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Will the Alps ever be subject to mining? And is it okay to do so?

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Started: 7/31/2018 Category: Economics
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So in a world ever quickly extracting natural resources from the ground, A population ever growing and using more. Surely it makes sense to eventually turn to the Alps and other mountain ranges across the globe right?

These mountains are absolutely rammed full of so many resources than you could imagine, Probably enough collectively to sustain human civilization for hundreds of years.

The holiday resorts already built around these mountain ranges can house tens of thousands of people at any time, Have brilliant infrastructure, Airports, And are constantly being expanded.

I feel like these resorts are being build with future mining in mind because one day, Deposits of essential resources will be too depleted and we'll need the next deposits. They know they're there, But they're waiting until we have no choice but to start digging.

What do you think?


I feel that the Alps will not be subjected to mining and resource extraction, It is a proven fact that as time has gone by we have started using less resources and materials because we've found better ways to do things, I feel we've been using less ores and stone for buildings and the majority of what we would extract from any mountains wouldn't actually be used for anything important, Maybe some tools and a few buildings? And other than that we are very likely to get to mars in the next 15 years or so, And I feel we would probably find resources there that would be mined and used far before we resort to drilling away at our mountain ranges. That and we've started to find alternative building materials that can be made from almost anything and work just s well, If anything what we would get from any mountain ranges would be outdated and almost worthless for many things it would actually have been used for. But I can definitely see why you might hold that view point and it is one I respect and find possible, But unlikely.
Debate Round No. 1


I appreciate what you're saying, And regarding fossil fuels and fuel sources in general, We are shifting our dependence onto renewable and nuclear energy (and in the future fusion).

But regarding materials such as steel, Glass, Concrete, Iron, Coal, Natural gas and oil, So many different minerals, Metals, And rocks, There are too many to name. . They are all so important for modern human civilization. China, Australia, The US and Russia are four of the biggest producers in most of these.

Combined the world is producing tens of thousands of millions of tons of these resources. . . And it's only increasing. . .
We may be decades away from running out of ground reserves, But they are only finite.


We can already create substitute materials from other materials that have no origins within the selected area in which you think will be subjected to mining, And with the advancements in science we are currently forgoing we can create matter from scratch using Nano bots up to 1/3 the size of an atom, The only problem is these materials that work just as well and don't require natural resources to make aren't being mass produced as a large chunk of the economy's wealth comes from those who waste materials by unnecessarily mass producing them when there are alternatives, Light right now we CAN mass produce electric cars. . . Right now oil and gas isn't even a necessary resources, The only problem being that they control 11% of Americas wealth and even more in most other countries.

We have these resources being massed produced when there ARE alternatives, And with more and more people being pro to protecting the environment there is no way this would be let on to happen. And besides everyone would say no to it as mining at major mountain ranges would severely impact the areas around them causing devastation and weather phenomenon that could kill thousands. And we are on the verge of getting that material from space as well so that makes it even more unlikely. *drops mic*
Debate Round No. 2


Well for one, You can't create 'matter' out of thin air, And two, Nano Bots have nothing to do with this debate. They're not a natural resource, Nor can they be used for anything we're talking about. . .
As for mass producing electric cars, They won't be completely integrated until were no longer dependant on fossil fuels. Yeah, They are electric, But the majority of the world still gets their electricity from fossil fuel power plants. . . Individually, They're cleaner, But with billions of electric cars driving about daily putting bigger strain on power plants, It creates unnecessary stress on the system.
You can't just recall billions of vehicles and replace them with EV's overnight, It takes a long time to do this without disrupting the economy and the system.

For renewable energy, What do you need to build wind turbines, Solar panels, Hydroelectric, And geothermal? Concrete, Glass, Steel, Aluminium, Copper, A whole bunch a metals and minerals. . .
What do you need to power the equipment to build these? And how long does it take to build say, A hundred turbines? To cover an enormous area with solar panels?
Takes a lot of time, And sure uses a lot of fossil fuels. . .

All the batteries for these EV's, The main ingredient in any rechargeable battery now is lithium. Where does lithium come from?

And when the day DOES come that mountain ranges some of the only viable options, Do you think civilization would just stop? This may not be for another century at least, But one day, We won't have a choice.
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