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Woman are not oppressed in Canada and America and never have been.

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Started: 3/10/2018 Category: People
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Yesterday was woman's day as you might know, and I was frustrated as to how many people will agree with what is tweeted in the media about how much more difficult a woman's life is without actually doing the research. I am going to list some of the main points feminist use in order to entitle woman and debunk them.

Woman make 78 cents for every dollar men make.

This is the most annoying argument made just because of how statistically wrong it is. That number (78%) is derived from them collecting the average annual earnings of woman working full time, and men working full time while neglecting any separate factors. These factors being that men are more often than not the "breadwinners" of the household. Not in all cases, but in a majority. Because of this men statistically will work more hours past the 35 hrs needed to be considered full time compared to woman. Plus, again not in all cases but in most men are more likely to have higher paying jobs than woman (regardless of gender). For these reasons it is not fair to use that 78% but instead you have to look at the average pay in the same company in the same role. In these cases you see little or no difference in starting hourly wages. I mean it makes sense, do you really think anybody could get away with giving all woman 22% less starting wages in today's culture? Not a chance. However this hourly wage does increase for men faster than it does for woman over the next 10 years (woman making 90 percent), why? I believe two reasons. One, biologically speaking men are more aggressive than woman and are statistically more likely to ask for a raise than woman. Two, being mat leave, which isn't exactly fair for the woman but wouldn't be fair for the company to ignore either, and is the decision of the mother to bear the child. In fact, non-married woman will rise in hourly wage at a much closer rate than married woman. (95% mens wages). For these reasons I would hope you'd agree that the gender wage gap isn't actually rooted in sexism, and therefore is not a valid point proving woman are oppressed.

Woman had to Fight for Citizenship and RIght to Vote

Another argument that is quickly hushed if you look at the history of it. The woman sufferage movement lasting 100 years before woman got the right vote was not a movement led by woman as a whole but rather smaller groups of woman, and even some men. In fact, part of the reason it took so long to pass was because in the several polls they took the vast majority of woman voted they didnt want citizenship every time, right up too even when it was passed. The reason being that citizenship came with many responsibilities back then, citizens were expected to act as a local police force and even fire department and take action whenever they saw a conflict. Not only that but Canada and America had the right to conscription for any citizens, which was huge with WW1 looming near. In the end, after the 100 year movement it was decided that woman would get the right to citizenship and voting without those responsibilities I mentioned earlier. Now tell me how that is oppressing woman.

Woman are much more Vulnerable

Although woman are much more likely to be victim of sexual assault, stats also show each gender has its own struggles as victims of crime, with men being way more likely to be homicide victims, as well as more likely to be victims of any violent crime. More on the subject of crime, men are twice as likely to be incarcerated or punished for committing the same crime as a woman.

Well thats all I've got for now, look forward to hopefully hearing the opinions of other and getting a competitor. Thanks for your time.
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