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Women have less rights than men in the US.

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Started: 4/24/2015 Category: Society
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First of all I just joined this site, so don't expect too much from me in terms of knowing how to navigate around the site and do everything, but on to the debate! I believe strongly in the fact that men and women have equal rights (In the United States, don't bring other countries' rights and laws into this). I will name some points and facts that I AGREE WITH and have researched below. Agree or disagree with each point and state why you do, and if you think of more points then go ahead and bring them up. Please keep it about the topics and don't get offended and get personal, it's just a friendly debate!

1. There is no wage gap.
2. Women have all the same rights as men, if not even more.
3. Women cause just as much violence and aggression as men.


Thanks, Con side, equalityiskey, for opening up this thread as a debate topic.

I will certainly accept this challenge. It seems like a "no-brainer" to me that women do not have the same level of rights as men. This obvious fact is indicated by many historical realities including how hard the struggle was for women to obtain the right to vote in this country (the United States).

Beyond that, there most definitely is a wage gap between men and women. When they do the same sort of work, men just get paid more. It is unjust and unfair and there are many fights for equality still going on in this day and age.

I would also argue that women are more subject to being non-consensually violated (sexually) than men are and another point would be that they have a right to share their moral perspective but they are not heard in society.

We can develop these ideas and evidence for them in the next round. I'm really curious to see what sources you would cite for there being no wage gap since that would differ greatly from what I have seen statistically.

Thanks again and I look forward to a fun and exciting exchange.
Debate Round No. 1


equalityiskey forfeited this round.


Well, Equalityiskey, thank you for this very short-lived debate. I feel like you just got started and then disappeared into the ether. Where are you?

I would actually like to develop this discussion a bit further. It is a very interesting topic and is worth consideration by all people in civilized society.

I will begin with what I am familiar with in terms of wage inequality. It is, indeed, sad that one human being would be paid less, and on a systematic basis, for doing exactly the same work, than another human being! What could cause such disparity? Is it because of the male appendage? Speaking in a lower voice? I would certainly hope not! Is it the power of tradition?

Maybe you can explain what is going on in a conspiratorial fashion against women.

The two studies with which I am most familiar are from my wife's Sociology textbook which shows that on balance, after many struggles, women are still, in our "enlightened" age, and in America "the land of the free and the home of the brave" paid less.

Let me quote: "...[D]uring the Great Depression in the 1930s, married women who took jobs were considered selfish and unpatriotic. Jobs were scarce. The unemployment rate rose to 25% and if a woman worked, she was seen as taking a job away from a man who needed it to support his family." 1

Later our country went to war and men were conscripted to fight in the military and women were needed in ammunition factories: "[W]omen were told that it was now their patriotic duty to help out in the war effort by going to work." 2

So, when it's convenient for your country to require you to work in a factory, you are expected to do so and when the jobless rates rise, you are seen as a bad person for taking a man's job.

Let me ask you, equalityiskey, is that true equality for women?

Right now, women get paid on average about 77% of what men get paid when they do exactly the same work. 3 That doesn't seem very fair.

Perhaps, wage inequality is getting better and better all the time with everyone being enlightened.

Nope. Not according to the latest data gathered by USA Today. "It's mind-boggling that decades after the signing of the"Equal Pay Act of 1963, women still earn less than their male counterparts, and recent research suggests the problem will be sticking around for quite a long time." 4

Does it get any better for women who are subject to violence or being violated?

Shockingly, the textbook continues: "Police were not notified in approximately half of all the incidents of rape [against women]." 5

Also, only "15% of women...have no regular source of health care." 6 Really?

At any rate, women most definitely have fewer rights in this country but that does not give any one an excuse to just shrug their shoulders. There is work to be done so that women have a voice in society and are not simply ignored.

Well, I hope that you come back to visit and try out another debate.

I would recommend probably adding a few more rounds to your debates in the future so that issues can be fairly developed and critiqued.

Thanks again for the opportunity to engage with you!

Laurence A. Basirico, et al., Soci 200: Liberty University (Redding, CA.: BVT Publishing, 2014) 309.
Basirico, et al, p. 303.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Mike_10-4 5 years ago
Everyone has the same Unalienable Rights:

However, the privileges between men and woman may be different, but they can't compared to the privileges the ruling-class mastermind oligarchs have over them.
Posted by EmilyMemmi 5 years ago
Is this about the rights, or if the rights are respected and upheld?
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