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Will Trump's Wall influence the war on drugs

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Started: 3/19/2017 Category: Politics
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Group #6

With expensive efforts to eliminate the drug infiltration as well as other important illegal imports that Mexico has brought upon the US, President Trump is proposing to build a 55-foot wall between the two countries. While it could have some impact on the flow of drug trafficking. it really will not make any sort of permanent impact, In fact the current boarder wall had little to no influence on the percentage of drugs being imported into the United States. Over the years, the cartel has concocted several ways of transporting illegal narcotics into this country that are beyond the limitations the wall will bring. There"s tunnels, aircrafts, cars, even submarines have been used as a source of transport. The most current common way now is through the Canadian border. The United states focused is on the southern boarder so much that they neglect the northern border. Aside of the fact that drug traffickers do not consider going over the wall but instead mostly drive right through the border check stations, they"ve even figured out ways to trick the dogs by putting the narcotics with coffee beans or cayenne pepper, to avoid them from being able to sniff out anything they may have on them. This wall can end up costing this country billions of dollars, all to have little to no real impact on the drug war. The wall"s efficiency has no certainty to it in reality. Even if it were to cover every square inch of the sharing border, there"s so many alternatives to transferring drugs into this country.


Con’s resolution is unequivocally incorrect since the wall will inevitably influence the drug war (drugs won the drug war already btw… addiction rates have been virtually flat since it started). It will inevitably change the way drugs are transported into the country, influence where drugs are produced and so change virtually all strategies currently available influencing the war on drugs at a fundamental level.

My concessions:

I would agree that this may not have an impact on the amount of drugs consumed by addicts and casual users (usually the scales are heavily tipped toward the former even with alcohol).

This leads me to agree that it is a waste of money but that does not impact the resolution since Con is simply arguing that the drug war will not be influenced and not that it is an ineffective strategy to prevent drug use.

Con has conceded that his/her resolution is false.

Con has conceded that the wall will be 55 ft tall and that it will impact how drugs will flow into the countries. This is a concession that it will influence the war on drugs since this will affect drug trafficking prevention strategies. He has also conceded that it would shift drug flow to the northern border even more allowing enforcement agents to focus on this border consolidating resources.

He brings up other methods of transport of drugs into the country but agrees that the direct method of border crossing will become more difficult. Again, this would allow border patrol/drug trafficking enforcement agencies to focus on other areas since one avenue of illegal transport has been hampered

Con has made assertions without sourcing and they are demonstrably false.

Con has simply asserted that cartels have used submarines, cars, tunnels and aircrafts as effective means of drug transport and that these are effective and can essentially replace smuggling across the open border.

Without sourcing this is nothing more than hearsay and should be ignored by any voters.

In fact the majority of drugs do enter the United States by land on the Southwestern border [1] and Con has conceded that this will be disrupted.

Trumps Wall will prevent many forms of border trafficking as Con has conceded.

CNN indicated that Trumps wall would be in excess of 80 feet tall [2]. This would require a posts and concrete panels beneath the earth blocking potential tunneling and hampering yet another tactic for transporting drugs into the country. The concrete beneath the ground would be roughly U32; of the height leading to an underground concrete barrier of roughly 160,000,000 cubic yards. Based on cubic concrete estimates we can calculate the width as: width * 5280ft / mile * 2,000 mile (wall length) * 0.666 (factor) = 160,000,000 yards^3 (of concrete)*3 ft^3 / yard^3. This leads to a underground concrete wall with a width of 85.0 ft (what? I was curious. Also, Con can check the decimal in his rebuttal).

The wall could easily be equipped with vibration detectors leading to a quick response to anyone scaling or attempting to tunnel through the underground barrier. This would clearly change the nature of the war on drugs.

Increased drug trafficking enforcement increases domestic drug production.

In the past increased enforcement to prevent drug trafficking has only increased drug production in the United States dramatically influencing the war on drugs [3]. The shift changes to local police enforcement rather than border patrol traffic prevention.

Pushes to prevent trafficking early in 2012 increased domestic Marijuana production by as much as 32% and methamphetamine production by 14%.


Con has dropped the following arguments: There is no way to tell what percentage of drugs are transferred across the open southern border vs other methods, increased trafficking enforcement increases domestic production leading to a dramatic influence in enforcement strategy influencing the war on drugs.

Con conceded that drug transport avenues would be reduced allowing for a greater focus on the remaining methods of transporting drugs into the United states. He has simply made assertions without providing sourcing or statistics to confirm that the rate of drug transfer into the United States will not change.

Con has failed to provide any rebuttal dropping all of my arguments.

Welcome to DDO Group #6!




Debate Round No. 1
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