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Will these ideas, help save computer gaming?

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Started: 1/26/2017 Category: Technology
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Here's some links, some mine, and some others, which I hope people will look at, and use them, to make arcade gaming workstation computers, for the home, the arcade, and the internet cafe. I hope there can be an arcade, and internet cafe hybrid, using the same hardware, so you can play independent computer games, in public, instead of being stuck at home. Computer gaming needs saving, since as PC Gamer, a famous computer gaming site, says, it is an open platform.

Closed consoles, cannot be upgraded, and the gamer is at the mercy of the gaming conglomerates, which make them. The console conglomerates, control the user's software, hardware, and information. They say people are stupid, and try to control them. Anyone who tries to modify a console, gets thrown in prison. If someone wants to make a console fan game, then the game conglomerate, sends their lawyers after them.

Two examples are Sony, sending someone to prison, for modifying their console, and PC Gamer mentioned Nintendo, sending its lawyers, to suppress a fan version of their Metroid game. I don't know why people hate computing, and worship the consoles, since the console industry is a dictatorship. If you love freedom, then please support computing. Thank you.


financially these options are not considerable, if a parent is willing to buy a console, then the child ill grow up with that tasting, if a child lives with a pc capable to run big games, then they will take a liking, but it is still more expensive taste. all in all I think right now pc is doing great in gaming, but its not something that is going to change the game, unless its cheap
Debate Round No. 1


Here's something surprising. The Canadian show, How Its Made, reveals all games, are made on computers, even console games. Therefore, why have a console, anyways? I also found out the first arcade game, was not Bushnell's "Computer Space," but "Galaxy Game," on a DEC PDP-1, a computer. This shows you can use computers, for arcade gaming. I am asking for a new kind of computer, with built in hardware, expandability, multiple multicore RISC CPUS, and Flash memory chips onboard, for the boot, the OS, extra storage, and antivirus. Since consoles have built in hardware, and the OS on onboard Flash ROM, if the computer also has it, then the computer will be even better for gaming. Unfortunately, the companies don't care, and make shoddy computers. I wish someone will use these links, to make true gaming computers, which will replace the game console. Thank you.
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Posted by sboss18 2 years ago
Jesus, Christ, commas, and, splices, everywhere.
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