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Wood Pencil vs Mechanical Pencil

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Started: 3/12/2019 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Wood pencil vs Mechanical pencil

Present which one we prefer wood Pencil or the mechanical pencil which one is future need.
My self talach sumer. I m a boy.
My pro plz introduce ur self to counter my intro.
I m taking side of wood pencil.
In favour of use of wood pencil.


Choosing writing utensils is often hard. Should you use a wooden pencil, Or a mechanical pencil? There are many factors, Including efficiency and eco-friendliness. I think the mechanical pencil is better than the wooden pencil because it beats wooden pencils in both aspects.

First, Mechanical pencils are more efficient. With mechanical pencils, One doesn't have to get up every two minutes to sharpen their pencil and they don't have to worry about words written down seeming too thick.

Second, A common misunderstanding is that mechanical pencils are less eco-friendly due to them being made of plastic. Production of plastic that is used to create mechanical pencils results in lots of chemical waste which is hard to remove, And bad for the environment. And the plastic which is thrown away when one breaks a mechanical pencil usually goes to landfill or is dumped in the ocean.

Although I agree that plastic is not eco-friendly, I still maintain that they are more eco-friendly than using wood, Because production of wooden pencils require chopping trees, Which are currently an important resource we have on earth. Once one buys a mechanical pencil, They do not need to buy another one unless they break it. With wooden pencils, You will need to buy a new one every few days once you finish using it, And with billions of people using them, Costing earth lots of trees every day.

In conclusion, I think mechanical pencils are better than wooden pencils because they are more efficient and better for the environment.

Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for accepting my topic

And also thankfull for ur counter views on books vs movies discuss its open my mind pretty much on open thinking.

We start from here then,
Wooden pencil as we uses it on daily writhing, Drawing, Painting, Etc. . .
Wood pencil is far a kind of satble market.
Evey one feels comfortable with the wooden pencil except for damaged break wooden pencil every boy hate them, Even i and u also i guess.
Suppose take a example here,
When it comes to exam written work with pencil many of use i guess the wooden pencil for these rather then mechanical.

And wooden pencil gives a good dynamic grip as it is made from wood.
In plastic pencil its totaly sucks the gripping pattern get printed on our finger some times.
And a relative science fact is that plastic pencil grip is harm full "exception here is that if its not made up of rubber" due to not producing strain when the force of finger grips it.

One and all
The drawings, And artistic work r done by most or totally by wooden pencil only
Because we can change its nip point as per we need.
Which is not in case easy for mechanical pencil as it has a fixed pointer.

Once i heard a very crazy complaint that the mechanical pencil lead is lighter "not dark"
As compare to wooden one.

As i m wooden p side i not in favour the reason on treeing cutting stuff its world demand need we can reduce as much.

The fact that wood is more preferably more comfortable then the plastic kind of thing
As it is eco-friendly
But i have also one counter on my own side that the poor tree r getting sacrifice for these objects.
But the woody one shows greater impact far lot then the mechanical one.


academicwritingsanli forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Having tough time there huh!

So what having trouble there?

On the topic then.
Wood pencils r much more effective in writting things with woody

Some may we will totaly should replace the wood pencil with plastic one as it is recycled in future

My fear is that we should now we destroying the tree

For such common things that can have a best replacement

At end i know my place

I m destroying the beautiful word. For habitting such tree cutting products.

I now make that
We should use mechanical pencil as much to reduce tree wood uses

I now improve my habits about our environmental responsibility


academicwritingsanli forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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