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Will Donald Trump become dictator?

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Started: 2/25/2017 Category: Politics
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Donald Trump has become increasingly hated since he won the US election and has stated his racist, sexist, islamophobic, and homophobic opinions, which have angered millions of people around the world. The travel ban made people's suspicions of a future dictator Donald Trump deepen as people all over the airports in the country held riots and protests, demanding the repealing of the travel ban. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions and I'm okay with that, in fact that's what this website is about. I see Donald Trump in the future, turning the already democratic style government into a dictatorship and Trump will become America's First Dictator, a phrase that will make the entire world's jaw drop.


The U.S. would not allow such a thing to happen. It is understandable that many people dislike him because of the actions he has taken, but at least he is taking new actions and trying new things. If he were to really try to go down the path of a dictatorship though, fool would be frowned upon and out the door in a second. Not going to happen with the constitution on our side. I doubt he will be elected for the next term anyways unless he does some drastic beneficial changes for the U.S.
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Posted by ShaunTakesOn 3 years ago
He can't become a dictator. The US system doesn't allow it nor could it if it even tried. Play "devil's advocate" with yourself before you debate. It's useful.
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