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Women should be treated like men

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Started: 6/20/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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For hundreds of years, men have used and abused women. This disgusts me. They are payed more, and women are treated like dirt. They are discriminated, and are EXPECTED to marry and have kids. They are abused.

This isn't right. They are just as good as men.



"For hundreds of years, men have used and abused women. "- It goes both ways.

"They are payed more, and women are treated like dirt."- Women tend to take more days off and work lower paying jobs.

"They are discriminated"- Everyone is.

"and are EXPECTED to marry and have kids."- Well yeah, that's the biological role of women; and it's the biological role of men to find a woman and have kids.

"This isn't right. They are just as good as men."- This is a false dichotomy; Men and Women have different purposes. It's like Yin and Yang; Masculinity and Femininity. Both are needed.
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Posted by factandevidence1234 3 years ago
It"s true. Women have always seemed to be looked down upon. I believe that women created life, so why are we treated like dirt?
Posted by lucasdufton 3 years ago
As a reply to Purina I would like to say that statistically more men abuse women and in the past it was even worse, if you back 50 years say abuse to women would be though of the same as spanking a child 10 years ago. I do agree with your second point because the wage gap is a commonly spread lie, but women are often given less attention in subjects that tend to have higher paying jobs, but I do think that is improving.

Your point on everyone is as an argument on a post about men and women being treated equally doesn't make sense. The entire point of this post is to say that women are discriminated and you have agreed with that. Also if the point you were making here is that men are discriminated I would agree they are, but not half as much as women. On the biological role of women I agree but disagree. Yes originally women would take care of kids which is why they have a more caring nature, but we clearly don't live in a society close to nature. Is it normal for a species to make cars or go to different planets, no but the fact that we do isn't a bad thing. Women should not be expected to take care of kids because women in today's society are nothing like women originally were and neither are men.

In your last point you talk about the differences between men, which is true, but doesn't support n idea that they should be treated differently as the debate wasn't about weather men and women were different, but that they should be treated equally. Like yin and yang must be equal to create peace Menard women must to be equal to create peace. Many of your arguments were infect debating the differences between men and women rather then there equality. I understand that you were picking quotes and responding, but you chose quotes that debating differences rather then equity which makes it seem like you are avoiding the question in itself.
Posted by 101BlackCat 3 years ago
I agree with Justice01. Women have a significant role in life yet they are looked down on by men.
Posted by passwordstipulationssuck 3 years ago
If you refine your question I will accept. When you say "treated like men" do you mean specifically the criteria you mention in your first post? or general equality? Are we debating whether or not equality has been achieved? all of the above?
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