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Without a break

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Started: 8/9/2018 Category: Economics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Without a break

In the spacious town
The predator is lurking
His favourite command
Is without a break
Molesting children without a break
Kissing them without a break
Sun has risen, Time has come again
In the battle I go again
To kiss children without a break
Each molester is worth of fame
Each is a soldier winning battles
Each is molesting children without a break
On this wide planet
There is plenty of molesters and rapists
Plenty of people who would molest children
Without a break
Take a small child without a break
Tear apart her clothes without a break
Make love to her without a break
The battle is going on without a break
Molesters will molest without a break
I like to molest children without a break
How many children have you molested
Without a break
In the spacious town, The predator is lurking
Lurking without a break

An inspiration for this poem comes from North Korean song "Without A Break"


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