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Women should have equal rights

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Started: 3/28/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Women should receive equal rights and opportunities as their male counterparts. Here are some false arguments that people say when they think that women shouldn't have the same rights as men.

1) People say women aren't as physically or mentally strong as men.
Okay, first of all, that depends on the person. One person could have a greater mental capacity then the other gender. A girl could be stronger than a boy, and vice versa. It is far too general to say that ALL women aren't as strong as men.

2) They say women are meant to stay at home and bear children- nothing more.
This is false. Think of all the women that have contributed to society. They include: Marie Curie, Helen Keller, Amelia Earheart, Susan B. Anthony. Those are just a few of the prominent female names that have contributed to the world. Women can bear children and work at a job!

3) They claim that women don't deserve the rights.
Again, women have contributed to the world alongside men. They have found new ways to invent, make, tear down, and rebuild ideas. There is no evidence that women are any less intelligent then males.
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Posted by Nartnod7875 3 years ago
I gonna have to ask you to be more specific about this debate topic. What are your parameters of discussion? Are you speaking of the disparity of rights between men and women in foreign countries like the Middle East? Or are you claiming that there is an inequality of rights among men and women within the U.S. ? If the latter is the case, give one aspect of society in which men have more rights than women. Btw, do you believe in the wage gap?
Posted by Surgeon 3 years ago
Not sure what you are you arguing:
1) women should have equal opportunities
2) there should be equal outcomes between men and women
3) if 1) is true 2) will also be true
4) there are no generalised biological differences between male/female physiology or brain patterns
5) whatever diferences there are between men and women they will not lead to significantly different outcomes
6) something combination of the above or something else (then please specify)

At the moment you are arguing against a generalised bogeyman "people say...x", "they say...y.", without stating exactly who is saying what , what do you specifically object to (and what specifically are you arguing for (see above). For example if I was to state: Those feminsits say that "all men are rapists...", that does not take into account the views of other feminists who do not think that, so it could be easily defeated as a propositional statement. In other words be clearer.

On a separate note I think you need to understand the biological basis for the differences between male and female body and brain patterns. What they mean and why there are innate differences that cannot erased nor glossed over by the post-modernist, gender is a social construct mob.
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