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Started: 3/7/2018 Category: People
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Physical strength can be defined in different ways. What was yet to learn was that, beneath our skin, women bubble with a source of power that even science has yet to fully understand. We are better survivors than men. What"s more, we are born this way. "Pretty much at every age, women seem to survive better than men," says Steven Austad, an international expert on ageing, and chair of the biology department at the University of Alabama. For almost two decades, he has been studying one of the best-known yet under-researched facts of human biology: that women live longer than men. His longevity database shows that all over the world and as far back as records have been kept, women outlive men by around five or six years. He describes them as being more "robust". When it comes to longevity, surviving illness and coping with trauma, one gender comes out on top are women.( I'm sorry I just thought that was not true and I think you had a amazing statement. Again I'M SORRY).


While it is true that on average women outlive men, that does not show that they are physically stronger. Women are often times better survivors because our brains function differently. Women are more cautious and therefore often times live longer than men. Women are stronger when it comes to the immune system because we have to be. That, however, does not show physical strength in an effective way. As I have stated in Round 1, men should have a hiring advantage over women in certain fields, such as physical labour, because of their superior strength. Men should get this advantage because more often than not the father in a family is the one who makes money for the family, especially when his wife is pregnant. If the mother has to take care of her child and can't work, how the baby survive? If the mother's attention is split between a job and the child, the child will more likely suffer from it. Whereas if men could get hired easier, it will give the liberty for the mother to stay and take care of the child, and in the long run give the child a better chance to survive. From a historical standpoint, men were always the ones running populations and creating things for the benefit of the population. If it wasn't for men then society wouldn't be where it is today. Yes, you could argue that men have been given more advantages to allow them to do so and if women had the same advantages they would have done the same, but no. The fundamental way women think is different from men. Without the male brain, none of this would have happened, women are physically made to be caretakers by evolution. It had to be the careless male mind that made the steam engine. When given the chance men do amazing things for society, while women can do the same, our brain works so differently that at some point the cautious part of our mind will take over and prevent women from going to the next step. This is not an argument over who's stronger or who's better, but if women are equal to men. The answer is no, women are not equal. From either a physical or mental standpoint. Men and women are just too fundamentally different to be equal, and men should have the advantage if one side gets it. They have had it for centuries upon centuries and the world is pretty okay. Women are simply not capable of the same things men are and for that reason, men and women are not equal and women should not have the same rights.
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