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Will Turbo (formally King Candy) appear in Ralph Breaks the Internet?

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Started: 3/13/2018 Category: Movies
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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[Turbo] I believe Turbo will appear in the Wreck-It Ralph sequel.

[Nelly] So you remember that in the first movie when turbo died in the diet cola beacon, right? When the game reset, wouldn't his code still be in there? So he could have regenerated. I believe Turbo was the one who broke Sugar Rush. With Vanellope and Ralph gone to the internet, Turbo has time to regenerate and to take over the arcade with ease.

[Fifi] Turbo, in fact, programmed himself to be a part of Sugar Rush. However, since the cybug code was also merged at his death, it is highly possible that he had died permanently. Yet, that's not the end of Turbo. He still did program himself to be a part of the game. His code is still there; it just got deactivated. This means that if the entire game itself shuts down due to a power outage or the plug is temporarily pulled to be placed onto a different location, King Candy will regenerate and Vanellope will become a glitch again. That's how Turbo programmed the game. Everything will be completely reset.

[Turbo] Whatever Ralph did will eventually turn out to be meaningless. This was proven in the last scene. When Vanellope crossed the finish line, the only things that happened was that she unlocked the citizens'memories and reattached her own code back to the game. Turbo's code didn't get deleted; it's still out there in the code room but off screen. When the game restarted, it only reset itself back to the time after Turbo hacked in and before the cybugs invaded Sugar Rush. A scene where it shows the strong evidence is when Vanellope glitches out of her pink gown! Vanellope is still a glitch (sort of), although she's now recognized as a normal character in the game. This shows that the game didn't reset to the time before Turbo hacked into the game. Turbo already did hack into the game and messed with the codings to fit his own desires.

[Turbo] Another thing is that Ralph, Vanellope, or any other characters didn't go into the code room to delete Turbo's code from Sugar Rush before Turbo was able to regenerate. Killing a character who already programmed himself to be a part of a game doesn't eliminate a character completely. In fact, Turbo already made Sugar Rush his own game. Since he died in Sugar Rush, this means that Turbo died in his own game, which means Turbo is able to regenerate. Since Turbo's code is still there in the code room, it's highly possible that he will appear in the Wreck-It Ralph sequel.

[Nelly] While browsing through YouTube, I happened to stumble upon a video. This video was an interview with Alan Tudyk. As I skipped through the video, I came across something interesting. When asked, "Now there is a Wreck-It Ralph 2 on the way, so are you going to be coming back for that?" Alan replied. "I am going-" Then he paused for while, and said, "I don't know if I can say. I never know if I can say, but I guess I just said I am going to." Then he hesitated and said, "I'd probably be a part of it in some fashion or form." Okay, he admitted then he hesitated. Why did he hesitate and tried to rush something in you say? That's because he is more than likely returning as Turbo.

[Fifi] Yet, the real question is, why is Vanellope still glitching even if the game did reset? Why is King Candy's face and logo still there from the previous tracks? His code hasn't vanished, it's still there but we don't know where.

[Turbo] Although the Wii game of Wreck-It Ralph takes place months after the movie, these pictures from the game show that King Candy's face and logos are still in Sugar Rush.

The paragraphs came from these people below:

Warning: Fifi is a banned user with an inappropriate image on her profile, but she pointed out strong evidence.


I am more than confident that Turbo will most definitively not return in the motion film, "Ralph Breaks the Internet".

Here's why,

There isn't any logical reasoning FOR him to return... Think about the many possible storylines of the movie? How in the world would he show up magically? With all due respect, I have no idea what I'm talking about but this debate seemed fun.
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Posted by frankfurter50 3 years ago
Yup. We've got a clown in the White House, threats from North Korea, Britain is out of the European union... but THIS IS WHAT IS ON EVERYONE'S MIND!
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