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Women in Combat

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Started: 5/21/2015 Category: Society
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I am challenging Sniper1576 to a debate about allowing women in combat. I was scrolling through debates in the voting period and I saw this one as interesting. I do not believe Con did a good job in that debate so I would like to have this debate with Sniper.

First round is acceptance only.
Second round is contentions ONLY.
Final round is rebuttals to contentions made in round 2, you may not refute points I have made in round 3. No new contentions can be made in the final round.

Good luck!


I gladly accept your challenge, and wish you good luck. Whether I win or lose this debate, I really don't care. I'm just happy to give my opinion, claim, and evidence to my thinking.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you pro for accepting this debate. Before I begin I would like to clarify that I am opposed to women in positions where they are fighting against enemy forces, I do not oppose their involvement in other aspects of the military.

C1: Relationships between men and women

There are 2 problems that this brings up. The first is sometimes, forces are kept in close quarters where they are forced to sleep with each other and shower with each other. Not only would this make the women feel exposed but it may give men an invitation to rape them or feel generally uncomfortable around them. Both parties would be harmed and this problem is unavoidable in the unpredictable environment that is combat. The second piece of this problem is men and women could develop a relationship with each other. In war, the ideology is you accomplish the mission first, then you look out for your fellow soldiers, then you look out for yourself. Now if men and women in combat develop a relationship with each other, they may look out for each other over the mission or other soldiers. This could easily be the reason that soldiers die and it is also an unavoidable issue.

C2: On average, men are bigger and more fit for combat than women.

Before you say, "Some women are strong and big and can handle combat." Let's take a look at the statistics of the average size of a male versus a female. The average size of a male is 5 feet 9 inches while a female averages 5 feet 3 inches. The average man is 6 feet taller than the average woman. Now in combat where you are forced to carry hundreds of pounds of equipment, the bigger men are going to be more able to carry more and feel less strain than the women. If the men are feeling less strain then they will be able to accomplish more and feel less pressure in combat.

C3: Women are better suited in other areas of the military.

The military is not a small organization with few positions to choose. There are so many other options that women could choose to serve their country over combat. My source will show that combat is not a position that is having a shortage of positions in the military. Women can choose to go into engineering or military intelligence instead of combat where they will not perform as well.

I await your contentions.


You have good points, and I am sorry for not responding earlier. But, here are my points:

C1- Relationships with other comrades can be a good thing.

Sometimes, when a soldier is fighting alongside someone they care about, the soldier will have something to fight for and will fight strongly and not back down. My uncle, for instance... He is in the National Guard and, a few years back, had to go to Afghan. Though I do not know if he had to fight, but, he had the possibility. My uncle had something to come back to, to fight for if he ever got into a fight:

1) He had a wife
2) He had a young daughter
3) He had a niece and nephew
4) He had a father
5) He had two sisters
Since my uncle had something to come back to, he had a reason to fight. That is the same with most soldiers. If the soldier, either a man or woman, has something to fight for, they will fight strongly. As well, it builds trust in the unit for each other. Meaning that the unit soldiers will trust one another more strongly.

C2- Height doesn't matter in combat, and women are as strong as men.

Height doesn't matter in combat, but strength does. Strength doesn't depend on the gender nor average size of the gender or person. Strength depends on the person alone. Women are qualified to be in combat, some more than others. Some women are able to carry tons of weight on their back and shoulders. I, for instance, am able to carry my six year old sister on my back. I can also carry a backpack with a chrome book, nine hundred page book, notebooks, and a few other school supplies on one shoulder (Because of my backpack being a one strap.).

C3- Women are qualified for combat.

Women are able to fight and are able to fire lethal weapons and such. A retired air force personnel, Brig Gen. Wilma Vaught, had this to say:

“Women have always fought and died in American wars. They’ve lead men in battle, been POWs, fired lethal weapons, and operated our most sophisticated systems. They fly combat aircraft and serve on combat ships. Women meet the physical and mental standards, technically proficient, and are highly trained war leaders! In today’s all-volunteer force, women have accepted the challenges, responsibilities, and dangers of military service, just as men have. With today’s battlefield and war on terror, there are no front lines, and every unit, regardless of size or mission, has the potential to engage the enemy.”

Some women, as well, want to go into combat. I know I do... But, anyway, besides my own opinion... There are women who want to go into combat.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you for your response


You talk about your uncle having something to fight for and how this was good for him. In fact this is good for all soldiers. No soldier goes into war for no reason, they all have something to fight for. For most this is their country but for many like you said it is their family. However you fail to tell how this relates to men and women in combat. Every soldier already has something to fight for, your contention fails to prove how this would make more sense if women were allowed in combat. Many soldiers already feel a bond with their fellow soldiers, they are fighting for them and putting women in combat could only make these relationships more uncomfortable and more awkward. As I said before, if these men and women develop romantic relationships they could put their feelings for each other above the mission.


I only have 1 thing to say to this argument. If women are as strong as men why are they not in the NFL? My source is from 2011, and it will prove that in that year going forward, women are allowed to play in the Nation Football League. If women are as big and strong as most men, why are they not playing professional football, the roughest and most strength reliant game in America? The reason for this is men and women are built differently, the average man is bigger than the average female and in a life or death situation such as combat it really does matter.


Your third contention fails to prove how women are qualified for combat, you simply quoted some ex veteran who agreed with you. As their is not much to refute here, it is his personal opinion, I will choose not to drag this out. Instead I will extend my argument that there are more productive places in the military that women can go and be equally as beneficial to America as combat.

Also I do not have access to your source that is a google doc.


Sniper1576 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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