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Women should be evicted out of this country

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Started: 7/6/2018 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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*This is a joke, angry women don't belong standing next to my house*

Surprisingly, women should be evicted (removed) from our country (USA). Why? because they are showing clear signs of gender dominance. Of course, feminism has died out, but it should be time for men like me to raise our voices to stand against this fury of shits they are hurling at us. Many years ago, there has been women rights movements in the US. Rights to voting, rights to equal payment, etc. I think those were truly honorable moments. A tower that represents the amazing progression of women in this country. Still, just because the tower is tall, doesn't mean that it should get taller. Right now (or a few months ago), the current act of women's rights almost brought the tower down.

They say that they do more work than us, but as a reddit post said "work doesn't count as real work if you can do it in your pajamas", which is the sad truth of families. The men do all the work, putting out the trash, cleaning the gutters, mowing the lawn, pulling out the weeds, ITS HORRID. Yeah sure, moms do kitchen stuff (no offense, I don't know what happens in the kitchen), but they could do it within a few steps from their beds. That's unfair, completely unfair.

Why does women's work have to be challenged too? it's pretty clear to you when you hear about a feminists on tv babbling about work loads, and payment. Work loads are always unequal, no matter the gender. It's true that a large majority of male bosses don't favor women more than men. They actually favor women workers more than men. most of the time, more important people get the biggest work load. payment is about the same.

Finally, it is ok to assume genders, regard others by gender, and physically defend yourself when the choice is forced. There are 76 official genders, that's true. BUT... they are all nearly the same as the two original genders. It's just the way someone thinks. For example, there is a gender called Astergender. meaning a gender where you feel bright and celectial. WHAT. so, I go outside at night with a friend. I say "WOW, look at all those stars!"
My friend goes "I don't know man, It's cold-"
That's not all, there are wayyyy more unrealistic genders that are really short branches from the original two genders.

Women are clearly trying to make false lies and make themselves more than equal to men. They are making themselves HIGHER than man. They are trying to make power to this country by trying to make everything they speak a law, everything they believe for, a righteous movement. We need to gather our troops and drive them out of this counrty before they do.
*First Argument*


In my life as an intellectual I have never heard a more blatantly sexist remark in my life. Though as not to shatter your ideology as that would be wrong of me to do I would like to ask why would you say this. Even if as a joke one should never bring sexuality or race into a joke as it is no laughing matter. Furthermore, do not confuse me with a women"s rights activist as I have debated against and for them too, I am merely following a moral compass in which I have refined over the years of my life. Though as to use what you have just said with another group instead of women would be purely offensive. For example what if instead of women you had said "Black people need to be evicted out of this country" would that not be offensive? In saying this I ask you, was this joke really worth the putting down of women who are already discriminated against in this country? The answer I leave to you.
Debate Round No. 1


so do I win in this argument? because first, you are only criticizing me for being a sexist male who posted this argument with my first sentence saying that everything I say this moment is not really my thoughts on feminists and women in general. Second, This argument should be clearly labeled as comedy, and although the title isn't a well specified one, I still made some clear points here and there in my "disgusting" argument.

If you were expecting something better than this, I'm sorry, we are still on round 2 of 3


I do admit that I had not read your entire argument due to the lack of flow and the inconstancy of the evidence. Throughout your story there are no dates in which this has happened no documentation or names. Though I am not appealing to ignorance which is one of the biggest fallacies known to critical thinking I cannot help but feel like this argument is biased. Although, I do recognize the fact that in these modern days women (mostly feminists) can be slightly rude and non sensible this only happens in a few remote cases. Therefore, in this case you are not only appealing the the lack of instances in which this has happened but you have completely discredited your argument. Therefore I shall not resign and you shall not yet win.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by missmedic 3 years ago
R u gay? A cock lover?
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