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Women should be required to register for drafting

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Started: 12/30/2016 Category: People
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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No arguments will be posted for the introductory, the format will go as followed.

1.) Introductory.
2.) Main argument.
3.) Main Rebuttal.
4.) Counter Rebuttal.
5.) Closing statements.

Best of luck to my opponent, and lets remain civil.


I will be arguing that no one should be required to register for the military draft.
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Posted by dr.jimmythefish 2 years ago
When we need a draft we should draft out of prison for reduction in sentence.
Posted by Capitalistslave 2 years ago
Oh, I just noticed after the fact that I posted for round 1 that you only have 3 rounds, but it looks like you intended to have 5 since your proposed format has up to 5 in round 1.
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