, has filed for bankruptcy numerous times, has broken numerous alliances and diplomatic protocols already, has a terrible tax plan, has no plans for the inner cities or for healthcare, has bad priorities, and has made cabinet appointments to racist, inexperienced, and all around terrible individuals. Please notice that I barely mentioned Russia at all in this argument, even though they are clearly one of the biggest points against Trump. It has already been proved that Russia has influenced the elections in Trump's favor and that Trump has ties in Russia... even though they are our enemy. But I assume the reader has already heard of all this for it is one of the biggest stories. Pro, I advise you to stop being so ignorant and check your facts before you start rambling online.

Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by DavidMancke 2 years ago
It bears mentioning that this is a silly resolution, since it is, practically speaking; impossible to know what will happen in the future. There could be a major natural disaster that changes the course of the nation or the world. The business climate could change such that Trumptler's real estate experience becomes germane (don't expect that by a long shot, but it could) Trump could suffer a major disease and die in his first three months in office (wouldn't that be grand!)

The point being is this is a crystal ball debate; highly speculative and almost entirely devoid of substance since it presumes that past is a consistent indicator of the future.

@ILikePie: I would be interested in a debate that evaluates the merits of lack there of Trump brings to the job.

For example: "resolved: Trumps business experience is an asset to US trade relations (I say its not)
Posted by ILikePie5 2 years ago
India is also allied with Russia...just want to make that clear.
I'm willing to debate this with you @EggsAndSam in favor of Trump.....if refuted half of those claims already....
Posted by EggsAndSam 2 years ago
I apologize for the chart not appearing... here is the link to it
Posted by ILikePie5 2 years ago
Just based on first argument, I agree with you David.
Posted by DavidMancke 2 years ago
If you are going with the examples provided in the intro that is pretty poor material.

Market and demand for products drives jobs, not Trump (you will lose this one categorically if someone says what I did)

Closer ties with "other countries: good" If your talking about Russia, do you mean the same Russia that help Assad recently. Collaborators in Aleppo Russia..?

Your attempting to scry. What one can do is look at the history of political leaders with no preexisting skills in t craft and how well they did. Those historical examples don't help your case.

Anyone that reads this should win handily (you're welcome)
Posted by ILikePie5 2 years ago
Make America Great Again!
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct is tied, as no side was abusive or profane to their opponent. S/G is tied a the grammar error mentioned by Con doesn't really change the meaning and that was only one mistake. Arguments goes to CON as they provided in depth about exactly why Trump is bad and therefore won't make a good President, while PRO just asserted his claims without any warrants or impacts. Sources also goes to CON as they actually used sources that are pretty well respected while PRO failed to use even one.